comedy show about late stage capitalism fucking our lives up. acct run by @raaleh other cohosts are @HKesvani, @milo_edwards and friends / luxury communism now
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TFOTY Gives Back

1:06:32 | May 6th

Britain has a serious need for Agony Aunts. Whether it’s a mundane or bizarre problem, people are out there asking for advice on issues such as: racist party guests, children who hate them, how to divide their expansive estates, border stones, and ot...Show More
Capitalism Is Sucking Itself Off feat. Grace Blakeley

1:09:46 | Apr 29th

Why is it that there are so many billion-dollar startups that ultimately don’t do anything? Under normal circumstances, Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), and Hussein (@HKesvani) would just make a joke about Yu-Gi-Oh dragon dick in order to descr...Show More
*Preview* No Safe Spaces in Airport Security feat. Karen Geier

05:57 | Apr 26th

In this week's bonus episode, Riley, Milo, and Hussein speak with writer Karen Geier (@karengeier) about Butt-mentum—the sudden ubiquity of Pete Buttigieg—as well as other topics to include the Extinction Rebellion protests and an *insane* denunciati...Show More
A Blair for All Seasons

1:07:19 | Apr 24th

Every now and again, Tony Blair pops up to tell us that we’re doing too much social justice and that maybe Tommy Robinson has a point. This week, the gang of Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), Nate (@inthesedeserts), and Alice (@AliceAvizandum) d...Show More
*Preview* Summoning Cthulhu in Silicon Valley feat. Soweto Kinch

05:11 | Apr 22nd

In a preview of this week's bonus episode, we speak to jazz saxophonist and MC Soweto Kinch (@sowetokinch) about big tech's attempts to steal creative idea-generation concepts and apply them to high-stress startup culture. We also talk about certifie...Show More
The Great Brexit Escape...Room feat. Tom Kibasi

1:08:40 | Apr 15th

We’re long overdue for something smart about Brexit on this show, or something smart in general. To that effect, this week, Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Nate (@inthesedeserts) speak with Brexit seer and director of ...Show More
*Preview* TF Live at Bristol Transformed feat. Jack Frayne-Reid and Dalia Gebrial

09:14 | Apr 11th

This is it, folks. The first live recording with our mobile space station, the first outside-London show, and the first leftist UK politics supergroup podcast featuring Dalia Gebrial (@daliagebrial )of Novara Media and Jack Frayne-Reid (@gapesology )...Show More
BULBFUTURE ft. India Block

1:22:44 | Apr 8th

Riley, Milo, and Nate talk housing, living, and building with Dezeen's own India Block (@indiablock). We start with a start up, then go through Help to Buy and the enormous ponzi schemes the Tory government keeps setting up to provide us with basic h...Show More
Same S***, Different Organ Farm feat. Tim Faust

1:09:28 | Apr 1st

This week, Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), and Nate (@inthesedeserts) speak with health justice advocate and writer Tim Faust (@crulge) about his campaigning for single-payer in the US, why anything besides Medicare for All is a scam, and why ...Show More
*Preview* Titania McGrath Tells You You're Smart [ASMR] feat. Dalia Gebrial

10:14 | Mar 31st

Amazing how Titania McGrath, a fictional account that owns Millennials by making dad jokes, is the talk of the London Media. It's almost like the account is run by two middle-aged Tories whose friends all RT them out of a sense of obligation. In a pr...Show More
*Special Guest* QAnon Anonymous Presents: Conspiracy Feud feat. TF and Boonta Vista

54:27 | Mar 30th

In a special guest cross-post, Riley and Hussein appeared on the much-recommended Qanon Anonymous podcast to discuss nationally-sourced conspiracies. This features Lucy Valentine of the Boonta Vista podcast as a judge. Listen as the gang discuss Davi...Show More
It's The Void, Folks

1:24:32 | Mar 26th

No guest this week, as the boys instead sit down solo to discuss the nihilistic right wing death cult that’s getting whipped into an upward spiraling murderous frenzy by the extremely respectable media. Why do they all rush to distance themselves fro...Show More
*Unlocked* Riley's Commie Book Club - 'State of Insecurity'

50:45 | Mar 24th

It's that time again! In an unlocked bonus episode, Riley read a book, drank some wine, and is ready to talk about it to you fine people. This month, we're looking at State of Insecurity by Isabell Lorey, available now on Verso. It's all about precar...Show More
The Wetherspoons App Is The Highest Stage of Capitalism ft. Mark Watson

1:09:48 | Mar 19th

This week, Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), Nate (@inthesedeserts), and Alice (@AliceAvizandum ) speak with comedian and writer Mark Watson (@watsoncomedian) about the Adam Smith Institute’s newest declaration: the that Wet...Show More
*Preview* Trashfuture Presents: Balthasar Speedboat 3

11:17 | Mar 14th

This is a promo of this week's Patreon bonus episode. We're back in the saddle for yet another edition of Balthasar Speedboat. This episode features Riley, Milo, Nate, Alex Kealy (@alexkealy), Olga Koch (@rocknrolga), and Pierre Novellie (@pierrenove...Show More
Billion$ feat. James Meadway

1:16:36 | Mar 12th

We live in a blessed time, a truly wise era of human history in which Kylie Jenner’s cosmetics front company is somehow valued at $1 billion USD. Now, this is not a good thing, and special guest James Meadway (@meadwaj) -- an economist, writer, and f...Show More
“It Just Means ‘Ignorant Person’” feat. Alex Kealy

56:33 | Mar 5th

Friends, we at the Trashfuture podcast do not in any way want our jokes to become real. We don’t want Elon Musk to control the internet with a submarine like the Sons of Liberty in Metal Gear Solid 2. We don’t want Matt Hancock to parkour his way int...Show More
*Unlocked* Work Sucks (We Know) feat. Will Stronge

1:10:33 | Mar 4th

Riley and Milo sit down with Will Stronge, director of Autonomy and one of the principal authors of the four day work week report (linked here) that’s been generating so much interest lately. Sing it loud and sing it proud: work sucks! This episode o...Show More
The Labour Splittacular feat. Mollie Goodfellow

1:07:22 | Feb 26th

A new party formed, except they’re not a party, and they don’t have policies, and their logo makes them look like a store where you can buy a  £10 cup of juice. That’s right, we’re talking The Independent Group on this week’s episode. Riley (@raaleh)...Show More
*Preview* Work Sucks (We Know) feat. Will Stronge

09:04 | Feb 21st

In a preview of this week's bonus episode, Riley and Milo sit down with Will Stronge, director of Autonomy and one of the principal authors of the four day work week report (linked here) that’s been generating so much interest lately. Sing it loud an...Show More
Nostalgia Avengers: Infinity WW2 feat. Owen Hatherley

