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Criminology is a true crime podcast that takes a deep dive into some of the most famous cases in the annals of crime. Hosts Mike Ferguson and Mike Morford will give you every details of these infamous crimes. New episodes come out every Saturday nigh...Show More
Ep9 - Zodiac Suspects

47:01 | Oct 8th, 2017

The Zodiac known and potential crimes have been wrapped up in previous episodes. We've also covered the known and potential communication to the police and press. Now it is time to talk about the potential Zodiac suspects. In this part 1 of 2 episode...Show More
Ep1 - A Killer Strikes

49:07 | Aug 13th, 2017

Just before Christmas in 1968, a killer targeted a couple out on their first date sitting in a lover's lane. The senseless murder would shock the quiet town of Vallejo, California and the surrounding areas. What the police and public could not forese...Show More
Special Announcement

05:11 | Dec 19th, 2018

Special announcement from Mike and Mike about what to expect from Criminology in 2019. Support the show.
S4 Ep4 - April Marie Tinsley

1:08:10 | Oct 21st, 2018

In 1988, 8-year-old April Marie Tinsley was abducted and murdered in her hometown of Fort Wayne Indiana. The senseless murder rocked the entire town of Fort Wayne. Investigators struggled to find April's killer even though he left DNA behind. Her kil...Show More
S3 Ep1 - Ted Bundy Part1

58:33 | Aug 5th, 2018

Theodore Bundy was an infamous American serial killer who targeted young females. He is responsible for murdering more than 30 women and girls in the 1970s. Bundy was charming and handsome, and he used these attributes to his advantage in luring his ...Show More
S2 - Bonus episode - Suspect Arrested

1:13:53 | Apr 26th, 2018

A suspect as been arrested in the EAR/GSK case. We wanted to put out a bonus episode to talk about this unbelievable break in the case. We will cover this in more depth as additional details continue to come out.     An Emash Digital Production
S2 Ep1 - The Epicenter of Fear

1:11:30 | Feb 25th, 2018

Criminology is back for Season 2! This season we will doing an in depth look at one of America's most infamous unsolved cases. This predator goes by many names: The East Area Rapist, The Golden State Killer, and the Original Night Stalker. This perso...Show More
Ep10 - Zodiac Suspects Part 2

1:00:53 | Oct 15th, 2017

We continue the discussion on Zodiac suspects in this part 2 episode of the Zodiac suspects. This part 2 focuses some of the lesser known suspects, some of which have developed in recent years. We also discuss some of the various suspects that have r...Show More
Ep4 - A Killer Takes Credit

49:17 | Sep 3rd, 2017

In March of 1970 a woman traveling through California with her 10-month old daughter would have a frightening experience. A man would trick her into thinking something was wrong with her car on the highway. The woman and her baby would be luck to esc...Show More
Ep3 - A Killer Changes His MO

57:44 | Aug 27th, 2017

In this episode we pick up the investigation of the Lake Berryessa attack that we covered in episode 2. There are some very good clues found at the crime scene. A murder of a cab driver in San Francisco appears to be random, most likely committed dur...Show More
Ep2 - A Killer Deciphered

53:54 | Aug 20th, 2017

An unknown killer has attacked two couples in lover's lane situations. 3 of the 4 victims involved died. The 1 surviving victim gave limited details. The killer had initial communications to police taking credit for both attacks. In this episode we f...Show More
Son of Sam Part1

1:05:59 | Aug 11th

The .44-caliber killer, then later known as Son of Sam, David Berkowitz terrorized New York City in 1976 and 1977. He targeted individuals parked in cars on the street. The shootings appeared to police to be random which made it that much tougher for...Show More
The Murders of David and Bobby Phillips

57:18 | Aug 4th

Brothers David and Bobby Phillips were murdered near the Christmas holiday in 1992. Their parents came home to find them dead in the house. But many believe that their murders were a case of mistaken identity and were, in fact, related to the 1991 mu...Show More
Out of the Shadows Preview

31:37 | Aug 1st

If you enjoyed The Keepers documentary on Netflix you have to check out Shane and Gemma on their Out of the Shadows podcast. The podcast follows up on the documentary as they continue the investigation into the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik.
Ep71 - Dorothy Jane Scott

