An Examination of 'Caliphate'

30:20 | Dec 18th, 2020

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Dean Baquet, the executive editor of The Times, discusses where “Caliphate” failed to meet Times standards. And Mark Mazzetti, an investigative correspondent for The Times, details new reporting that ...Show More


mm recommended:Jan 12th

The drama around Caliphate never stops with all the public radio stations pushing back! Now Michael Barbaro is critiqued for not disclosing he’s dating the exec producer of Caliphate / NYTimes Audio while he was doing this interview. And all the Andy Mills drama allegedly harassing staff at Radiolab...Show More

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😲 Shocking

juliasummer recommended:Dec 22nd, 2020

“Caliphate” was the podcast that got me into podcasts. I’ve never felt betrayed, but I understand that some things should have been handled differently. However, I suspect that this controversy followed by the internal investigation says at least as much about the state of journalism at the Times: a...Show More

danny recommended:Dec 20th, 2020

Good job of taking accountability when you make a mistake 👍🏾. I feel sorry for Rukmini, her personality really came across in this podcast, and I really came to like it. Hopefully we still see a next chapter from her reporting career.

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💡 Educational

emilyh recommended:Dec 19th, 2020

NYT has some good reflection to do.

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💬 A great conversation
🤔 Thought-provoking

alicekoDec 20th, 2020

Really interesting overview of what happened with Caliphate. I wonder how this will impact future NYT podcast series.

emilyhDec 20th, 2020

@aliceko hopefully a positive change in culture..but it might take a while

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