1:03:47 | Feb 19th

We love Britain and British things. We’re a podcast suffused with the Blitz Spirit, the Dunkirk Spirit, the Dying of Black Lung Spirit, and in honour of that, we decided to take on the big issues of modern Britain, such as the following: some rich pe...Show More
Failure to Launch feat. Hasan Piker

1:07:40 | Feb 13th

We did it. We streamed our podcast live. Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), and Nate (@inthesedeserts) managed to successfully host a live video podcast while speaking with Hasan Piker (@hasanthehun) on Twitch. We discussed the abortive (to put i...Show More
UNLOCKED Riley's Commie Book Club: The Blurst Is Yet to Come

1:07:56 | Feb 8th

Riley's Commie Book Club is a bit different. This time, Riley speaks with scholar and author Peter Fleming — you might recognize the name from a previous episode discussing his book 'The Death of Homo Economicus' — and this time they cover the subjec...Show More
Somewheres, Anywheres, Sex Nerds feat. Bryan Quinby

1:11:57 | Feb 5th

Another week is upon us, and that means another Silicon Valley company has reinvented loan sharking. Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), and Olga (@rocknrolga ) reached out to someone with extensive knowledge in how payday lenders screw over the p...Show More
*Preview* Trashfuture Presents: Balthasar Speedboat 2

07:46 | Feb 4th

It was admittedly a shock to all of us that any of you liked our previous Balthasar Speedboat show. However, you did, and as such we've decided to revisit it with a new episode. You can hear Riley (@raaleh),  Milo (@Milo_Edwards), Olga (@rocknrolga )...Show More
Privatise the NHS, My A$$ (I Won’t Privatise the NHS) feat. Rob Delaney

1:02:29 | Jan 29th

It was a usual Friday afternoon in the Caliphate of Tower Hamlets. Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), Hussein (@HKesvani), Nate (@inthesedeserts), and Olga (@rocknrolga ) were minding their own business when a man walked in with a baby. That man ...Show More
*Preview* Into the Brexit Mind Palace feat. George Eaton

08:00 | Jan 25th

In a preview of this week's bonus episode, we're taking you to a brain expansion dimension that you've never visited before. Riley, Hussein, Milo, and Alice join special guest George Eaton (@georgeeaton), deputy editor at the New Statesman for a disc...Show More
The Original Big Fella feat. Joel Golby

1:34:28 | Jan 22nd

The inmates are in control of the asylum today. Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), Hussein (@HKesvani) are joined by Joel Golby (@joelgolby) to discuss his new book, ‘Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant: Modern Life as Interpret...Show More
UNLOCKED Riley's Commie Book Club: The End of the Transition Paradigm

54:58 | Jan 20th

Riley's commie book club unlocked for you this weekend! Listen to Riley talk about his experiences with International Relations as an academic discipline via a paper by Thomas Carothers, The End of the Transition Paradigm.
2018: A Year of Brain Expansion Part 2 of 2 (feat. Simon Childs)

31:02 | Jan 16th

This is part 2 of a 2-part extended recording in which your diligent hosts review a year that was bad. Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Nate (@inthesedeserts), join Vice UK home affairs editor Simon Childs (@simonchilds...Show More
2018: A Year of Brain Expansion Part 1 of 2 (feat. Simon Childs)

1:06:52 | Jan 15th

We’re leaving negativity behind in 2019. Instead, we’re getting up early each morning to jog 10 miles while playing influencer audiobooks at 2x speed. However, a lot happened in 2018, and we at least need to discuss it. This week, in part 1 of a 2-pa...Show More
*Preview* Humu Among Us feat. Trashfuture Classic Lineup

07:53 | Jan 10th

Real heads will appreciate this one: we've assembled the full Trashfuture roster, featuring Riley, Milo, Charlie Palmer, Hussein, and Nate, and we're discussing a great (read: bad) startup that wants to give your employees helpful nudges. We also tal...Show More
Children of the Coren feat. Jonathan Nunn

1:13:38 | Jan 8th

What if you could never be fired from your job -- even if you crossed every possible line, to include threatening to sexually assault and then immolate your neighbour’s child during a row over drum practice? What if you were also insanely racist? In ...Show More
Intelligence 2.0 feat. Felix Biederman

1:30:03 | Jan 1st

Happy new year, you voles, you vulgar abbey mice. The clock might just be striking midnight, but that’s no excuse for you to not ditch your family and the people who love you in order to listen to this week’s Trashfuture. In this episode, Riley (@raa...Show More
Radical Horse Parts feat. Trevor Beaulieu and Wendy Liu

1:13:46 | Dec 27th, 2018

It’s a strange situation when we actually like something on this show - and therefore decided to have a relatively serious conversation about it. On this week’s Trashfuture, Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Nate (@inthesedeserts) spoke with ...Show More
*Preview* #WeHaveBeenPubliclyShamed / Trashfuture Q&A

07:37 | Dec 20th, 2018

This week's bonus is the first installment of something we've been wanting to do for a while: a Q&A episode. However, before we could get there, we had to read our beloved boy Toby Young's insane holiday column about his 'vertiginous' 'defenestration...Show More
WeWork Presents: The Darkest Yearbook feat. Sarah Manavis

1:12:09 | Dec 18th, 2018

Business Joker. You thought it was just a dumb meme, but to your hardo connections on LinkedIn, it’s a way of life. On this week’s Trashfuture, Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), and Nate (@inthesedeserts) spoke with Sarah Manavis (@sarahmanavis)...Show More
*Preview* Riley's Festive Commie Book Club: 'The End of the Transition Paradigm'

07:47 | Dec 14th, 2018

In a preview of this week's particularly festive bonus, Riley reviews the academic paper 'The End of the Transition Paradigm' by Thomas Carothers. Riley discusses international relations as a discipline, his takes on some core assumptions of the genr...Show More
An Impassioned Plea for Universal Basic Mids ft. Luke Savage

1:10:04 | Dec 11th, 2018

Does your investment portfolio include cannabis? Do you want leverage on your dank nugs? On this week’s Trashfuture, Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), and Nate (@inthesedeserts) spoke with Jacobin staff writer and now two-time guest Luke Savage ...Show More
UNLOCKED Riley's Commie Book Club: For a Left Populism

50:50 | Dec 7th, 2018

I'm going to unlock another Riley's Commie Book Club, because I'm going to do another book club episode later today. In this episode of my podcast-within-a-podcast, I'm talking about Chantal Mouffe's "For a Left Populism. Why are we constantly told t...Show More
TF Presents: An Algorithmically Generated Christmas feat. Alice Caldwell-Kelly

