Bobby Lee and Khalyla

A no-holds-barred arena for half truths, social no-nos, and animal behavior-featuring comedian Bobby Lee and his best friend Khalyla. Every Wednesday.

1:16:23 | Oct 18th, 2017

Bobo has a new move. Khaloko makes a grave Halloween error. We talk panty sharing, facial dick-downs, and the children of Genghis.

1:07:54 | Aug 9th, 2017

Nora is Clark Kent. Bobo blanks. Khaloko loves super gooky. We talk over-celebrations, spit shields, and JNCO jeans. Recorded 07/31/2017
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ARCHIVED: The podcast creator has made this episode no longer available for listening.

1:16:55 | Mar 30th, 2016

Bobo gets suckered by a gypsy. Khalyla gets attacked in the face. Charlie travels to Havana with a pure heart. We talk Cuban twirls, girls, and pearls.   Recorded March 28, 2016 Music by Bobby Lee Instagram: @tigerbelly Twitter: @thetigerbell...Show More

1:26:04 | Dec 4th

Coldplay breaks Bobby. Michael plays Germany. Khalyla takes her memories for a jog. We talk boomer mosh pits, being present with trees, and figurative defecation.    SPONSORS: 1) Download the Postmates app and use code BELLY 2) http://tipsyelves.com...Show More

1:03:13 | Nov 26th

Bobby is a concubine. Bryan is an alpha male. We talk Buddhist levitation, Brendan Frasier's clap, the theory of everything, and get a call from D'Elia.    SPONSORS: http://brooklinen.com code: TIGER https://forhims.com/belly https://mybookie.ag...Show More
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