59:48 | Jul 28th

Dorothy Jane Scott was a single mother living in Orange County, CA who vanished in 1980. Her partial remains were found years later at a construction site. Dorothy worked in the back office of a psychedelic/head shop even though, being very religious...Show More
Ep70 - Janette Roberson

55:49 | Jul 21st

In 1983, 27-year-old Janette Roberson's murder rocked the small town of Reed City, Michigan. Janette was murdered in the afternoon while she was working in the basement pet department of a store called Gambles. This was an extremely savage murder. Bu...Show More
Ep69 - Shawn Baur and Scott Fosnaught

51:25 | Jul 14th

Shawn Baur and Scott Fosnaught were great friends who were killed on a rural road in July 2002 after attending a party. Shawn and Scott were about ready to turn sixteen. This week marks the 17-year anniversary of their deaths and the mystery has not ...Show More
Ep68 - The College Coed Mysteries

1:04:06 | Jul 7th

On this episode of Criminology, we are discussing the murder of two college students and the mysterious disappearance of a third. Each case is separated by time and distance but they all have one thing in common; they center around a mystery involvin...Show More
Ep67 - Molly Bish

1:14:08 | Jun 30th

On June 27, 2000, Molly Bish disappeared from her lifeguard post at Comins Pond in Warren, Massachusetts. Molly's mother Magi dropped her off at work that day and was the last known person to see her alive. When people began showing up to swim that d...Show More
Ep66 - Jeffrey MacDonald Pt2

1:15:00 | Jun 23rd

In this episode we are covering part 2 of the Jeffrey MacDonald murder case involving his wife and two daughters. The murders occurred in 1970 while Jeffrey and his family were stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. MacDonald has always maintaine...Show More
Ep65 - Jeffrey MacDonald Pt1

1:07:42 | Jun 16th

We are discussing Jeffrey MacDonald and the MacDonald family murder case on this episode of Criminology. This is the first part of what will likely be 2 episodes on this infamous case. Jeffrey MacDonald was a doctor in the army stationed at Fort Brag...Show More
Introducing Man in the Window

15:09 | Jun 11th

From the partnership that brought you Dirty John, comes Man in the Window. Pulitzer prize winning reporter Paige St. John investigates The Golden State Killer, and traces his path of devastation through the eyes of his victims. Listen now at wondery....Show More
Ep64 - Q & A Episode

1:19:15 | Jun 9th

We have a Q&A episode for this week while we are at CrimeCon. We've been wanting to do one for awhile now and thought CrimeCon week would be perfect. We didn't want to leave our faithful listeners without something to listen to. Join Mike and Morf a...Show More
Ep63 - Andy Atkinson and Cheryl Henry

1:06:04 | Jun 2nd

The 1990 murders of Andy Atkinson and Cheryl Henry in Houston, Texas were particularly brutal. Andy and Cheryl had only known each other briefly but the attraction between the two was immediate and powerful. Cheryl's car was found in a lover's lane t...Show More
Ep62 - The Death of Ellen Greenberg

1:12:28 | May 26th

In this episode, we are discussing the strange and frustrating death of Ellen Greenberg in Philadelphia, PA. In January 2011, this vibrant 27-year-old teacher and bride-to-be was found dead in her apartment with over 20 stab wounds and knife lodged i...Show More
Ep61 - The Reinert Family Murders

58:36 | May 19th

On this episode of Criminology we are discussing the Reinert family murders. Susan Reinert was a 36-year-old English teacher near Philadelphia, PA and mother to an 11-year-old girl named Karen and a 10-year-old boy named Michael. Karen was found brut...Show More
Ep60 - Dale Williams

1:04:07 | May 12th

Almost 20 years ago, just before Memorial Day weekend in 1999, Dale Williams went missing. Dale was a devoted father and husband who vanished from his hometown of Nucla, Colorado. Dale owned an auto body repair shop and apparently received a call to ...Show More
Ep59 - The Green River Killer pt2

1:13:12 | May 5th

This our second and final part on the story of the Green River Killer. Gary Ridgway rocked the United States and the world when it was announced that he was the Green River Killer. He was initially arrested for a small number of murders, but after co...Show More
Ep58 - The Green River Killer Pt1