1:04:58 | Dec 4th, 2018

On this week’s Trashfuture, Riley (@raaleh), Milo, Hussein (@HKesvani), and Nate (@inthesedeserts) spoke with writer Alice Caldwell-Kelly (@AliceAvizandum ) about a banner week in brain-dissolution, which included a viewing of a very popular Unicorn ...Show More
*Preview* Trashfuture Presents: Balthasar Speedboat

07:36 | Dec 3rd, 2018

This week's bonus episode of Trashfuture is actually a pilot of sorts -- it's a comedy show we've assembled featuring an ensemble cast of Milo, Riley, Olga Koch, Pierre Noveille, Alex Kealy, and a few bits from Nate as well. It's a show about how to ...Show More
Brexit Dragon Energy feat. Tom Kibasi

1:10:21 | Nov 28th, 2018

You may have heard about this thing called Brexit. Apparently, it means Brexit. And on this week’s Trashfuture, Riley (@raaleh) and Hussein (@HKesvani) spoke with Institute for Public Policy Research (@IPPR) director Tom Kibasi (@TomKibasi) about the...Show More
*Preview* Identity Politics for Landlords

07:03 | Nov 26th, 2018

In this preview of this week's bonus, Riley, Milo, Hussein, and Nate discuss Steve Bannon's recent profile in the Guardian, an insane protest letter written by British landlords in opposition to the anti-homelessness nonprofit Shelter, and a terrible...Show More
HQ Number Two feat. Adam Smith

1:01:19 | Nov 21st, 2018

Everyone loves a synergy these days (just ask Bill de Blasio). You can synergize the relationship between your phone and the cops, between public transit and the cops, between your home and the cops, and -- most importantly -- between your personal d...Show More
*Preview* Picasso's 'Boss Baby Spice' feat. Elise Bell

05:36 | Nov 19th, 2018

Please enjoy a preview of this week's bonus, in which Riley, Milo, Hussein, and Nate speak with art historian Elise Bell (@eliseybell) about her Tabloid Art History ( @TabloidArtHist ) account and why it takes serious effort to stop any creative work...Show More
Scruton Under Scrutiny feat. Josie Long

1:15:30 | Nov 13th, 2018

Did a bad thing happen? Well, here are 50 British columnists to tell you why you’re an intolerant liberal elitist for calling it bad. In that spirit, Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), and Hussein (@HKesvani) spoke with comedian and Arts Emergenc...Show More
*Preview* Charles and the Bed-Van feat. Ned Donovan

06:35 | Nov 11th, 2018

Elon Musk gifted us analytics like Prometheus gifting fire, and as such we've determined that about 40 percent of our audience is American. So, Americans (and others) -- do you want to know about the British royal family? Well, now you can, in detail...Show More
Bolsonaro and the Bandits: A Minion Adventure feat. Ryan Broderick

1:01:54 | Nov 6th, 2018

It’s election season in America, which means terrible racist memes shared by people you hate. In that spirit, Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Nate (@inthesedeserts) spoke with Ryan Broderick (@broderick), Buzzfeed’s De...Show More
*Preview* LIVE from the Guy Household

06:00 | Nov 5th, 2018

This is a preview of the recording of our recent live show at the Sekforde in London. Thank you so much to the fans who attended — we were stunned by the response and incredibly grateful for your support. When we get Hussein back from the frozen wast...Show More
*Unlocked* Riley's Commie Book Club: The Death of Homo Economicus

1:00:33 | Nov 2nd, 2018

You asked! We listened! We procrastinated actually doing it for a while! We've unlocked Riley's Commie Book Club from September, The Death of Homo Economicus by Peter Fleming, for your listening pleasure. Check it out on Pluto Press here: https://www...Show More
Blockchain Border Blunders feat. Alex Hern

1:15:19 | Oct 30th, 2018

We’ve pivoted back from pivoting to video (it was a brief sojourn), and on this week’s Trashfuture, Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), and Nate (@inthesedeserts) spoke with Guardian tech reporter and TF veteran Alex Hern (@alexhern) about… the te...Show More
*Preview* Idiocracy Was a Damn Documentary! feat. Adam Rensch

05:51 | Oct 29th, 2018

This is of course something of a new content type: on the preview of this week's bonus episode, Riley, Milo, Nate, and Olga (@rocknrolga) join Adam Rensch (@nachdermas) — host of the Stop/Rewind podcast — to discuss a film that burrowed itself into t...Show More
The Tortoise and the Harebrained News Heist feat. Michael Walker

1:22:21 | Oct 22nd, 2018

It’s that time of year again: the leaves are changing colour and there’s a new centrist ‘solution’ (or, rather, investment vehicle) to the problems of both the news and politics. On this week’s Trashfuture podcast, Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edward...Show More
*Preview* Riley's Commie Book Club - For a Left Populism

05:34 | Oct 21st, 2018

Please enjoy a preview of this week's bonus: Riley's Commie Book Club, reviewing Chantal Mouffe's "For a Left Populism. Why are we constantly told that the status quo — i.e. neoliberal market economics  — is the natural order? Why does the centre hat...Show More
50 Cent: The Global King of Cool feat. Patrick Monahan and Kimberley McIntosh

1:27:13 | Oct 17th, 2018

On this week’s Trashfuture podcast, Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), Hussein (@HKesvani) spoke with Kimberley McIntosh (@mcintosh_kim), policy officer at the Runnymede Trust, and Patrick Monahan (@pattymo), comedian and cohost of What a Time to...Show More
*Preview* Uncle Kracker Presents The Lib Dem Party Conference 2018! feat. Simon Childs

05:27 | Oct 16th, 2018

We've just completed party conference season, and to wrap up the important events in all of them (or at least the ones we care about), the Trash lads brought on Simon Childs (@simonchilds13), home affairs editor for Vice UK. In this preview of a bonu...Show More
Damn! Makes You Think!! feat. Hasan Piker and Trevor Strunk

1:19:08 | Oct 11th, 2018

We’re having a blast in the Caliphate of Tower Hamlets. Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), Hussein (@HKesvani) and Nate (@inthesedeserts) met with Hasan Piker (@hasanthehun) from the Young Turks and discussed the important things in life: gaming,...Show More
*Unlocked* EDM: Sonic Gentrification feat. Aloiso Wilmoth

59:34 | Oct 8th, 2018

Well, here it is. You've been promised this for ages and now you're getting it: a discussion on techno as praxis. But, it's not as lame as that might sound, because Riley speaks with musician and producer Aloiso Wilmoth ( @HE_VALENCIA) about the hist...Show More
*Preview* He Should Chris Less-lie feat. Jack Frayne-Reid

