The Boring Talks

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Behind every boring subject is another layer of boringness you could have never imagined. Presenter: James Ward Updated: Weekly

01:57 | Feb 27th, 2019

James Ward says thank you for listening to series two and chooses the best numbers from each of the talks. Presenter: James Ward Producer: Luke Doran

13:20 | Feb 25th, 2019

Can a doormat actually increase the value of your property by £30k? Alex Baxevanis explains all in his study of the doormats from his block of flats. Presenter: James Ward Contributor: Alex Baxevanis...Show More
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15:06 | Feb 18th, 2019

Just off the Markham Exit on the A1 motorway lies an architectural wonder. Ed Carter shares his love for an unusual roadside roof, with help from a whistle or two. Presenter: James Ward Contributor: ...Show More

25:08 | Feb 11th, 2019

The neuroscientist Sophie Scott takes a close listen to the long 'silent' gap on the Watergate Tapes. Buzz. Click. Buzz. Click. Buzz. Presenter: James Ward Contributor: Sophie Scott Producer: Luke Do...Show More

18:58 | Feb 4th, 2019

From the 'eye of Sauron' building, to a deserted London town. The designer Hannah Cameron takes a walk back through the buildings that shaped her time living in China's biggest city. Presenter: James...Show More
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