What Really Happened?

S3 [14] Anna Delvey, “The Heiress”

48:05 | Dec 11th, 2019

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Rachel DeLoache Williams made a new friend named Anna Delvey. Anna came from a wealthy German family, lived in a New York City hotel, and was starting an ambitious foundation. But when a trip abroad g...Show More


mm recommended:Dec 17th, 2019

About the faux NYC socialite con artist Anna Delvey, directly narrated by her Vogue photographer friend who got scammed. Raises good questions about how we celebrate glamorous scammers and other criminals as entertainment when it’s clearly wrong, and now those criminals are profiting off of their wr...Show More

aliceko recommended:Dec 23rd, 2019

I don't know I was so fascinated by the story of con artist Anna Delvey. Maybe it's because I lived in NYC myself and cannot believe that somebody would have the courage and craziness to actually attempt and live in all the high-end hotels without paying a penny? This was a really interesting perspe...Show More

danny recommended:Dec 12th, 2019

Such a fantastic story of a con artist (which is becoming my guilty pleasure). Really cool how it was edited too.

oliviawongDec 12th, 2019

@danny wild!

mmDec 12th, 2019

@oliviawong If you liked this episode, check out this take-down of the Anna Delvey scandal by comedians. It's the second half of this episode. It's probably one of the funniest episodes I've listened to. https://podyssey.fm/episode/id4956022-Scam-Heiress-Anna-Sorokin-with-Paul-F-Tompkins-Scam-Godde...Show More


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