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Should we burn our recycling?

27:19 | Jan 3rd

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The vast majority of our plastic isn’t being recycled. It might be time to consider lighting it on fire. (Transcript here.)


samantha recommended:Jan 13th

Ack! Just got to stop! Cost of plastic should include cost of throwing it away. Less plastic, less oil, less military, more education, more healthcare, less poverty, less crime, more freedom.

mmJan 13th

@samantha Do they charge where you are? Where I am there’s now a recycling fee for plastic bottles, cartons, bags and soon single-use items.

mm recommended:Jan 4th

Think that when you throw plastics in the recycling bin, you're doing good for the environment? Actually no. It's worse than dumping it in the trash. There's so much about recycling that I have to unlearn. The best way to avoid having to recycle plastics? Zero-waste.

mmJan 4th

@danny We might not be any better by throwing plastic in recycling bin 😢

jnkJan 4th

@mm 99% Invisible also did a stellar (and depressing) episode on recycling not too long ago that did make me re-evaluate what I put in the trash

jnkJan 4th

@mm and by not too long ago, I mean episode 341 in Feb 2019 (oops)

mmJan 4th

@jnkay Found it! Leaving the link to the episode here in case others are interested: Thanks for the recommendation. Will take a listen :)

molinosJan 8th

@mm I come to recomend this episode just to find that you had already did it. It is a very very good story that makes us think about why we recycle, and how recycling is more a kind of "oh, I'm doing a good thing" than another thing. There's also a very very good episode of Throughline about the his...Show More

mmJan 9th

@molinos You should totally recommend it anyway since everyone’s home feed gets refreshed frequently and good episodes with important topics like this should climb the top charts too! Plastic recycling is definitely one of those “I’m doing a good thing” like you say whereas it really should be abou...Show More

michelle_ebooks recommended:Jan 3rd

great historical context on recycling! and more on how we are taught to think about recycling is all a myth 😢😢😢) china stopped accepting all our plastic and the US is in full plastic recycling crisis, although we were already in full plastic crisis. hear the long journey of recycling plastics w...Show More

mmJan 3rd

I was literally *just* going to listen to this. And now I'm more excited, because you recommended it!

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