1:04:55 | Apr 28th

For many years, beginning in the early 1980s, Washington state had a serial killer on their hands. Sex workers went missing at an alarming rate, most of them were picked up around Pacific Highway South and found later, dumped, in the Green River. Thi...Show More
Ep57 - The Golden State Killer 1 Year Later

1:33:11 | Apr 21st

It's hard to believe but it has been a year since the arrest of Joseph J. DeAngelo as the suspected EAR/GSK. I occurred during our long second season of Criminology when we took a deep dive into this case. In this episode, we talk about what has happ...Show More
Ep56 - Mark David Chapman

1:14:40 | Apr 14th

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr of the Beatles took the world by storm. They became one of the most popular and influential bands of all time. Nothing in Mark David Chapman's life seemed to work out like he wanted it to...Show More
Ep55 - The Fish Head Beach Murders

57:00 | Apr 7th

In 2004, Jason Allen and Lindsay Cutshall were a free-spirited couple who had their whole lives ahead of them. They had so much in common. They came from very religious families and their religion played a huge part in their lives. They had both grad...Show More
Ep54 - The Pocatello Babysitter Murders

1:06:34 | Mar 31st

Between 1978 and 1983, four teenage girls disappeared from Pocatello, Idaho. All four were later found deceased. There were similarities between the victims aside from their ages and gender. They all attended the same school. All went missing during ...Show More
Ep53 - The Cruel Writer

59:55 | Mar 24th

Three girls disappeared, each in a different year, in different states and under different circumstances. Deborah Ann Quimby vanished in 1977, Colleen Orsborn in 1984 and Alicia Markovich in 1987. There was nothing to connect the disappearances of th...Show More
Ep52 - The Maurin Murders

55:50 | Mar 17th

In 1985, 81-year-old Ed Maurin and his wife 83-year-old Minnie Maurin were shot to death in Washington State. Their murders shocked and saddened the small community where they lived. Residents were asking themselves who would want to kill this friend...Show More
Ep51 - The Amana Hatchet Murders

1:16:49 | Mar 10th

In 1980, Roger Atkison and Rose Burkert were brutally murdered inside an Amana Holiday Inn room in Williamsburg, Iowa. As the details emerged, police realized that Roger and Rose were hundreds of miles from their homes. Not only that but Roger was ma...Show More
Ep50 - The Mary Morris Murders

56:42 | Mar 3rd

On this 50th episode of Criminology we are talking about the Mary Morris murders. Two women, both named Mary Morris, were murdered in Houston, TX in 2000 just a few days apart. Their killers have never been caught. But this case has fueled speculatio...Show More
Ep49 - Mississippi Burning

1:05:34 | Feb 24th

In the summer of 1964, three civil rights workers went missing in Mississippi. They were in the state working to help African Americans get registered to vote. Their station wagon was found burned and then their bodies were found after a 44 day searc...Show More
Ep48 - The Delphi Murders

1:08:52 | Feb 17th

13-year-old Abby Williams and 14-year-old Libby German went missing on February 13, 2017. The two friends were out hiking and their families became worried when they didn't show to be picked up. After an extensive search their bodies were found the v...Show More
Ep47 - Maura Murray Part2

1:14:32 | Feb 10th

In our part 2 episode on the disappearance of Maura Murray, we talk with Tim and Lance from The Missing Maura Murray podcast. They give us additional insight into the case using the information they have learned over their years of covering this case...Show More
Ep46 - Maura Murray Part1

52:37 | Feb 3rd

Maura Murray was a 21-year-old nursing student at the University of Massachusetts. On February 9th, 2004, she crashed her car on a secluded road in New Hampshire and has not been seen or heard from since. The events surrounding the night of her disap...Show More
Ep45 - Jayme Closs

54:18 | Jan 27th

On October 15, 2018, in Barron Wisconsin, the unthinkable happened. An armed intruder entered the home of James and Denise Closs. He murdered James and Denise and kidnapped their daughter, 13-year-old Jayme. The story made headlines around the world....Show More
Ep44 - The Church Murders of Rev. Carol Daniels and Terri "Missy" Bevers

