The Wilderness

Crooked Media, Two-Up

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The Wilderness is a documentary from Crooked Media and Two-Up about the history and future of the Democratic Party. Pod Save America’s Jon Favreau tells the story of a party finding its way out of the political wilderness through conversations with s...Show More

52:28 | Aug 20th, 2018

How can Democrats avoid conventional thinking on foreign policy? A discussion about what a new era of American leadership might look like. Learn more: The Wilderness w...Show More

aboudreaux recommended:

Such a well produced, informative pod about the Democratic party!

51:06 | Jan 13th

How can grassroots organizers flip a red state? We talk to women who are trying to turn Pennsylvania blue and defeat Susan Collins, and sit down with a focus group of disaffected Democrats outside of ...Show More
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42:14 | Jan 13th

What can the 2018 midterms teach us about 2020? A deep dive into how the Blue Wave shapes the race against Donald Trump and the path to 270.

03:41 | Jan 6th

Jon Favreau looks for the path to victory in 2020 by talking to voters, strategists, organizers, and candidates in the battleground states that will decide the election.

02:31 | Oct 31st, 2019

“What A Day,” Crooked Media’s new daily news podcast, is here! Hosted by comedian Akilah Hughes and politics reporter Gideon Resnick, “What A Day” cuts through the chaos and crimes to break down the b...Show More
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