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Jenna Spinelle


Writer, journalism instructor, producer/host of the Democracy Works podcast, founder of The Democracy Group podcast network.

Episode Recommendations (252)

jspinelle recommended:Aug 2nd

My dad spent his career as a car salesman and this is 100% what it was like!

#513: 129 Cars

by This American Life

jspinelle recommended:Aug 2nd

Really interesting to hear Seyward’s approach to covering women in the white nationalist movement and how the Duke lacrosse case (remember that?) figures into our current moment.

I thought this episode was:

💬 A great conversation

Episode 403: Seyward Darby

by Longform

jspinelle recommended:Aug 2nd

It was an honor to moderate this conversation with Lawrence Lessig and Meredith McGehee about the Supreme Court’s “faithless electors” case and how to reform the Electoral College.

The people who choose the President

by Democracy Works