04:23 | Oct 7th, 2018

On this week's bonus episode preview, we're joined by Jack Frayne-Reid (@frayne_jack)from the Reel Politik Podcastto discuss Our Meltiest MP's recent sad letter to the Guardian. We cover Labour's lack of broad-churchiness and there variety of ways in...Show More
The Black Hand of Streaming feat. Franz Ferdinand

1:17:47 | Oct 2nd, 2018

It’s been a big seven days for Trashfuture: we moved in to our new basement office in East London for starters, and this week Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), and Nate (@inthesedeserts) sat down with Alex Kapranos @alkapranos) and Bob Hardy (@B...Show More
*Preview*: EDM: Sonic Gentrification feat. Aloiso Wilmoth

05:17 | Oct 2nd, 2018

Please enjoy a short preview of this week's bonus episode from Riley. You've been promised this for ages and now you're getting it: a discussion on techno as praxis. But, it's not as lame as that might sound, because Riley speaks with musician and pr...Show More
*Preview*: 'The New You're-a-Pee-In' feat. Matt Zarb-Cousin

05:42 | Sep 25th, 2018

As you may have recently heard, we've launched a Patreon and will release new content each week for our subscribers. Last week, we sat down with former Jeremy Corbyn spokesman and friend of the show Matt Zarb-Cousin (@mattzarb ). Once you subscribe, ...Show More
Stossel's Special File

1:11:37 | Sep 24th, 2018

It’s a session for the old heads this week, as Riley (@raaleh), and Milo (@Milo_Edwards), and Hussein (@HKesvani ) rejoin original host Charlie Palmer (@cfppalmer) to discuss mandatory wearable tech, terrible libertarians, and the strange concept of ...Show More
Uber for the Spirit feat. Mathew Lawrence

1:09:06 | Sep 17th, 2018

We can’t get enough of IPPR reports (and insane conservative meltdowns in response to them) and this week, Riley (@raaleh), and Milo (@Milo_Edwards), and Hussein (@HKesvani ) join IPPR researcher Matthew Lawrence (@DantonsHead) to discuss his recent ...Show More
Incel Proust: An Austerity Reverie feat. George Eaton

1:12:27 | Sep 11th, 2018

It wouldn’t be Britain if our elected leaders weren’t discussing new ways to cut the state even further, and this week, Riley (@raaleh), and Milo (@Milo_Edwards), and Nate (@inthesedeserts) join New Statesman political editor George Eaton (@georgeeat...Show More
Thanks, Wonga! feat. Oscar Rickett

1:13:34 | Sep 6th, 2018

It’s a busy start to September, and now that we’ve all renewed our dhimmi permits, we can enter the no-go zone of Whitechapel to record and episode. This week, Riley (@raaleh), and Milo (@Milo_Edwards), and Nate (@inthesedeserts) joined journalist an...Show More
Game of Slurs: International Worst Columnists Invitational Part 2 (feat. Boonta Vista)

58:42 | Sep 3rd, 2018

In a continuation of last week’s episode, Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Milo (@Milo_Edwards) join guests Andrew Law (@IllyBocean) and Lucy Valentine (@LucyXIV) from Boonta Vista Socialist Club (@BoontaVista) for a roundup of terrible righ...Show More
Game of Slurs: International Worst Columnists Invitational Part 1 (feat. Boontavista)

50:21 | Aug 30th, 2018

For this week’s episode, Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Milo (@Milo_Edwards) join guests Andrew Law (@IllyBocean) and Lucy Valentine (@LucyXIV) from the extremely good Australian podcast Boonta Vista Socialist Club (@BoontaVista) for a dis...Show More
All Sex Work and No Sex Play feat. Molly Smith

1:12:14 | Aug 22nd, 2018

For this week’s episode, Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Milo (@Milo_Edwards) discuss the absurdly high valuation of tech companies, the idea that tech impacts our lives as capital-subsidised precarity, and the fact that 40 percent of the U...Show More
The Nice Kind of Censorship feat. Aidan 'Taco' Jones

47:13 | Aug 15th, 2018

Fringe is ongoing and in this episode Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Milo (@Milo_Edwards) meet with comedian Aidan ‘Taco’ Jones (@AJ_Taco) and discuss tech platforms’ recent decisions to ban insane right-wing conspiracy mongers. Is this a ...Show More
The Tears of Lloyd Blankfein feat. Josh Androsky

55:51 | Aug 8th, 2018

In this first episode of Trashfuture’s second year, Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Milo (@Milo_Edwards), speak to DSA Los Angeles activist Josh Androsky (@ShutUpAndrosky) about public banking, liberalism’s inability to provide answers in a...Show More
Juice Wayne feat. Gareth Reynolds

1:05:42 | Jul 25th, 2018

On this special 1-year anniversary of the Trashfuture podcast, Riley (@raaleh), Olga (@rocknrolga ), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), and comedian Gareth Reynolds (@reynoldsgareth) -- host of the podcast ‘the Dollop’ -- about the infamous Juicero, and what its ...Show More
Riley's Commie Book Club: 'Violent Borders'

1:02:12 | Jul 19th, 2018

It’s another month, the moon has turned, a butterfly rustles its wings in the Amazon, and it’s time for yet another episode of Riley’s Commie Book Club! This month we’re reading 'Violent Borders' by Reece Jones, published by Verso Books. We talk abou...Show More
Abolish Silicon Valley feat. Wendy Liu

1:13:16 | Jul 16th, 2018

This week, Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), and speak with leftist tech writer (and tech industry veteran) Wendy Liu (@dellsystem) about Silicon Valley’s labour force, what it means to unionise tech workers, and how she esc...Show More
Canadian Jet-Ski Dealership Conservatives feat. Luke Savage and Fraser Watt

1:09:27 | Jul 12th, 2018

Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), and special guest Fraser Watt (@fraserwat) speak with Canadian journalist and writer Luke Savage (@LukewSavage) about Ontario’s recently-elected Premier Doug Ford, the right-wing politician ...Show More
Migration Station ft. Zoe Gardner

1:15:06 | Jul 9th, 2018

Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), and recently returned Milo (@Milo_Edwards) speak with migrant advocate Zoe Gardner (@ZoeJardiniere ) about refugees, migrants, right-wing opposition to all forms of immigration, endless liberal equivocation on th...Show More
12 Huels for Life ft. Nelufar Hedayat

1:07:20 | Jul 3rd, 2018

Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Milo (@Milo_Edwards) hosted documentary filmmaker Nelufar Hedayat (@nelufar) to discuss superfoods, Silicon Valley’s attempts at engineering future meals, Nelufar’s recent series ‘Food Exposed’, and the life ...Show More