50:29 | Jan 20th

In this episode we're discussing the murders of Reverend Carol Daniels and Terri "Missy" Bevers. Daniels was brutally murdered inside the church where she preached each Sunday. Terri "Missy" Bevers, a fitness instructor, was murdered inside a church ...Show More
Ep43 - The Murders of Tommy Vickery and Teresa Cronic

47:43 | Jan 13th

In May of 1983, Tommy Vickery and Teresa Lynn Cronic were found shot to death in Tommy's McDonough, GA home. This was a small town back then with a population of around 3,000 people. Tommy Vickery got involved in the drug trade and consorted with uns...Show More
Ep42 - Mikelle Biggs

49:55 | Jan 6th

On this first episode of 2019, we're discussing the disappearance of 11-year-old Mikelle Biggs. Mikelle disappeared near her home in Mesa, Arizona 20 years ago. Mikelle's sister Kimber was outside with her that day that she vanished. We'll hear from ...Show More
Introducing Assassinations

37:45 | Nov 29th, 2018

In this commercial-free episode, catch a special preview of the new podcast, Assassinations from the Parcast Network. Included is part 1 of the JFK assassination.  Subscribe to Assassinations here  Find the Parcast Network here Support the show.
S4 Ep8 - Christy Mirack

1:01:27 | Nov 18th, 2018

In this final episode of season 4, we discuss the 1992 murder of 25-year-old school teacher Christy Mirack in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We also examine the investigation and the genetic genealogy that, years later, would help identify her killer. W...Show More
S4 Ep7 - Holly Cassano, Michella Welch, and Jennifer Bastian

51:40 | Nov 11th, 2018

In this episode, we are profiling more cases solved in 2018 through the use of DNA and genetic genealogy. We discuss the 2009 murder of 22-year-old Holly Cassano in Mahomet, IL. We also discuss two cases somewhat connected in Tacoma Washington. 12...Show More
S4 EP 6 Joseph Newton Chandler, Buckskin Girl, and Lyle Stevik

1:11:24 | Nov 4th, 2018

In this episode of Criminology, we discuss 3 different cases where identities were matched after many years using genetic genealogy. The cases of Joseph Newton Chandler, Lyle Stevik, and Buckskin girl prove that DNA and genetic genealogy are being us...Show More
S4 EP5 - Robert Eugene Brashers

48:33 | Oct 28th, 2018

Robert Eugene Brashers began murdering in 1985 as he drifted from state to state. Police had his DNA but he never made their radar since he wasn't in any database. His murderous ways ended in 1999 when he died in a stand-off with police. But it wo...Show More
S4 Ep3 - The Murders of Jay Cook and Tanya Van Cuylenborg

50:51 | Oct 14th, 2018

In 1987, 20-year-old Jay Cook and 18-year-old Tanya Van Cuylenborg were murdered on a trip from Victoria British Columbia to Seattle Washington. Police investigated the case for years but could not solve it. They had DNA evidence but no suspect to ma...Show More
S4 Ep2 - Genealogy Meets Science

56:03 | Oct 7th, 2018

We continue to explore the new DNA and forensic genealogy technics that are being used to solve cold cases. We're laying the groundwork, giving you all of the information you need ahead of the cases we'll be covering this season. In this episode, ...Show More
S4 Ep1 - A new era in crime fighting

51:33 | Sep 30th, 2018

Forensic genealogy has ushered in a new era in crime fighting. Season 4 of Criminology is all about cases solved in 2018 using forensic genealogy techniques and databases to match old DNA to suspects. GedMatch and Parabon are names that have been in ...Show More
02 - Charles Horvath

1:06:16 | Sep 16th, 2018

Charles Horvath went missing in 1989 while backpacking across Canada. His mother, Denise Horvath-Allan, has been searching for him for 29 years
01 - The San Francisco Witch Killers

1:19:12 | Sep 2nd, 2018

We're discussing the case known as the San Francisco Witch Killers. It’s an interesting case in which mental illness, drugs, and the twisted beliefs of Jim Carson and Susan Barnes converge and leave a trail of murder victims along the way. In additio...Show More
S3 Ep4 - Ted Bundy Part 4

