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Glow Radio is a podcast for the sassiest of bitches who are looking to dump their 9-5 for that #entrepreneur life. You can expect weekly conversations with unapologetic creatives, business owners and influencers. We discuss tips on how to reach your ...Show More

1:27:49 | Aug 14th

STRICT ASIAN PARENTS. Glow Radio hits up another venue for this very special episode as we invite Jackie and Christine to join us to share personal experiences on growing up and dealing with strict asian parents. If you've grown up with a strict pare...Show More

33:58 | Aug 7th

Popular youtube babe Sandy Lin joins us for an episode to share some of her tips on transitioning to being a content creator full time. She draws inspiration from both western and asian looks to create her own unique make up and fashion styles. We lo...Show More

30:00 | Jul 31st

FREELANCERS, stop limiting yourself to local business! Kate Bouchard is pro-freelancing and believes that the best time to be creative doesn't have to be within the hours of 9-5. Don't be afraid to find your competitive advantage and go against the g...Show More

49:48 | Jul 24th

QUICK, I NEED TO START A PODCAST! We got you covered homie, let's get you started so you can start living your best damn life! In this raw episode, we cover all the podcast goodies you need to know and speak from our souls as we cover manifestation a...Show More

22:56 | Jul 17th

ACTOR, DIRECTOR, ENTREPRENEUR! Mia Fiona Kut the winner of 2019 BC Business 30 under 30 truly works for passion. We grab the deets on how she started her vegan multipurpose skincare line (Luna Nectar) and how she juggles being on set and running a bu...Show More

25:53 | Jul 10th

460k+ Youtube Subscribers! We connect with Sarah Cheung (@Sacheu) across the Pacific Ocean for this special episode. Youtubers, you need to plug in to this episode as we ask Sarah hot questions on choosing her manager and how to get work from brands....Show More

29:36 | Jul 3rd

So you want to be an ILLUSTRATOR? Samantha Slinn has been featured in Hypebae and New York Times. She has found success in developing her own STYLE over the years after interning in Netherlands and San Fran. FIND OUT how she got DISCOVERED for her fi...Show More

43:05 | Jun 26th

Rebecca Rochon, Founder of Pivot & Pilot Creative is an expert in product development, branding, positioning and marketing. We deep dive into this amazing industry and find out how Rebecca and her partner Alejandro have taken their creative business ...Show More

35:12 | Jun 19th

When is a suitable time to QUIT YOUR JOB? Quitting your job is not easy and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Of course with many BIG DECISIONS, it comes with a lot of CONSIDERATION. We have summed it down to FIVE BIG QUESTIONS for you to answer before ...Show More

44:04 | Jun 12th

PRINT IS NOT DEAD. Co-founders of I Like Her Style Vancouver - Jody & Kyla founded their magazine to EMPOWER women and spotlight local businesses and INFLUENCERS. Jody joins us to discuss her initial HARDSHIPS such as overcoming GRIEF, quitting a suc...Show More

32:22 | Jun 5th

DO NOT become a MODEL or ACTOR! Give this a listen and think twice before you commit to this. Nalani shares the HARSH REALITIES of the actor/model LIFESTYLE. Not fitting a certain BODY STANDARD could mean you don’t get your ALLOWANCE! Join us and fin...Show More

37:01 | May 29th

Even SETH ROGEN and DAVID CHANG go to the HK BBQ MASTER! We celebrate their decades of SUCCESS with Anson who’s carrying on the LEGACY of his father, the OG of HK Style BBQ Restaurants in VANCOUVER. The RESTAURATEUR life is TOUGH and Anson spills the...Show More

26:57 | May 22nd

Calling all SKINCARE AFICIONADOS and MOMPRENEURS! We interview Boscia’s very own co-creator Lan, who unearthed the famous LUMINIZING BLACK CHARCOAL mask that kicked off immense popularity with peel off masks. Lan is a mother of three, GENERAL MANAGER...Show More

52:23 | May 15th

We get BEHIND THE SCENES of being a RADIO HOST! Do you think you have the chops to become a radio host?! Brooklyn from our own 93.7 JRFM Country Radio provides amazing INSIGHT into the BROADCASTING industry and how she discovered her PASSION in an UN...Show More

43:27 | May 8th

Meredith pioneered the ONLY female-focused co-working space in Vancouver in 2017\. FUN FACT, she had only made up her mind about Hervana AFTER SHE QUIT her job! She dishes on being a REFORMED CONTROL FREAK and how BUYING a business just didn’t feel r...Show More

