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Mavis Wang


Podcaster of Casticle Casticle is a Mandarin podcast curating three episodes of English podcasts for each episode. I know we’re quite meta :) Based in Beijing but the world is my arena

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mavislightyear recommended:Feb 5th

Feeling very sad and complicated at the moment, as my country is suffering from the coronavirus disaster and more countries are getting affected...let’s hope we can all get through this soon enough yet the very first step is sticking to good habits including what this episode teaches us about someth...Show More

The Surprising Origin Of Some Timely Advice: Wash Your Hands

by Short Wave

mavislightyear recommended:Dec 3rd, 2019

Me echoing myself😆 If you don’t speak Mandarin, it’s ok, at least you can get a glimpse of show notes out there and know how much we’ve covered :)

Episode 9: #9 周大夫:我不算命,也不治病,实用有趣是我听播客的标尺。

by Casticle

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