1:44:07 | Aug 26th, 2018

In this fourth and last episode of our Ted Bundy series, we close it out by talking with some Bundy experts and authors. They are able to provide some amazing insight into the infamous serial killer.You can help support the show at patreon.com/crimin...Show More
S3 Ep3 - Ted Bundy Part 3

1:26:57 | Aug 19th, 2018

Ted Bundy was an infamous American serial killer who targeted young females. In this third episode, we discuss Bundy's murders in Florida including those he committed at the Chi Omega sorority house. We dive into his capture and eventual execution. B...Show More
S3 Ep2 - Ted Bundy Part 2

1:03:04 | Aug 12th, 2018

Ted Bundy was an infamous American serial killer who targeted young females. In this second episode, we dive further into the murders committed by Bundy and the methods he used to lure his victims. We also discuss his life in politics. As the number ...Show More
The Murder in My Family Invite

02:12 | Jul 14th, 2018

A promo for Morf's new podcast The Murder In My Family.
The Murder in my Family Preview episode

01:17 | Jun 11th, 2018

Mike ‘Morf’ Morford co-host of Criminology invites you to check out his brand new true crime podcast, The Murder In My Family featuring a single murder case in each episode, and an interview with a family member of the victim. You can subscribe on iT...Show More
S2 Ep15 - The Golden State Killer

1:57:10 | Jun 3rd, 2018

In this final episode of season 2 we take a look at the background and timeline of the arrested suspect Joseph J. DeAngelo.  We have multiple interviews with people who interacted with DeAngelo, one man who worked with him for many years. He sheds in...Show More
S2 Ep14 - The Original Nightstalker

1:36:28 | May 27th, 2018

In this episode we are focusing the last two murders committed in the EAR/ONS/GSK series. We are joined by family members who provide insight into the victims, the details of the crimes, and the aftermath. The connections between the East Area Rapist...Show More
S2 Ep13 - The Orange County Killer

51:31 | May 20th, 2018

We start off this episode giving an update on the 2nd court appearance of the suspect Joseph J DeAngelo. Then we continue with the murders committed by the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer. He strikes next in Orange County murdering a young coupl...Show More
Introducing The Wonderland Murders

03:17 | May 17th, 2018

The Wonderland Murders takes you on journey back to the drug- and sex-fueled world of 1970s L.A. all building to brutal multiple murder just off the Sunset Strip. You can hear the first two episodes right now by searching for The Wonderland Murders o...Show More
S2 Ep12 - The Diamond Knot Killer

52:47 | May 13th, 2018

A double murder occurs in an affluent neighborhood of Ventura California. The press would dub the suspect "The Diamond Knot Killer" because of the intricate knots he used to bind his victims. It wouldn't be until years later that police would figure ...Show More
S2 Ep11 - The Creek Killer

56:48 | May 6th, 2018

The East Area Rapist moves to Southern California and becomes known as The Original Night Stalker and later The Golden State Killer.  We start to talk about the murders that this individual committed in Southern California. But at the same time we ha...Show More
S2 Ep10 - The East Area Rapist Vanishes

57:38 | Apr 29th, 2018

The arrest of a suspect in this case has grabbed the world's attention like nothing we've seen recently in the world of true crime. And like all of you, we'll be glued to the events as they unfold. But, we still have a ways to go in our coverage of t...Show More
S2 Ep9 - The Homework

58:49 | Apr 22nd, 2018

In this 9th episode of Season 2 we delve into more crimes commited by the EAR/GSK. We hear from a victim that has chosen for the first time to publicly come forward to talk about her ordeal. We hear more from some of the detectives that worked the ca...Show More
S2 Ep8 - EAR targets Modesto and Davis

1:18:59 | Apr 15th, 2018

Episode 8 brings with it more attacks by the East Area Rapist. He had terrorized Sacramento County. He had struck in Stockton. Many residents outside of this area were not as fearful, thinking it would not happen in their town. But when EAR attacks i...Show More
S2 Ep7 - The Air Force Couple

1:50:43 | Apr 8th, 2018

In episode 7, we dive into some additional communication that may be from the East Area Rapist. There is a call we'll play that was made to the Sacramento PD. What may be the first written communication by EAR is sent to multiple outlets. And he cont...Show More
Introducing Felonious Florida

