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Your Kickstarter Sucks

Jesse Farrar & Mike Hale


Podcast by Jesse Farrar & Mike Hale


1:57:33 | Jul 6th

Your Kickstarter Sucks so bad, we didn't even talk about it! This week on the show, we welcome back the Doughboys Nick Wiger and Mike Mitchell for a crowdfunding-free discussion of Star Wars, Labor Da...Show More

1:49:19 | Jun 29th

Hey what if Mr. Magoo was walking around in today's times? It's not that difficult to imagine. Folks we've got a long episode today...almost as long as my hair has been getting due to quarantine! And ...Show More
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1:28:18 | Jun 22nd

Happy Daddy's Day Everyone Who Cares! On today's show we have a brand new character from DB, "Mikey the Centrist", plus fixes for the great problems of our time: deadly virus pandemics, police brutali...Show More

1:37:21 | Jun 15th

Live from New York, it's.....YKS? What if that's what it was? Heck I don't know but I think it would most likely change from Weekend Update to Weekday Update. Due to, well, that's when the show comes ...Show More

1:49:17 | Jun 8th

The US Postal Service brought to a screeching halt by widespread rioting and looting...Psychological warfare on our nation's sleeping-in citizens ramps up dangerously...Some news articles are too diff...Show More
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