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philmaynard recommended:Feb 5th

Raising moral and ethical children is so important. This is a great episode highlighting the research that supports an authoritative rather then an authoritarian approach has much better outcomes. Not sure what the difference is? Listen to the podcast ๐Ÿ˜ - the ant-squishing moment is quite profound!...Show More

Of Ant-Squishing, and Crystal Meth, and Jesus

by Raising Freethinkers

philmaynard recommended:Nov 29th, 2019

Wow! Just listened to this episode twice back to back. Beautiful music with a very poignant message about not taking the music we have for granted. Another great episode that is causing me to fall even deeper in love with music.

Missing Music

by How Music Does That

philmaynard recommended:Aug 31st, 2019

I re-listen to episodes from this podcast more then any other. This one I come back to more then most. Thank you Dale for introducing me to Avro Pรคrt who has captured in music emotions that I feel but can rarely communicate or express.

Simplicity, in Three Pรคrts

by How Music Does That

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