1:08:08 | Jun 29th, 2018

In a special edition of Trashfuture recorded in early May, Riley (@raaleh) and Milo (@Milo_Edwards) hung out in Moscow with Russian comedian Yevgeniy Chebatkov and discussed the Russian comedy scene, why you can’t make jokes about Putin on TV, Tsaris...Show More
Ender's Game: Racist Edition

59:21 | Jun 25th, 2018

This week, Trashfuture discusses some of our favourite topics: Elon Musk’s non-working cars, by-elections in Lewisham, and MAGA-supporting tech villains trying to augment Trump’s ICE atrocities with new gadgets -- because what is more American than v...Show More
North Korean Casino Tales ft. Jake Warren

1:00:46 | Jun 18th, 2018

Trashfuture decided to take on the concept of Juche this week. Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), and Olga (@rocknrolga) host VICE and BBC journalist Jake Warren (@TheJakeWarren), who gives his take on Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un’s recent get-to...Show More
The Very Special Relationship ft. Felix Biederman

1:14:03 | Jun 12th, 2018

This week, a slightly-not-quite classic Trashfuture crew of Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Nate (@inthesedeserts) got together in the Caliphate of Tower Hamlets to speak with Felix Biederman (@ByYourLogic) about how America and Britian see...Show More
Free Speech Death Ray ft. Jonathan Shainin

1:03:31 | Jun 7th, 2018

This week, the original TF crew of Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Milo (@Milo_Edwards) speaks to the Guardian's Jonathan Shainin (@jonathanshainin) on the topic of Niall Ferguson's Bond villain antics, the Evening Standard's recent sale of...Show More
The Trinity of Melts

1:00:47 | Jun 4th, 2018

This week, Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Milo (@milo_edwards) are back in the studio in the Caliphate of Tower Hamlets recapping centrist and extremist idiots' absolute dumbest takes on the Irish referendum results. They cover Christian I...Show More
Riley's Commie Book Club: People of the Abyss

55:26 | Jun 1st, 2018

It's that time again. Riley (@raaleh) grabbed a book, grabbed a mic, and opened up People of the Abyss, a 1903 book by American travel writer Jack London, about his experiences living in East London in that time. His observations on poverty, housing,...Show More
Grime, the Thatcherite Ideal ft. Dan Hancox

1:12:38 | May 29th, 2018

This week, Riley (@raaleh) and Milo (@milo_edwards) host journalist and music enthusiast Dan Hancox (@danhancox) to discuss his new book ‘Inner City Pressure: the Story of Grime.’ After a loving review of Elon Musk’s one-for-the-history-books Meltdow...Show More
Trashfuture vs. The 8th Amendment

42:49 | May 24th, 2018

This is a slightly more condensed episode in which the TF crew discusses an idiotic Sunday Times piece about 'hipster fascists,' but more importantly it's an episode centred on the campaign in Ireland to repeal the 8th Amendment. Riley (@raaleh), Mil...Show More
Rich Lists, Rent Seeking, and Subsidized Royals ft. Grace Blakeley

1:01:19 | May 21st, 2018

The Trashfuture crew welcomes back Milo (@milo_edwards), who managed to escape his FSB handlers and return to London unscathed. He and Riley (@raaleh) are joined by think-tank researcher Grace Blakely (@graceblakeley) to discuss the Sunday Times's 20...Show More
The Disease of the Western Mind ft. Karl Sharro

1:08:27 | May 18th, 2018

This week, the full TF crew of Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Milo (@milo_edwards) speak with satirist and urbanist Karl Sharro (@karlremarks) about the backwards Western proclivity for conspiracy theories, their fondness for strongman rul...Show More
Locals Only ft. Marcus Barnett

53:38 | May 13th, 2018

It's this week's TF for ya! Marcus Barnett (@reformedmuscle) came by to talk to Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@hkesvani) and Milo (@milo_edwards) about local elections, the psycho sexual mania of failure obsessed liberal pundits, and the future of the La...Show More
The Question Answering

50:39 | May 7th, 2018

Asked and answered - you sent us your questions on curious cat, and we answered them to the best and worst of our ability. The band is back together. Riley (@raaleh) on bass, Hussein (@HKesvani) on the drums, and Milo (@milo_edwards) replaced by a co...Show More
Social Chain Gang ft. Luke Bailey, Eleanor Penny

48:40 | Apr 30th, 2018

Don't disable ad blockers for this one - it's all about the business mindset assholes behind Social Chain, the company that is responsible for the mindless hashtags and campaigns you see for increasingly pointless products. Luke Bailey (@imbadatlife)...Show More
Shah-stile Environment ft. Ahir Shah

1:17:09 | Apr 23rd, 2018

We're back on our BS and talking hostile environment. Ahir Shah (@AhirShah) returns to talk about racism in Britain and the hostile environment, Alex Hern (@AlexHern) talks about cyber prejudice in the North, subbing in for Hussein (@HKesvani), who w...Show More
SESTA Fiesta ft. Pepper Hart

48:29 | Apr 20th, 2018

Welcome to episode town. Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@milo_edwards), Alex (@AlexKealy), and Olga (@rocknrolga) sit down with adult film star Pepper Hart (@pepperhartxxx) to talk about sex, sex work, sex toys, and we do a big reveal of... who's never fucke...Show More
Rivers of Chud ft. Rohan Banerjee

39:15 | Apr 14th, 2018

Riley (@raaleh) and Rohan Banerjee (@RBanerjee23), who co-hosts the podcast No Country for Brown Men (@NC4brownmen), sit down to talk about the enduring, rotten legacy of Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood speech, which is being re-broadcast in full by t...Show More
Riley's Commie Book Club: The Amateur

57:50 | Apr 12th, 2018

Welcome to the second installation of RCBC. Today I'm talking about yet another book off Verso, The Amateur by Andy Merrifield. While Merrifield is currently a fellow in Human Geography at Cambridge, he's spent much of his life as an independent thin...Show More
The Experience Economy Experience ft. Angus Harrison

1:05:46 | Apr 9th, 2018

Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Milo (@Milo_Edwards) are joined by Angus Harrison (@a_n_g_u_s) who wrote the definitive article on why London is actually a stupid preschool, "The Experience Economy is Killing Youth Culture." If you hate zor...Show More
Datapocalypse: Tales from the Babestation ft. Alex Hern

1:06:48 | Apr 5th, 2018

Riley, Olga, and Milo sit down with Guardian technology reporter Alex Hern (@AlexHern) to talk about the latest round of devilry out of Silicon Valley, including Tesla's volunteer brigades, how Uber killed a lady, and then we go deep into Cambridge A...Show More
Sensitive Tycoons Pilot Episode

