Help I Sexted My Boss

Help I Sexted My Boss

Life is full of personal calamities. Thankfully, William Hanson and Jordan North are here to help you navigate the daily struggles of modern life. Well, most of the time... Despite being best friends, William and Jordan’s lives couldn’t be more diffe...Show More

12:23 | Nov 14th

Jo keeps a massive secret from her boyfriend - she records him for a podcast that he has no idea exists. So her problem for William and Jordan is pretty simple - should she tell him? And if so... how?! For information regarding your data privacy, vi...Show More

36:29 | Nov 12th

After their recent performance at the Manchester Podcast Festival, William and Jordan release this edited version of their on-stage show. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
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33:11 | Nov 5th

Producer Ben is back to oversee quite possibly the funniest episode of the series so far. Hard to say if it's definitely true, but for the person who writes these descriptions it's definitely true. William and Jordan tackle lots of problems associate...Show More

39:06 | Oct 29th

William and Jordan are let loose to record a podcast on their own as poor Producer Ben has set off on holiday for the week. When left on their own it was William who stepped up to the plate to write the script, Jordan who shared his new favourite cho...Show More

30:18 | Oct 22nd

It's another week of William and Jordan helping you with your modern day dilemmas, including a lesson on how to speak Burnley and what to if you want to put someone else's funny messages on your socials. For information regarding your data privacy, ...Show More
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