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Hi, I’m Dax Shepard, and I love talking to people. I am endlessly fascinated by the messiness of being human, and I find people who are vulnerable and honest about their struggles and shortcomings to be incredibly sexy. I invite you to join me as I e...Show More


1:59:49 | May 6th, 2019

Hasan Minhaj (The Daily Show, Homecoming King, Patriot Act) is an American comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor, and television host. Hasan sits down with the Armchair Expert to di...Show More
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Still binge-ing on Hasan Minhaj episodes, some new stuff in this one.

1:45:19 | Mar 5th

BJ Fogg is an author and social science research associate at Stanford. BJ sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss his approach to changing behavior, growing up in the Mormon faith and his new b...Show More
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Dax has been hosting amazing guests, but has been leaning into academics lately. This podcast about building Tiny Habits (BJ's book) will ha...Show More

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1:40:03 | Feb 6th

Chris Voss is an American businessman, author, and professor. Voss is a former FBI hostage negotiator, the CEO of The Black Swan Group Ltd, and co-author of the book, Never Split the Difference. Chris...Show More
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Chris Voss' voice is so darn soothing and his expertise on "everyday life negotiations" is so compelling thanks to his amazing FBI field sto...Show More

1:58:14 | Jan 9th

Ronan Farrow is an American journalist. Ronan sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss his childhood growing up among 10 siblings, the discomfort of having a public family and his commitment to u...Show More
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I am listening to this episode right now. It’s a very interesting conversation. But I do wish they had read the book before the interview.

2:01:18 | Nov 4th, 2019

Kate Hudson (Almost Famous, How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days) and Oliver Hudson (Nashville, Splitting Up Together) are American actor/producer siblings. The two sit down with the Armchair Expert to discus...Show More
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