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35: You've got Enron mail!

41:39 | Jun 5th, 2019

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Enron collapsed nearly 20 years ago, but chances are something you use today was affected by emails sent by 150 of the company’s top employees. These emails — about meetings and energy markets but als...Show More


cesarm recommended:Jun 18th, 2019

One of the most interesting stories you have not heard. This episode reminds me of what Reply All used to be.

mmJun 18th, 2019

This sounds really good! Ok, now I'm wondering if Reply All is better or worse now...

cesarmJun 18th, 2019

@mm it is just different. It used to be about the Internet exclusively.

dannyJun 18th, 2019

@cesarm great episode. Crazy to think how big an impact that company has in today's and tomorrow's tech.

bkxb recommended:Nov 22nd, 2020

Cross-promo’d by 99pi, but figure I should give credit where it’s due. Fascinating look into unintended consequences and the bias we can create in more complex systems.

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dannyNov 22nd, 2020

😄 was just listening to that 99pi episode with my family! For anyone else:

danny recommended:Jun 18th, 2019

The publicly exposed email dump from Enron employees is being used today to make out AI smarter. But it's also raises ethical questions.

mm recommended:Nov 23rd, 2020

Wow! The silver lining of the Enron emails that were made public is that it helped us create so much language processing innovation that would have been more difficult to do otherwise. From gmail autocomplete to fighting terrorism, technologists and researchers have used these emails to develop thos...Show More

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benakimbo recommended:Dec 14th, 2020

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