08:32 | Apr 3rd, 2018

Leave behind the beaches, the theme parks and the tropical breezes. This is the dark side of the Sunshine State. Listen to Felonious Florida on Apple podcasts, wherever you’re listening to this or go to wondery.fm/criminology
S2 Ep6 - EAR's Youngest Victim Speaks

2:04:05 | Apr 1st, 2018

The EAR is still on the loose and terrorizing Sacramento County. But he will move out of his home area and strike fear in Stockton, California.  In this episode we talk to a number of people associated to the case. We speak with Detective Sgt. Ken Cl...Show More
S2 Ep5 - Roots in Visalia?

1:25:54 | Mar 25th, 2018

The East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer has been terrorizing the citizens of Sacramento county. We talk about additional attacks to start this episode. There were a number of sightings of strange people in different neighborhoods, some posing as met...Show More
S2 Ep4 - Tracking the MO of a Predator

1:10:23 | Mar 18th, 2018

The East Area Rapist / Golden State Killer continues to terrorize Sacramento county. As the attacks begin to mount it becomes evident that the specifics of each, as well as the descriptions of the attacker are similar. But the attacker does begin to ...Show More
S2 Ep3 - A Monster Terrorizes

1:16:12 | Mar 11th, 2018

The story of the East Area Rapist / Golden State Killer continues in this episode 3 of Season 2 of Criminology. The unidentified rapist continues to terrorize women all over Sacramento county. His tactics are brazen and oftentimes bizarre.  Join Mike...Show More
S2 Ep2 - A Victim Speaks Out

1:37:05 | Mar 4th, 2018

In this second episode of season 2 of Criminology you are going to hear from various people associated with this case. Jane Carson Sandler was the 5th victim of the monster and she joins us to talk about her experience and how her life was changed. Y...Show More
S2 - Introduction episode

07:24 | Feb 18th, 2018

This is the introduction episode for season 2 of the Criminology podcast. Mike Ferguson and Mike Morford will unveil the topic for the second season and talk about what you can expect to hear as it unfolds.  We also have a sample of the type of audio...Show More
Ep12 - Season 1 Zodiac Finale

1:21:17 | Oct 29th, 2017

This is the finale episode of season 1 of Criminology and the end of the Zodiac series. We have a couple of great interviews in this episode. We discuss the effect of Zodiac on pop culture, the books, and the movies that have been made over the years...Show More
Ep11 - Zodiac Ciphers Conversation

58:16 | Oct 22nd, 2017

In this episode we take a deeper dive into Zodiac's Cipher communications. Dave Oranchak joins us to provide greater insight into the ciphers. Why was the 408 cipher solved while subsequent ciphers were not? What were the differences between them all...Show More
Ep8 - A Killer's Epilogue

46:12 | Oct 1st, 2017

In this eighth episode of season 1 of Criminology we continue to explore both confirmed and unconfirmed Zodiac activity. This includes possible early murders as well as additional correspondence.  Join Mike and Morf as they continue the discussion on...Show More
Ep7 - Looking In Lake Tahoe

39:59 | Sep 24th, 2017

In this episode we explore the aftermath of the discovery of Zodiac's Riverside connection being exposed. There are a number of incidents that could be related to the Zodiac and we discuss those in detail. Zodiac would even resume his correspondence ...Show More
Ep6 - Zodiac's Riverside Roots Examined

43:48 | Sep 17th, 2017

In this examine we continue the examination into Zodiac's connection with the murder of Cheri Jo Bates in Riverside, CA. We dissect the letter that was mailed to both the police and the paper about a month after Cheri's death. Then we discuss a poem ...Show More
Ep5 - The Riverside Connection

40:35 | Sep 10th, 2017

In this episode we talk about the tip which leads Paul Avery down the path of investigating a murder in Riverside which could be connected to Zodiac. If it is, it's very possible that this could be his first murder. In 1966 a college freshman named C...Show More
S1 - Introduction

08:33 | Jul 27th, 2017

Introduction episode for a new true crime podcast called Criminology. Criminology delivers every detail of an infamous true crime case told over the span of 8-10 episodes. Mike Ferguson and Mike Moreford are the hosts of Criminology and will be bring...Show More