24:57 | May 1st

Karen started Juice Beauty in her 40’s and is the LEADER in ORGANIC BEAUTY! We are extremely grateful for this opportunity to discuss her pioneering in the WELLNESS INDUSTRY and how she’s taken Juice Beauty to big name stores like ULTA and Sephora Ca...Show More

29:52 | Apr 24th

REAL TALK | How to make MONEY on YouTube and get 20k SUBSCRIBERS! We skype LA babe, Christine Le, to get THE FULL deets on being a full time content creator. She lets us in on getting invited and flown out to LA (from Seattle) to an all expenses paid...Show More

51:24 | Apr 17th

REAL TALK | Struggs to func after a BREAKUP!? We invite break-up coach Nancy Ruth Deen to drop some knowledge on getting over a breakup and give us some INDUSTRY SECRETS! Did you know she used to be a MATCHMAKER?! Learn how she figured out what Vanco...Show More

30:58 | Apr 10th

REACH GOALS | Did you know there are 60 MILLION homes in the USA that enjoy listening to PODCASTS!? We dive deep into some juicy statistics and tips so that you can reach MORE PROSPECTS and MAKE MORE MONEY! You better TURN UP for this one: * ...Show More

43:47 | Apr 3rd

REAL TALK | Tanzy spills the T on leaving her 9-5 to become a MUSIC ARTIST MANAGER (and all over BAD ASS!) only a few weeks after getting FIRED! We dig into her history on how she juggles many roles and tackles being FEMALE, YOUNG, and IN CHARGE in t...Show More

37:37 | Mar 27th

REACH GOALS | Feeling INTROVERTED, not sure HOW TO NETWORK? Gone are the days of schmoozing some hot-shot! Meet REAL entrepreneurs that can help you MAKE MONEY. Are you ready to make some serious CONNECTIONS to take you to the NEXT LEVEL!? We’ll...Show More

34:18 | Mar 20th

REAL TALK | Why do I have ANXIETY?! It SUCKS and we don’t want it to get in the way of your success! We share our personal experiences with anxiety and how we overcome it on the daily.  DESTRESS & tune in for: * Overcoming anxiety of ALL TYPE...Show More

57:39 | Mar 13th

REAL TALK | What is ADULTING? You are never too old to have fun like a kid. Nina & Dejan’s unique POP-UP RESTAURANT business, Saturday Mornings Cereal, is a major throwback to those childhood mornings where you’d eat cereal and watch cartoons.  LE...Show More

34:14 | Mar 6th

REAL TALK | Hate your 9-5? Tired of working for someone else? We feel you girl. Lindsay, founder of Pink Crown Creative, shares how she made the move to quit her day job and become a freelance marketing consultant.  TOPICS COVERED:  * Start s...Show More

47:32 | Feb 27th

REAL TALK | You thought being a MOM was tough? Try being a MOMPRENEUR! Eva, founder of Empauer, shares how she balances being a young mom and business owner. Her sassy CUSTOM apparel and mugs are SO hilarious (you might wanna hide yo kids for some, b...Show More

41:02 | Feb 20th

RICH MINDSET | We welcome our FIRST ever male guest on Glow Radio! We love SwayzeAck’s positive vibes and his CONTAGIOUS mindset. Follow SwayzeAck’s JOURNEY from being a bank teller to BECOMING a hip hop artist. Learn how he discovered his drive to M...Show More

1:05:38 | Feb 13th

REACH GOALS | Do you feel like you are failing on your fitness goals time and time again? We’re here to help you STOP that cycle and ACTUALLY love your fitness routine. Life is short and we want you to LOVE your body NOW.  YOU WILL LEARN: * H...Show More

46:18 | Feb 6th

RICH MINDSET | Babes gotta support babes! Sara, founder of Mint Club Athletics, totally radiates sassy GOOD VIBES. Tune in to learn how she LAUNCHED her EMPOWERING female fitness facility and tips for fitness beginners. BE INSPIRED WITH: * Th...Show More

34:43 | Jan 30th

REAL TALK | Being a MANAGING PARTNER of a business ain’t easy. Kathleen shares about dealing with MENTAL HEALTH, handling BAD DAYS, and how she PERSISTED and EARNED this spot! KEY TAKEAWAYS: * How Kathleen PERSISTED and WON OVER the CEO to ge...Show More

