BTS Conquered America. What’s Next for K-Pop?

1:26:28 | Oct 26th, 2018

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Now that K-pop is successful on its own terms, the questions it faces are changing. Guest: Billboard's Jeff Benjamin.


aliceko recommended:Feb 21st

Right now #MAP_OF_THE_SOUL_7 is trending on Twitter. Reporter Lainey Liu consistently discusses the rise and importance of BTS on her website - and I've never understand the magnitude of their success. Until this episode. When I was growing up, it would have been UNIMAGINABLE to even ponder the idea...Show More

mm recommended:Feb 21st

Listening to two grown men chat about their love for BTS and K-pop boy bands is pretty cute. They dissect the reasons why K-pop and BTS are so popular. I have a new appreciation K-pop and BTS now. Move over Backstreet Boys and One Direction. Who needs American boy bands when you have BTS?

podcastplaylist recommended:Feb 21st

The rise of K-Pop in North America has been rapid. Now that K-pop is experiencing such success on its own terms, the questions it faces are changing. Should K-pop acts release English-language music? To what degree should they focus on collaborations with non-Korean artists?

alicekoFeb 21st

Thanks for recommending this episode! I've been meaning to find a podcast about BTS to understand their rise to fame. Elaine Liu keeps writing about her obsession with them. This episode was a very well-done analysis into BTS and why they have garnered the massive ARMY that they have.

alicekoMar 5th

mmMar 5th

@aliceko I watched way too many BTS YouTube videos last night... The karaoke in a car one was hilarious.

alicekoMar 5th

@mm @podcastplaylist My Colombian girlfriends in Medellín are obsessed with BTS. They also made me watch a bunch of YouTube videos, including carpool karaoke 😂

mmMar 5th

@aliceko It’s a rabbit hole once you enter it...


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