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Reply All is a lot of things: a podcast about the internet, a team of journalists solving mysteries, Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt chatting with each other, and even super tech support for listeners. There’s something about this combination that just hits the sweet spot. But with host PJ Vogt stepping down from the show after allegations he contributed to a toxic workplace, and the show going on hiatus, it’s unclear what will happen to the beloved podcast.

If you’re trying to find podcasts similar to Reply All to help fill the void in your podcast feed, check out this list, curated with the help of Podyssey’s community of podcast lovers. Whether you’re looking for more podcasts about tech and internet culture, more deep dives down interesting rabbit holes, or a bit of both, we think you’ll find your next favorite show to binge.

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Best Podcasts like Reply All

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Podcasts About Tech and Internet Culture


The podcast that most encapsulates Reply All’s combination of host banter and internet mystery investigations is Underunderstood. Each week, the four hosts find a question the internet can’t answer — What happened to the McFlurry? What is actor Jeff Goldblum’s secret tattoo? — and use their sleuthing powers and curiosity to solve the mystery. Like Reply All, their episodes follow a part-talk-show, part-documentary format that creates the perfect vessel for fun and interesting deep dives.


Select Works

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Endless Thread

Have you ever wanted to know more about the interesting communities and rabbit holes of Reddit? Endless Thread — produced by WBUR and Reddit itself — uses the forum as a jumping off point to explore interesting narratives and cultural phenomena that have proliferated on the site. The episodes can be fun — in one the team gets to the bottom of a popular post from a Redditor who asked “I've been hired to make a tuxedo for a llama and I don't have its measurements” — but others cover serious topics like anti-vaxxers and Nazi history. All in all there are a lot of interesting episodes to discover.

Endless Thread

WBUR and Reddit

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Why’d You Push That Button?

If you think about it, there are so many little decisions we make every day about how we interact with the internet: Do you turn on read receipts on your phone? Do you have a close friends list on Instagram? Do you slide into people’s DMs? These are the questions that hosts Ashley Carman and Kaitlyn Tiffany explore in this podcast from The Verge. The way they go about digging into these cultural practices is delightful — a combination of interviewing experts, journalists, friends, and even younger siblings — ultimately creating a time capsule of our current relationship with the internet.

Why'd You Push That Button?

The Verge

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Wild Wild Tech

The name of this podcast, Wild Wild Tech, is incredibly accurate. Somehow each week, hosts Jordan Erica Webber and Joshua Rivera manage to find wilder and wilder stories about how tech shapes culture, and vice versa. We’re talking AI sex robots, websites that can identify serial killers, people who sell human bones on Instagram, the US army using video games to recruit soldiers — this podcast is full of fascinating stories you won’t hear anywhere else.

Wild Wild Tech


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Darknet Diaries

If you liked the Reply All Long Distance episodes and want to learn more about the darker side of the internet, check out Darknet Diaries, hosted by security veteran Jack Rhysider. The stories told in this podcast have high stakes: hackers trying to steal $1 billion from a bank, the U.S. military hacking ISIS, and cyber wars waged against whole countries. Like many of the best Reply All episodes, Darknet Diaries will leave you feeling vulnerable to the more dangerous side of the internet.

Darknet Diaries

Jack Rhysider

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Prime(d) is a deep dive into stories about Amazon and the way it has changed the world as we know it. From the Ring doorbell camera to Alexa to Prime delivery, the Prime(d) hosts speak to insiders and experts about these technologies that have become the testing grounds for ethical issues around labor, privacy, and the future.


KUOW News and Information


Rabbit Hole

michelle_ebooks recommended:Aug 7th, 2020

finally let myself get submerged into this rabbit hole and boy has it been a journey. i recommend diving deep into the whole series in a straight binge. as someone who grew up on the internet, and see the good and especially the bad impacts of media, i love this critical reporting that looks into ho...Show More

One: Wonderland

by Rabbit Hole

Note to Self

epekilis recommended:Aug 10th, 2020

Stanford has graduate classes to teach its genius IT engineering students the psychology of online addiction to enable them to build ever more addictive programs. And make no mistake, the anxiety that a teen feels about Snapchat streaks and how many seconds it takes somebody to open their Snap is ve...Show More

A Different Kind of Streaking

by Note to Self

Podcasts Investigating Mysteries and Rabbit Holes

Mystery Show

Starlee King’s podcast Mystery Show will go down in history as one of the most interesting podcast projects ever. It was unfortunately cancelled by Gimlet after just one season, but the six episodes that were made are outstanding for their curiosity, warmth, and Starlee’s immediate chemistry with every single person she talks to — including Jake Gyllenhaal. In each episode, Starlee vows to solve a mystery whose answer can’t be found on the internet: a fascinating belt buckle, a book read by Britney Spears, a licence plate that seems to say “I love 9/11.” Along the way, she manages to elicit so much beauty from small moments and people she meets. This podcast is a must-listen.

