The Land of Desire: French History and Culture

60. The History of Madeleines

34:32 | Jul 30th

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“A party without a cake is just a meeting.” – Julia Child It’s our birthday!! Today, The Land of Desire kicks off its fifth year and what better way to celebrate than with a little cake? This week,...Show More


rmmiller364 recommended:Aug 15th

Such a lovely episode! Now I really really want some madeleines!

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epekilisAug 17th

@rmmiller364 If you are a baker, check your library for “Madeleines” by Barbara Feldman Morse. They are so simple and delicious. It appears to be out of print on Amazon, at least here in Canada, but I can download it from my public library. As always, public libraries rock!

rmmiller364Aug 17th

@epekilis awesome! I can get it for kindle for a pretty low price. Can’t wait to make some madeleines!!

mm recommended:Aug 3rd

I was craving a fun escapism episode and this hit the spot! Travel to France with your ears and hear about the delightful origins of the petite gateaus Madeleines and French eating habits that traces back all the way to the Sun King. Remember, the French don't snack, they have "Le Goûter" instead!

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mmAug 3rd

@danny The French tea place was for "Le Goûter", not British afternoon tea.

epekilisAug 3rd

@mm Must listen! I love baking madeleines. I found this tiny little cookbook in the e-library a couple of years ago all about Madeleines. It essentially uses a muffin method (no mixer; just mix it all up in a bowl with a wooden spoon). There are, like, a million flavours. I’ve done most of them!...Show More

dannyAug 3rd

@epekilis @mm lol, "a party without a cake is just an meeting" is a great quote

mmAug 3rd

@epekilis The Dollarama tip is such a good tip! I'm 100% going to start making madeleines and joining in le goûter. Why should French kids have all the fun?