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Bad Medicine

The Sketch Nerds podcast is a conversation about our favorite sketch comedy. Our hosts chat with people from comedy theaters, festivals, schools and other sketch groups in order to breakdown a sketch to figure out what works, what doesn't and why. If...Show More

42:07 | Apr 16th, 2018

Episode 7 of the Sketch Nerds podcast features actress Leila Drici and we chat about “Concerning Language” by A Bit of Fry & Laurie and “Tom Brokaw Pre-Tapes” by Saturday Night Live. Sketch Nerds is a...Show More

loopaleep recommended:

I was saying "Gerald Ford" for days after this. Such a great sketch.

34:02 | Jan 24th

Episode 48 features Sam Stralak and Mike Robertson of Canadian sketch comedy posse, Marv n' Berry. We chat about "112th Annual Baby of the Year" from I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson. Sketch...Show More

loopaleep recommended:

Cool Canadians talking about sketch comedy.

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56:37 | Nov 13th, 2019

Episode 47 features Chloe and Lane Ingram of Chlane. We chat about "The Denise Show: Five Weeks After" and "War Party" by Saturday Night Live. Listen to Sketch Nerds wherever you get your comedy podca...Show More

34:21 | Oct 16th, 2019

Episode 46 features Cassia Ward of The "Responsible" "Adults". We chat about SketchFest Seattle and "Paper Towels" by Kiss On The Lips. Listen to Sketch Nerds wherever you get your podcasts or visit B...Show More

57:09 | Oct 2nd, 2019

Episode 45 features Amy Vance of Brick Penguin. We chat about "The Falconer" by Saturday Night Live and "What 'The Sex Talk' Looks Like Now" by Alternatino with Arturo Castro. Listen to Sketch Nerds w...Show More
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