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Podyssey Picks (Nov 1): Top Community Recommendations

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Here’s this week’s roundup of top podcasts and playlist recommendations from the Podyssey community! In anticipation of election day, we’ve rounded up three salacious presidential stories in a new podcast deep dive. Also, check out our partner podcast Sinica Podcast about what’s *really* happening in China. Lastly, did we hear something about Podyssey merch dropping soon? Find out below!

Hikers continuously disappear without explanation. Are these animal attacks or kidnappings?

Harvard medical school paid people to steal bodies from graves...then their largest donor goes missing after a visit.

For more spooky listens, check out this playlist:

Spooky Listens from CBC Podcasts

11 episodes

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This is where birds go to die.

vertebrats recommended:Oct 25th

A question you don't think to ask, but I admire how they answered it. Very well written episode, neither too clinical nor sentimental. Great work as always from BirdNote

Where Birds Go to Die

by BirdNote

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Re-live the Dot Com era with this new podcast.

jhawthorne recommended:Oct 20th

Entertaining stories about the rise and fall of dot.coms

Netscape: The First Fleck of Gold

by Go For Broke

The classic children’s book, Goodnight Moon, was banned from the New York public library.

monamok recommended:Oct 30th

As a parent who has read this book to their kiddos, it was so interesting to hear the social context of this book and people who you wouldn’t imagine excluding it from libraries. Super recommended!

415- Goodnight Nobody

by 99% Invisible

Love libraries? Listen to this playlist from a Podyssey member who got married at a library!

This one’s for library lovers

7 episodes

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Coco Chanel was a Nazi.

rmmiller364 recommended:Oct 29th

I feel very ignorant right now because I had NO IDEA that Coco Chanel was a Nazi collaborator. Wow, podcasts teach me so much.

55. Women At War 3: The Collaborator (Coco Chanel)

by The Land of Desire: French History and Culture

Explore animal vaginas with this hilarious British comedy pod.

tvidatko recommended:Oct 29th

Today I've binged several episodes of 'The Boring Talks' podcast and let me tell you: Duck's vaginas are really something! 🦆

Boring Talks #29 - Animal Vaginas

by The Boring Talks

This serial killer hunts his victims like animals — Hunger Games style.

✨ Podcast Partner Spotlight: Sinica Podcast

A weekly discussion of current affairs in China. Whether you’re an armchair Sinophile or a decision maker in boardrooms or embassies, get informed and entertained on all that is happening in modern China.

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👉 Episode Feature: How does censorship actually work in China? Expert Molly Roberts takes a deep, data-driven look at the way that internet censorship functions, and how it impacts Chinese internet users.

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