How I Built It

How I Built It

In How I Built It, host Joe Casabona interviews product owners and developers to see how they built specific products, from idea to execution. Each week we will have a new guest on the show to talk about his or her process, launching, and evolving th...Show More

50:51 | Feb 18th

Ben Collins’ story is an interesting one! He went from forensic accountant to creating and selling online courses about Google Sheets - talk about niching down! But we talk about more than that. We al...Show More

42:31 | Feb 11th

Shannon Shaffer is the founder of Purple Finch Studios, a small agency she runs in Pennsylvania, and today we’re talking about the systems and automation she put in place to make her and her team more...Show More
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0:00 | Feb 4th

As tools for podcasting have evolved, the question of, “Can I start a podcast” has changed to, “should I start a podcast?” And importantly, will it help you grow your business? We’re going to talk abo...Show More

41:12 | Jan 28th

Today I’m talking to my good friend Matt Medeiros. We both share a passion for podcasting and content creation in general. On top of talking about getting involved in local businesses, and legacy, we ...Show More

30:57 | Jan 21st

If you’ve been freelancing or running a small business for any amount of time, you’ve learned a few things you probably wish you knew from the start. In this episode, I’ve asked a few of my freelancin...Show More
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