Surprisingly Nice

Travis McElroy and Hal Lublin

Join Hal Lublin and Travis McElroy as they sit down with people they (and probably you!) are fans of! Get to know these new friends and find out that they are Surprisingly Nice!

50:06 | Jan 18th, 2017

Hello folks and welcome to the first Surprisingly Nice episode! We sat down with Adam Savage and had a lovely chat about ice cream, Adam's origins, glue smells and theatre stories! We sure hope you en...Show More

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It's Adam Savage! What else do you need to know??

1:07:53 | Jan 22nd, 2018

Hey Nice Folks! We're back! We have an amazing episode for you with special guests John Hodgman and Jean Grae! You've already raised over $500 for World Central Kitchen, and John is going to match tha...Show More
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58:02 | Feb 8th, 2017

Welcome back nice folks! It is time for another Surprisingly Nice! Emily Gordon stopped by to talk with us about desserts, speech therapy, video games and podcasting! We sure hope you enjoy! Please co...Show More

05:20 | Feb 7th, 2017

Hey Folks! We just wanted to share a sneak peek of our episode with guest Emily Gordon! Enjoy, share and be sure to listen to the full ep tomorrow! The short version will be available free on iTunes a...Show More

55:14 | Jan 31st, 2017

Hello nice folks and welcome to another Surprisingly Nice! This time around, we had Roman Mars over to talk about finding your voice, putting together IKEA furniture, salted caramel and MORE! We sure ...Show More
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