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Trace Evidence

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Trace Evidence is a weekly true crime podcast that focuses on unsolved cases, from chilling murders to missing persons. Join host Steven Pacheco as he examines each case, diving deep into the evidence and exploring the theories which revolve around ...Show More


1:20:35 | May 29th

In the late summer of 1979 Houston was struck by a series of horrifying murders. Within a two month span, five people were killed in brutal fashion. The city was terrorized by an unknown killer, or ...Show More

49:27 | May 20th

***Sponsored by SolidGold. Visit to see the deal of the week!***On a warm Friday morning in 2008, an unknown gunman walked into the Sun Drop bottling company in Concord, NC. M...Show More
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1:00:02 | May 13th

***Episode Sponsored by BestFiends! Download and play today***Twenty year old Kelly Bergh Dove switched shifts with her sister, working overnight at the Imperial Gas Station in Harrisonburg, Virginia...Show More

59:07 | Apr 29th

***Sponsored by Caliper. Visit to save 20% off your first order.***In August of 2004, forty year old Merrian Carver took an unannounced trip. She flew from Boston to Seattle whe...Show More

44:42 | Apr 20th

In this special update episode we look at ten cases which have had updates in the past year. These ten cases include:Kurt Sova -- Andrew Sadek -- Candace Hiltz -- Teresa Butler -- Heather Elvis -- Da...Show More
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