54:07 | Apr 1st, 2018

Liz Truss filed an injunction to take over our RSS feed because we were too negative. So instead of @raaleh, @HKesvani, @rocknrolga, @milo_edwards, and special guest @fraserwat talking about how the entire world is turning into youtube clips of the m...Show More
Entirely Too Much Critical Theory About Winnie the Pooh ft. Edie Miller and Alex Hern

45:00 | Mar 28th, 2018

So this is a funny one pals. One of our microphones finally died, so our discussion with Alex Hern (@alexhern) about Cambridge Analytica and Uber got totally drowned out in static (we'll be sitting down with him again soon). Instead, here is presente...Show More
Developers of the World... Unite! ft. Trevor Strunk

1:00:14 | Mar 26th, 2018

It's a nerdcast, folks! Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@milo_edwards), and Suze (@SuzeMarsupial) subbing in for Hussein (@HKesvani) talk to Trevor Strunk (@Hegelbon), the host of the inimitable No Cartridge (@NoCartridge) gaming podcast. We begin by reading ...Show More
Riley's Commie Book Club AKA "Better Read Than Dead": Psychopolitics

41:27 | Mar 21st, 2018

It's TRASHSOLO II time, baby. Riley's (@raaleh) been back at the books, and talks about what Byung Chul Han's new Psychopolitics, out now on Verso. It's a fantastic book that speaks to a lot of where we are today with data, control, and predictabilit...Show More
TRASHSOLO Milo: 22 Short Films About Moscow

19:02 | Mar 19th, 2018

Milo Edwards (@Milo_Edwards) talks about Russia and the "dire, dire imaginings of his deep unconscious" in our first experimental solo episode. What's it like to live there. How did he find his flat. Russian elections. Why is Trump the funniest perso...Show More
PFIdiocy ft. Alan White

1:03:10 | Mar 15th, 2018

Alan White (@aljwhite) is the News Editor at Buzzfeed, and also the author of "Who Really Runs Britain?", an investigation of the private companies taking control of benefits, prisons, asylum, deportation, security, social care and the NHS. He joins ...Show More
Erotic Fan Fiction About Capitalism ft. Tom Kibasi

1:02:04 | Mar 13th, 2018

Tom Kibasi (@TomKibasi), who is the director the IPPR think tank during the week, joins us in a personal capacity over the weekend for a recording session. We talk about the two geniouses who re-wrote the Communist Manifesto because they got angry ab...Show More
De-Trash Rock City ft. Jonn Elledge

1:01:48 | Mar 9th, 2018

Join Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@milo_edwards), and Alex (@alexkealy), as we sit down with Jonn Elledge (@JonnElledge) - editor of the City Metric section at the New Statesman to talk about the roots of the housing crisis and why urban privatisation is c...Show More
LIVEFUTURE II: This Time... It's Accidental ft. Many Friends

1:14:57 | Mar 5th, 2018

It's time for the TRASHFUTURE accidental live show. Riley (@raaleh) and Hussein (@HKesvani) got up in front of a bewildered crowd with some old friends: Elena Cresci (@ElenaCresci) from TV, Luke Bailey (@ImBadAtLife) from the internet, and Jack Frayn...Show More
Towards a Political Theory of Smashing ft. Matt Christman

1:00:24 | Mar 1st, 2018

Matt Christman (@cushbomb) from Chapo Trap House joins Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), and Hussein (@HKesvani) to talk about how our culture has fallen apart into nothing but a morass of aspirational references loop-de-looping into one another...Show More
The Corbyn Commie Controversy ft. Luke Bailey and Emily Hines aka @IHateNYT

1:16:33 | Feb 26th, 2018

FIXED AUDIO  Riley's vacation sure did put a dent in the release schedule. But we're back! Abi's back! Baby's got back! Whatever. Riley (@Raaleh), Olga (@Rocknrolga), Abi (@AbiWilks), Milo (@Milo_Edwards) are joined by Luke Bailey (@ImBadAtLife) subb...Show More
TRASHSUPPLEMENT to The Presidents Club: A Club for Presidents

26:37 | Feb 20th, 2018

Content note: sexual assault Riley (@raaleh) and Niamh (@Niamh_Mcintyre) sit down to re-hash the conversation from the original President's Club episode that got eaten by audio goblins. Specifically, we talk about Niamh's Vice article on sexual harra...Show More
Humpty Dumpty Politics ft. Owen Jones

37:34 | Feb 15th, 2018

It's a TRASHFUTURE half-i-sode spooktacular. Journalist Owen Jones (@OwenJones84) comes through the bougie hackney flat to join Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), Milo (@Milo_Edwards) and Reel Politik's Laura (@thisgeordielass) filling in, to shoo...Show More
Tier Fun Operators ft. Nate Bethea

57:59 | Feb 12th, 2018

This week Riley (@Raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Olga (@rocknrolga), belatedly joined by Milo (@Milo_Edwards) sit down with Nate Bethea (@inthesedeserts) from the leftist troopcast, What A Hell of a Way to Die (@HellOfAWay) to talk all about the i...Show More
Wot Do U Call It? ft. Ash Sarkar

1:14:42 | Feb 6th, 2018

Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Milo (@Milo_Edwards) calling from inside a car in Utah, sit down with Ash Sarkar (@AyoCaesar), senior editor at Novara and Wiley biographer to talk about the history of and political bent of Grime off the bac...Show More
The Presidents Club: A Club for Presidents ft. Mic Wright and Niamh McIntyre

1:14:05 | Feb 3rd, 2018

Howdy y'all. Welcome to your weekend Trashfuture. Join Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), and our twitter friend Suze Marsupial (@suzemarsupial) filling in as fourth host to talk about the slimiest take on the President's Clu...Show More
Mindfulness Meltdown ft. Maggy van Eijk

1:14:38 | Jan 29th, 2018

Riley (@Raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), and Hussein (@HKesvani) sit down with journalist and mental health writer Maggy van Eijk (@MaggyVanEijk) to talk about the mendacious claptrap that is self help and self care and the other ways in which we try t...Show More
The Army of Dorkness ft. Jake Flores

1:05:36 | Jan 22nd, 2018

It's the Trashfuture podcast comedy review! Join Riley (@Raaleh), Milo (@Milo_Edwards), Hussein (@HKesvani), and a RETURNING Charlie (@cfppalmer) are joined by Jake Flores (@feraljokes) to go through Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam's page turne...Show More
Guess Who's Coming to Criticise Dinner ft. Jay Rayner

