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Your Kickstarter Sucks

Jesse Farrar & Mike Hale

Podcast by Jesse Farrar & Mike Hale

1:26:29 | Oct 15th

It's so hot outside that even the skeletons are sweating! And they don't have any skin! Plus it got cold since we were talking about it. And maybe it wasn't even all that hot then. Well, anyway, here's a show about some stupid crap. Happy Holidays ev...Show More

1:52:19 | Oct 8th

Ohhhh mama. The YKS boys stuck their reel out and hauled in a couple of big fish this week. It's Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger of the Doughboys! There is a lot of nasty talk in this one, including poo poo and wiener stuff, and, well actually that's pr...Show More
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1:18:17 | Oct 1st

This week, Mike and JF have taken a DNA Test and it turns out...they're 100% OH HELL YEAH!! Close the bullshit drawer and tell the dump you'll give it some trash to eat later. Turn on some YKS and restore Earth's quantum energy fields with us...unles...Show More

1:32:29 | Sep 24th

Episode 117...most shows would be losing steam by this point, but not YKS. On today's show, Mike and JF are talking getting up in the middle of the night to pee, ugly ass cats, what to do when your vacuum cleaner is totaled, and a little bit more. Cl...Show More

1:16:35 | Sep 17th

Damn! The internet and the people on it and the stuff it does, in addition to the companies that created and abuse it, sure does suck ass. That's why we're here, doing the show, to explain why it's not good to write "douchebag" on your hoodie, or use...Show More
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