Your Feedback Wanted: What do you think about new episode reactions?

dannyJun 18th, 2020

We launched episode reactions a few weeks ago and have gotten the feedback that you'd like more types of reactions when you recommend an episode. In the thread below, tell us your ideas for new types of episode reactions ⬇️


dannyJun 18th, 2020

I've wanted to use the reaction "Dramatic" for a couple episodes already.

mmJun 19th, 2020

jennxJun 20th, 2020

" 🤠 Stupid good "

dannyJun 20th, 2020

@jennx lol, like it's good but about silly stuff?

jennxJun 20th, 2020

@danny kind of! Like it’s so bad that it’s good kind of thing

mmJun 20th, 2020

"😭 Tear-jerker"

rmmiller364Jun 20th, 2020

How about “shocking”? I could use that one! 🙀

dannyJun 20th, 2020

@rmmiller364 lol. Great emoji

alicekoJun 29th, 2020

How about 😏 "Validating"

jennxJul 10th, 2020

Found myself looking for an “🤓 insightful”