1:04:36 | Jan 18th, 2018

Second Thursday bonus episode in a row because I love you people, yakno. Riley (@raaleh), Olga (@rocknrolga), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Milo (@Milo_Edwards) are joined by the restaurant critic for the Observer, comedian, and jazz impressario, Jay Rayn...Show More
Literally Black Mirror ft Taylor Lorenz and Alex Krasodomski

1:04:00 | Jan 15th, 2018

This week Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@milo_edwards), Hussein (@HKesvani), and Alex (@AlexKealy), do a two part double header. In Part 1, friend of the show and Daily Beast technology reporter Taylor Lorenz (@TaylorLorenz) phones in from the Consumer Elec...Show More

24:39 | Jan 11th, 2018

Oh sheesh y'all it's a Thursday bonus episode! The trash fam did a brief set as part of Alex Kealy's (@AlexKealy) monthly comedy night at the Comedy Grotto, with all profits going to Syrian Refugee Relief. Ahir Shah (@AhirShah) stepped in to help us ...Show More
Under the Influencers ft. Taylor Lorenz and Elena Cresci

1:19:42 | Jan 8th, 2018

Hey Trash Fam - it's a new week and therefore a new episode. The gang (Riley @raaleh, Milo @milo_edwards, Hussein @HKesvani, and Elena Cresci @elenacresci) talks about about our progress through no pee january, the Spectator's list of reasons to be c...Show More
Nick Boles-ing for Columbine: Peter Melt-Doaun, Free Speech, Work 'Til You Die

1:02:25 | Jan 1st, 2018

Hey you absolute savages. A few of the trash gang gathered around, sans guest, to break through the constant flux of drunkenness/hangover (except ethical boy Hussein), to bandy about some online nonsense. Today we have @raaleh, @milo_edwards, @hkesva...Show More
Artificial Intelligunce: Wyatt Koch, Elon Musk, Twitter Nazis ft. James Vincent

1:02:50 | Dec 23rd, 2017

Merry Christmas you filthy animals - we were going to release this episode, including its excellent interview with AI journalist and labour activist James Vincent (@jjvincent), after Christmas, but decided to blow our loads early. Riley (@raaleh) Abi...Show More
TRASHMAS Special: Jake Paul, Goop, and Nigel Farage ft. HRTBPS

57:51 | Dec 21st, 2017

Happy Trashmas from Riley (@raaleh) Milo (@milo_edwards) and Hussein (@HKesvani), joined by HRTBPS (@hrtbps). We listen to traditional carols from from the Jake Paul hymnal, Litmas, we exchange crystal nootropic room spray from Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP...Show More
The Shed Chronicles ft. Oobah Butler

1:01:41 | Dec 14th, 2017

LATE WEEK BONUS EPISODE We talk to Ooabah Butler (@Oobahs) about how he gamed Tripadvisor to get his fake restaurant into the number one spot, and the determined weirdos still trying to get reservations. Then the most funny thing that has ever happen...Show More
Tales from the CryptoKittyKeeper

1:00:37 | Dec 11th, 2017

It's the spookiest season of all... the Boo-lidays. No guest this week - Riley (@raaleh), Abi (@AbiWilks), Milo (@milo_edwards), and Hussein (@HKesvani) talk about inspirational business dullards, how pictures of cats on the ethereum blockchain cost ...Show More
Universal Cruddit: Monster Double Feature Sode ft Abi Wilkinson

1:32:32 | Dec 4th, 2017

The first episode featuring the fifth robot lion of our dumb internet Voltron! Journalist Abi Wilkinson (@AbiWilks) arrives as a guest and then is hoodwinked into leaving as a full time host because Hussein does the Get Out hypnosis on her. We (Riley...Show More
Hard Left Takeover!: Tipping, Amazon Subsluts, and MORE RUSSIA ft. ReelPolitik

1:02:09 | Nov 29th, 2017

Jack (@coplandresident) and Laura (@thisgeordielass) from Reel Politik (@reelpolitcast) "tighten their control" over the TRASHFUTURE airwaves, having an EXTREMELY late night and not-very-lucid call with Riley (@raaleh) and Milo (@milo_edwards). We ta...Show More
The Emperor's New Plane: Net Neutrality Minisode ft. Alex Kealy and Nikki Sage

19:29 | Nov 28th, 2017

MINISODE ALERT! The era of bad audio is over, but I've managed to salvage one other clip we did a while ago on net neutrality to tide you over until we release a new full episode (in this, the new good audio era) tomorrow. Alex Kealy (@alexkealy) sat...Show More
TRASHFUTURE LO FI EDITION - Millennial Mathematics ft. Elena Cresci

1:00:53 | Nov 20th, 2017

AUDIO WARNING. Riley (@Raaleh) fucked up royal and the entire episode recorded on the native laptop mic, rather than the very good mixer... so this is a rough, ready, TRASHFUTURE LO FI EDITION for your listening (dis)pleasure. I promise it'll be fixe...Show More
Wrong Heads of State: Hats, Youtube, Russians (ft. Jack Frayne-Reid)

1:07:03 | Nov 18th, 2017

It's a TRASHFUTURE/Reel Politik mash up bonus weekend episode, as Jack Frayne-Reid (@coplandresident) calls up Riley (@raaleh), Hussein (@HKesvani) on Skype to chat bollocks about music, discuss the implications of James Bridle's great Medium post on...Show More
Facebook Thinks I Look Like a Snack: Nudes, Nazis, and Ember ft. Maya Kosoff

57:30 | Nov 13th, 2017

Milo (@milo_edwards) and Riley (@raaleh), with Alex Kealy (@alexkealy) subbing in for Hussein (@HKesvani) and Charlie (@cfppalmer)... talk to Maya Kosoff (@mekosoff), tech features writer for Vanity Fair! She was sent a wifi coffee cup called Ember t...Show More
Delivering the Mail to Own the Libs: Unions, Feminism, Chuckles ft. Hannah Jewell

1:01:09 | Nov 6th, 2017

The garbagemen Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@milo_edwards), and Hussein (@HKesvani) are joined by leftist journalist and author Hannah Jewell (@HCJewell), whose new book 100 Nasty Women of History came out last week! We talk with her about labour organisin...Show More
DumBe (ft. Phil Wang)

37:12 | Nov 1st, 2017

Another half sode this week pals... but this time, it's due to technical issues. My computer ate the second half. This was an episode we - Riley (@raaleh) and Milo (@milo_edwards) recorded with comedian Phil Wang (@PhilNWang) last month, and we bulls...Show More
From Russia with Bugs: Dispatches from Sochi ft Ryan Broderick

