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somethingrandom recommended:Nov 2nd, 2017

Talked the most important release of the week... THE SERIES FINALE OF DANCE MOMS! Also Stranger Things... But who is watching that?

24 -"Dance Moms 2″ w/SPECIAL GUEST - Nick Stokes

by Something Random

somethingrandom recommended:Oct 21st, 2017

Great insight into the psychology of movies and television! Also, friggin hilarious.

22 -"Bait & Switch" w/SPECIAL GUESTS - Dr. Angela Johnson & Dr. Stephanie Schwartz

by Something Random

somethingrandom recommended:Sep 6th, 2017

How would you guys like to see a horror stage play? This gives me some KILLER ideas, and I may be making this soon.

16 - "The Child" w/SPECIAL GUEST - Seth Caikowski

by Something Random

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