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28:49 | Jun 30th, 2019

Netflix chef and author of 'Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat', Samin Nosrat says anyone can learn to cook delicious food. Samin shares a life of food memories with Sheila Dillon. Presented by Sheila Dillon Prod...Show More
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Reassuring to hear this from a chef of Samin's calibre

27:55 | Mar 4th, 2019

CBD Gummies, CBD croissants, CBD coffee, CBD pesto, CBD beer... CBD is everywhere. Presenter Charlotte Smith tells the story of how this oil from cannabis that doesn’t get you high is becoming the bi...Show More
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Good overview of CBD in food products in the UK. 5 min mark: - Young boy who took CBD that helped with epilepsy, which has raised CBD prof...Show More

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28:20 | Jun 11th, 2017

Think beer. Think boys with beards? Think again. The last time Sheila Dillon reported on the women in British beer, in 2013, she met Sara Barton head brewer at Brewster's brewery in Lincolnshire. At t...Show More

28:53 | Mar 29th

One of the unexpected side-effects of dealing with cancer can be how it impacts relationships with food and eating. The various treatments can take away both appetite, and the ability to eat and enjo...Show More

28:42 | Mar 22nd

As the government updates its plans for coronavirus, Dan Saladino answers your food questions.
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