Mystery Show


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Decoder Ring

There are cultural moments that take the world by storm, from Baby Shark to the killer clowns panic, but why do these cultural phenomena catch hold? And why do they matter? Decoder Ring is a podcast from Slate that looks into the history of these cultural artifacts and talks to experts to help decode their meaning and relevance. If you’re interested in the oddities of pop culture, this podcast is for you.

Decoder Ring


+91 FANS


Radiolab is one of the OG storytelling podcasts, and it’s renowned for its unique production style and in-depth reporting on questions like: What are colours? How do we assign blame? And even, how are babies made? Whether you like cultural rabbit holes, science stories, history, politics, or a bit of everything, there’s a huge back catalogue of episodes to dive into!


WNYC Studios

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You’re Wrong About

Journalists Michael Hobbes and Sarah Marshall revisit historical events and figures that have been misremembered: Bill Clinton’s impeachment, the Satanic Panic, the O.J. Simpson trial. Often, their stories centre maligned female figures like Anna Nicole Smith and Tanya Harding. Like the Reply All hosts, Michael and Sarah have delightful chemistry and make each other laugh, but the episodes are always extremely well-researched.

You're Wrong About

Michael Hobbes & Sarah Marshall

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99% Invisible

99% Invisible explores the power of design to shape our world. Each week, the team creates well-produced and meaningful stories out of the things we so often take for granted — libraries, architecture, airplane safety cards — and reveal so much more than we could have imagined about their history, importance, and impact.

99% Invisible

Roman Mars

+1550 FANS

Brought to you by…

cesarm recommended:Jun 18th, 2019

One of the most interesting stories you have not heard. This episode reminds me of what Reply All used to be.

35: You've got Enron mail!

by Brought to you by...

This American Life

oiamandina recommended:Aug 22nd, 2020

A fascinating and timely collection of stories that will put you face to face with 3 big questions. How do humans respond to inequality? What is fairness? And perhaps the most intriguing question, How do you win?

713: Made to Be Broken

by This American Life

The Cut

rmmiller364 recommended:May 8th, 2020

This episode just played on all of my fears. I also thought that Lyft was “the good” ride sharing company, but this makes it clear that they all have safety issues. Warning: This episode is so important to listen to, but it does include descriptions of rape.

Your Driver is Here

by The Cut


hsfargis recommended:Apr 17th, 2020

Beautiful episode! A woman, named Joy, is blessed (or maybe cursed?) with the ability to smell if someone is sick, years before they show any symptoms. It has a profound effect on her life.

An Unlikely Superpower

by Invisibilia

The Sporkful

mm recommended:Jun 7th, 2019

I loved this fun and funny episode so much about NYTimes’ food critic! Loved hearing the “forensic” look into food where you eat something bad over again and again to figure out what went wrong with it, “power dynamics” of food critics vs restauranteurs, how to write opinion on food, what happens wh...Show More

Going Undercover With NY Times Restaurant Critic Pete Wells

by The Sporkful

What Really Happened?

aliceko recommended:Dec 23rd, 2019

I don't know I was so fascinated by the story of con artist Anna Delvey. Maybe it's because I lived in NYC myself and cannot believe that somebody would have the courage and craziness to actually attempt and live in all the high-end hotels without paying a penny? This was a really interesting perspe...Show More

S3 [14] Anna Delvey, “The Heiress”

by What Really Happened?

Planet Money

namu recommended:Jun 9th, 2020

A fascinating combination of investigative journalism and storytelling on podcast format. Planet Money molded events in understandable and logical sequence that I didn’t get distracted while listening, which is pretty rare. To be honest, I admire how much legal hoops they went through to buy some ...Show More

J. Screwed

by Planet Money

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Best Podcasts like Reply All

20 podcasts

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