comedy show about late stage capitalism fucking our lives up. acct run by @raaleh other cohosts are @HKesvani, @milo_edwards and friends / luxury communism now

09:34 | Feb 14th

Did you hear about the app that wants to 3D model your face to make sure you're a girl? It's called Giggle and we do not approve of it. In this preview of this week's bonus episode, Riley, Hussein, Al...Show More

1:33:19 | Feb 11th

What happens when the DNC is an ouroboros of grifting fail-children? What happens when you try to improve voting with an app, and the app can’t stop crashing? In this week’s episode, Riley (@raaleh), ...Show More
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10:51 | Feb 7th

This week, we're talking Jacob Rees-Mogg's history: his book 'The Victorians' might be the single worst collection of words that Riley's ever subjected himself to (so far), and we've brought on friend...Show More

1:26:54 | Feb 4th

We’re back in the saddle for another episode of delightful modern existence. The full cast of Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), Hussein (@HKesvani), Nate (@inthesedeserts), and Alice @AliceAvizan...Show More

09:37 | Jan 31st

In a preview of this week's bonus, Katie Halper (@kthalps) of The Katie Halper show and Rolling Stone's Useful Idiots Podcast joins Milo, Riley, and Alice to discuss a terrible start up, and then give...Show More
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