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Podyssey Picks (Dec 6): Top Community Recommendations

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Here’s this week’s roundup of top podcasts recommendations from Podyssey’s community. From how food emojis are created, to the story of one of America’s first female serial killers, take a short escape from the pandemic with these great pods.Also, we’re excited to spotlight our podcast sponsor, Forever Has Fallen, an action-packed audio thriller you can participate in for the hunt of a billionaire murderer. Join the hunt.

Jeff Bezos built the world's most valuable company by defying all business conventions.

mm recommended:Nov 30th, 2020

How did Amazon become so massive? By defying all conventional strategy teachings. An interesting examination into why Amazon became the company it has and the man at the head of it all.

How Jeff Bezos Built One of the World’s Most Valuable Companies

by HBR IdeaCast

Amazon isn’t the only company shaking things up! Dive into the future of work with this playlist.

The Future of Work

6 episodes

Curated by:cesarm

Was Cats the worst movie ever? Laugh along this comedic review of the musical disaster.



How Did This Get Made?

1:40:50 | Nov 20th, 2020

Searching death notifications and obituaries is only the start to a COVID-19 contact tracer’s heart-wrenching day.

What it’s like to own 18 tigers or fly fighter jets? This playlist explores how people from all walks of life live.

Way of Life

19 episodes

Curated by:jhawthorne

One of America’s first female serial killers murdered 17 of her patients, including her husband and friends.

The launch of a new food emoji tripled the sales of a delicious Chinese dish.

mo-to recommended:Nov 27th, 2020

Why are food emojis so important? Hear about how the 🫓 (flatbread), 🥠 (fortune cookie),🧋(bubble tea), and 🥟 (dumpling) were designed and the reasons behind why we need to diversify cultural food emojis! You’ll also learn how you can submit your own food emojis creation - but keep in mind, the d...Show More

The power of food emojis

by The Food Chain

Get ready to crush your goals with this short, motivational pod.

mijustin recommended:Nov 24th, 2020

Really unique production. I dig it.

3 Ways Your Future Can Turn Out

by Make Art Not Content

Emails from the Enron scandal helped create tech for autocomplete and terrorism cell detection.

bkxb recommended:Nov 22nd, 2020

Cross-promo’d by 99pi, but figure I should give credit where it’s due. Fascinating look into unintended consequences and the bias we can create in more complex systems.

35: You've got Enron mail!

by Brought to you by...

The pandemic created an influx of new food bank visitors in Brooklyn, but the food banks are running out of money.

A human skull is found in the backyard of a missing couple. Is it theirs?

Poet-entrepreneur Rupi Kaur recalls the viral photo that resulted in fame...and death threats.

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