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Birchbox: Katia Beauchamp

1:08:06 | Mar 16th

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When Katia Beauchamp and Hayley Barna launched Birchbox from business school in 2010, they set out to disrupt the beauty industry by delivering monthly samples in a box. Even though people told them t...Show More


jennx recommended:Sep 11th

A brilliant entrepreneur who saw the gaps in the beauty industry in 2010: the lack of e-commerce and subscription services. Business tip: You need the first person to say yes to get the rest on board!

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💬 A great conversation
💪 Inspirational
👍 Well-produced

danny recommended:Sep 9th

One smart entrepreneur!

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💡 Educational
💪 Inspirational

mm recommended:Sep 7th

You'd think that fast growth will make a founder thrilled. Instead, you can hear a kind of sadness in Katia's voice throughout this interview. It was so much that her co-founder decided to step away from the startup too. Really fascinating and inspirational interview about how two woman disrupted th...Show More

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💬 A great conversation
💛 Honest
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mmOct 12th

@américaturner This is the birchbox episode that is excellent.

américaturnerOct 15th

@mm I’ll check it out! Thank you

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