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Superwomen with Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff


What are the secrets behind some of the most successful women in the world? Each week designer Rebecca Minkoff talks to women from all walks of life, from CEOs to artists, and shows us what life is like without the pretty filters in order to help you...Show More


22:29 | May 26th

You may not think of painting your walls as a “therapeutic process,” but Natalie Ebel sure does. In fact, it’s her go to in times of stress. The only child of a painter by profession, Natalie grew up ...Show More
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21:21 | May 19th

Folks getting ready to graduate, enter the workforce, or those early on in their careers, this episode is for you! Chances are no matter where you start in a company, you have your sights set on movin...Show More

37:02 | May 12th

You may know Jenna Elfman from TV shows like Dharma  & Greg, or more recently Fear  the Walking Dead, but she’s also a family friend of Superwomen host, Rebecca! After wearing one of Rebecca’s early t...Show More

17:44 | May 5th

Financial advisor Tracy Byrnes has seen her share of earth-shaking events in the realm of finance. With a background in accounting and journalism, Tracy has reported on such events as the burst of the...Show More
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