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Trish Sissons


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trishlit recommended:Apr 3rd

Bird attack stories are always funny.

Creative Zoology

by Lady Lit

trishlit recommended:Apr 3rd

I'm always really interested in how people's experiences shape their creative work, and I found this really cool. There's a part where the guest (an actress named Alina) talks about how, like the author of the book, she moved to Canada without a word of English at a young age, and has since become a...Show More

Trauma, Drama & Creativity

by Lady Lit

trishlit recommended:Feb 3rd

Oh boy, this one is an emotional rollercoaster. I alternated between laughing really hard and crying, because like the book they're talking about, the hostesses share stories bordering on the ridiculous and heartbreaking.

Love, Céline & Oversharing

by Lady Lit

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