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Comedy is one of the biggest genres in podcasting. Its ever-expanding options and comedic styles make it both easy and difficult to find great podcasts. With that said, we’re here to highlight the five essential comedy podcasts styles that shaped the genre, its unique origin story, and a hilarious podcast recommendation to accompany it.

In the beginning, many rookie stand-up comedians started their podcasts to hone their skills at home away from industry gatekeepers.

Meanwhile, more seasoned comedians began podcasting as well, sharing their spotlight with newcomers. This is exemplified by the works of OG comedy podcast pioneers like Marc Maron and Scott Aukerman. Check out the hilarious improv skits on Comedy Bang Bang with Scott Aukerman:

Or the funny celebrity and comedian interviews on WTF with Marc Maron:

jspinelle recommended:Dec 30th, 2019

I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much during a podcast interview! Marc and Danny have a great rapport.

Episode 1059 - Danny DeVito

by WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

Black Comedy Podcasts

Black comedy, also referred to as dark comedy or gallows comedy elicits laughter from a morbidness and discomfort which underscores the futility of life.

Commonly consisting of themes of death, violence, and sexuality, black humour was coined in 1940 by French surrealist theorist, André Breton in his book ‘Anthology of Black Humor.’ Breton was influenced by the psychoanalysis works of psychologist Sigmund Freud.

To learn more about the surrealist roots of black comedy, listen to:

Who knew modern day black comedy had ties to Freud and the French surrealist movement?

Get a taste of today’s popular black comedies like The Last Podcast On The Left, which covers dark subjects from Jeffrey Dahmer, werewolves, iconic hauntings, and the history of war crimes.

Blue Comedy Podcasts

Blue comedy is risqué and indecent. Often involving crass humour filled with sex, innuendos, and profanity, it pushes the comedic boundaries of commonly taboo subjects.

The term is said to come from comedian, Max Miller who wrote his adult jokes in a blue-colored notebook. But long before that, its origins dated back to a medieval literature about drunken courtly love. Written by England’s most notable writer, Geoffrey Chaucer, the style was called ‘ribaldry’ or ‘bawdiness’ for erotic humour.

Transport back to the origins of ribaldry with this podcast on Geoffrey Chaucer’s literature.

Listen to modern day blue comedy podcasts like the fifty shades of hilarious, My Dad Wrote A Porno.

When James Morton found out his dad wrote an erotic novel, he didn’t go in hiding in Antartica, he invited his friends and turned reading it into a podcast.

podplace recommended:Dec 15th, 2019

My Dad Wrote a Porno is one of those "have you been living under a rock"-podcasts. It is incredibly funny because it is so incredibly full of embarrassment and really unsexy-sexy things.

S1E1 - 'The Job Interview'

by My Dad Wrote A Porno

Check out what some of James Morton’s favorite podcasts are:

Mockumentary Podcasts

Mockumentaries analyze and parody past documentary forms such as current events and cinema.

If you enjoy a good mockery, you’ll love How Did This Get Made Podcast, where comedians Jason Mantzoukas, Paul Scheer, and June Diane Raphael watch awful movies together and get their witty banter on.

Funny Relationships Podcasts

Ever wonder about the hilarious events happening in people’s dating lives?

Just like spilling secrets with a best friend, get in on the details on relationships, sex, and shameless, embarrassing moments on Why Won’t You Date Me Podcast. TMI right?!