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04:27 | Feb 7th

A full year after the King James Bible was printed in 1631, people discovered an error.

06:12 | Dec 13th

Serving as special counsel is probably only the third hardest job Robert Mueller has held. His life in public service started when he just 23 years old, as a Marine lieutenant in the Vietnam War.
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07:11 | Dec 12th

Growing up in Somalia, a country where stories are handed down through generations, one of the first tales that children are told is about an ancient queen who fought to give women power by castrating men.

04:16 | Dec 11th

During World War I, British nurse Flora Sandes put down her nurses bag to fight with the Serbian Army.

06:18 | Dec 10th

He thought being drafted into the National Football League was so unlikely that he signed with an African American league team. Then, the NFL called.
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