37:20 | Oct 24th, 2017

Half ‘sode this week with your boys – Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@milo_edwards), and Hussein (@HKesvani), sit down with Ryan Broderick (@Broderick), deputy global head of news at Buzzfeed and host of the Internet Explorer podcast to get a run down his ex...Show More
Broken and Soiled: The Sex Robot Episode ft. Eleanor Penny

1:06:20 | Oct 17th, 2017

Riley (@raaleh) Milo (@milo_edwards) and Charlie (@cfppalmer) - we promise the triumphant return of Hussein (@HKesvani) next week - talk with writer and journalist and Novara senior editor, Eleanor Penny (@eleanorkpenny) about... *klaxons* sex robots...Show More
Bonfire of the FOBT's (ft. Pierre Novellie and Matt Zarb-Cousin) Part 2

1:00:26 | Oct 13th, 2017

Riley (@raaleh) Milo (@milo_edwards) and, guest host Pierre (@pierrenovellie) conclude our marathon recording session with Matt Zarb-Cousin (@mattzarb), talking about Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs), the digital slot machines gracing every betti...Show More
Mayonnaise Meltdown (ft. Pierre Novellie and Matt Zarb-Cousin) Part 1

1:04:07 | Oct 11th, 2017

No Hussein (@HKesvani) or Charlie (@cfppalmer) this week; instead Riley (@Raaleh) and Milo (@Milo_Edwards) are joined by Pierre Novellie (@pierrenovellie)... and Matt Zarb-Cousin (@mattzarb), an actual smart person (!) who shows for the second half o...Show More
Bullshit Jobs for Bullshit Industries (ft. Hussein Kesvani)

1:09:21 | Oct 4th, 2017

The garbagemen (@raaleh, @milo_edwards, @cfppalmer) sit down with Hussein Kesvani (@HKesvani) to talk about Bullshit Jobs - people taking abuse on Twitter for Virgin Rail while Rome burns. We also talk about a compurerised denim jacket you have to ch...Show More

55:49 | Sep 20th, 2017

Riley (@raaleh) Milo (@milo_edwards) and Olga (@rocknrolga) sit down for what is probably the least coherent episode we've ever recorded. We talk about the Bodega, which is a stupid start up that invented a vending machine in order to spread poverty ...Show More
Surreal Estate (ft. Aidan Jones)

1:05:30 | Sep 12th, 2017

Aidan (@AJ_Taco) joins (@raaleh) Riley and Milo (@milo_edwards) to chat real estate in London, the world's Worst Thing. Aidan has a show and a blog called The Abersham Flat (, detailing his experience living on ...Show More
Billionaire Boss Baby Brain Genius (ft Alex Kealy)

1:24:51 | Sep 6th, 2017

Holy wow it's another Edinburgh episode. This week we sit down with returning guest Alex Kealy to discuss... The SMALT. Perhaps the dumbest product yet for the biggest non problem yet. And then, after the break we read choice selections from a book c...Show More
The Adam Smith Institute Is Very Regular And Not A Front For Aliens

1:11:22 | Sep 2nd, 2017

So there was just too much dumb stuff going on, and we HAD to do a bonus ep with the boyos. In reverse order: Steven Seagal did a horrible thing with a horrible man we needed to explore. NEEDED to explore. Like I was gonna get pancreatitis if we didn...Show More
The Cutest Dang Cop In The World (ft. Emily Robinson and Olga Koch)

1:12:10 | Aug 31st, 2017

Riley (@raaleh) and Milo (@Milo_Edwards) sit down for another Edinburgh episode with Emily Robinson (@see_em_play) and Olga Koch (@rocknrolga) to talk about probably the stupidest invention yet and then hear a couple stories of socialist organising i...Show More
TRASHCINEMA - The Emoji Movie (ft. Lulu Popplewell and Alex Kealy)

1:17:28 | Aug 22nd, 2017

EDINBURGH EPISODE NUMBER TWO No Charlie (@cfppalmer) this week, so Riley (@raaleh) and Milo (@milo_edwards) kidnapped our friends Alex Kealy (@alexkealy) and Lulu Popplewell (@lulu_popplewell) and rolled into the Edinburgh cinema at 11 AM one fine Au...Show More
TRASHPAST (ft. Pierre Novellie)

1:26:59 | Aug 18th, 2017

It's the first Edinburgh episode! Pierre Novellie (@pierrenovellie) joins 2/3 of the garbagemen, Riley (@raaleh) and Milo (@milo_edwards) to talk about the past, which we hear is the new future, as time is a flat circle. We talk nostalgia, erotic ill...Show More
Tony the Tapeworm (A Sweet and Good Minisode With the "Boys")

03:28 | Aug 11th, 2017

MINI-SODE ALERT! FULL 'SODE NEXT WEEK! The Garbagemen Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@milo_edwards), and Charlie (a digital hermit) sat down to discuss a lot of the funniest and best takes on the Hellscape of Late Stage Capitalism (tm), but the internet crap...Show More
It Integrates With Your Current Ass System!

1:02:27 | Aug 4th, 2017

The garbagemen are back and boy do we have a mass noun for ourselves. Riley (@raaleh), Milo (@milo_edwards), and Charlie (who doesn't want to be disturbed #online) talk about more wifi connected bullshit, a butt plug that protects you from avalanches...Show More
Cold Chicken Milkshake ft. Dimitri Bakanov

49:23 | Jul 27th, 2017

James done dropped the psuedonym and is just going by his Real Christian Name, Riley, from now on (still @raaleh on twitter). Send me nudes rendered entirely in roses to show your gratitude. Milo (@milo_edwards) and Riley (TRIUMPHANTLY HIS OWN NAME) ...Show More
The Maze Swimmer (ft. Ahir Shah)

1:14:10 | Jul 20th, 2017

James (twitter @raaleh) and Milo (ig @milo_edwards) are back, joined by Ahir Shah (@AhirShah) in James' girlfriends front room to talk about probably the dumbest invention yet, having sex with c3P0, KFC hype, and the brief but storied reggae career o...Show More
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a nerd with a messiah complex!

1:01:08 | Jul 20th, 2017

James (twitter @raaleh) Milo (insta @milo_edwards), and Charlie (twitter @cfppalmer), talk about the wave of megalomania among billionaires, introduce some new characters, and make a serious number of digressions that nearly pre empt us from doing mu...Show More
Amazon Prime Day Got Too Commercial

1:09:41 | Jul 20th, 2017

Comedians James (twitter @raaleh), Milo (insta @milo_edwards), and Charlie (#online on twitter @cfppalmer) assert that they are, collectively, so two thousand and eight, whereas capitalism is so two thousand and late (stage). That joke was very labou...Show More