Influencers: Frauds or the Future of Online Commerce?

23:53 | Jun 6th, 2019

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Instagram influencers are beloved by fans and mocked by critics, but is there more to influencing than meets the eye? A look at what a growing industry can teach us about the future of life online.Lea...Show More


mm recommended:Dec 27th, 2019

Really interesting look into the influencer economy. Is this the new American Dream or a pipe dream that leads to shaky employment situations?

jspinelle recommended:Jun 8th, 2019

This episode asks some very important questions questions about influencers and online life more broadly. I see a lot of parallels to the struggles of social media influences and burgeoning podcasters.

mmDec 27th, 2019

@jspinelle So many parallels between influencers and podcasters, but instead of IG images, it’s audio.

jspinelleDec 27th, 2019

@mm Yes! I hadn’t thought about that when I listened initially, but it makes total sense now that you bring it up!

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