57:41 | Jan 23rd

REAL TALK | Want to know what it’s like to be a food influencer? In this episode, we ask Belinda all the JUICY details and get the INSIDE SCOOP on her life as a foodie content creator.  YOU GON WANT A SNACK TO LISTEN TO THIS: * Belinda’s drun...Show More

47:12 | Jan 16th

REAL TALK | Ever want to ditch everything and move somewhere HOT and TROPICAL? Well, Elizabeth, founder of Island Gal Boutique, did just that. Join us as we learn how she took her sustainable swimwear brand from Vancouver to Bali.  TUNE IN TO HEAR...Show More

1:03:45 | Jan 9th

REAL TALK | Sometimes being fired can a GOOD thing. Tara shares how BEING FIRED gave her the push to LAUNCH the business of her dreams. She is a public speaker, social media coach and founder of Social T. Find out how she GOT IT ALL in this episode! ...Show More

1:02:21 | Jan 2nd

REACH GOALS | NEW YEAR, NEW ME…Right? This episode is a NON-cheesy version of new year's RESOLUTIONS and tips for how to ACTUALLY achieve your goals. STOP making excuses, this is YOUR year! TAKE NOTES ON: * WHY changing your GOALS too often c...Show More

1:07:54 | Dec 26th, 2018

RICH MINDSET | “A negative mind will never give you a positive life.” If you are struggling to REACH SUCCESS in your life, a change of MINDSET might help steer you in the right direction. LEARN to be that rare percentage of people who ACTUALLY reach ...Show More

45:42 | Dec 19th, 2018

REAL TALK | Are you frustrated in your 9-5? Do you want to start your own business? Join us as we chat with Lindsay, the founder of Piquant Marketing, a food marketing agency. She shares her journey of quitting a stable job to start her own business ...Show More

56:37 | Dec 12th, 2018

REAL TALK | Ever had a bad experience with creepy men or MLMs? Girlllll, we’ve def been there. Tune in for a HILARIOUS storytime episode and our tips on how to ACTUALLY ask your crush out.  LAUGH WITH US about: * Crafty ways to DITCH A CREEPE...Show More

54:02 | Dec 5th, 2018

RELAX | Christmas season is here! Need some GIFT IDEAS for your glow babe BFFS? Tune in for our MILLION DOLLAR advent calendar ideas (lol) and some holiday cheer! FA LA LA LA Listen in for:  * Our analysis of the White Elephant gift exchange ...Show More

1:01:20 | Nov 28th, 2018

REAL TALK | Want to take your FOODIE game to the NEXT LEVEL? Melody shares how working in MARKETING and being a FOODIE landed her THE BEST JOB.  GRAB A SNACK and tune in for: * TOP RATED restaurants recommended by Melody * How she draws IN...Show More

44:18 | Nov 21st, 2018

RELAX | There is a FIRST TIME for everything! Tonight we discuss our scary first times and how it SHAPED us and gave us our FLAVA.  FIRST TIMER? Listen to this! * We’re having a QUICKIE * Everything you DON’T want to KNOW about our childho...Show More

48:19 | Nov 14th, 2018

REAL TALK | Want to start an ONLINE BUSINESS? We ask Maxine (@HouseofMax) the nitty gritty of being an ENTREPRENEUR of the jewelry world!  JOIN US to learn: * Getting an INTERN & how to COMPENSATE * PLANNING your day like an ONLINE BUSINES...Show More

1:09:59 | Nov 7th, 2018

RELAX | Want to know what gives us our FLAVA? This is HILARIOUS! Join us as we investigate each other’s DEEP SECRETS with 50 QUESTIONS!  LEARN ABOUT US! * What nearly RUINED our FRIENDSHIP * Offending people with our ACCENTS * Why grade...Show More

36:17 | Oct 31st, 2018

REAL TALK | Want to be a FASHION BLOGGER? Want to do it FULL TIME? Welcome our FIRST GUEST Flora Law! She shares her TIPS on her JOURNEY to being a full time blogger, check it out! LIGHTS, CAMERA, and LISTEN to this: * 3 tips on BUILDING your...Show More

37:56 | Oct 24th, 2018

RICH MINDSET | The future & unknowns are SCARY! Let us MID-ADULTS teach you what your life CAN look like! ACHIEVING your DREAMS always BEGINS with a PURPOSE.  YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS this: * Why you should write a letter to your YOUNGER SELVES...Show More

48:54 | Oct 17th, 2018

RELAX | Remember your MOST EMBARRASSING moments, what about playing MASH? You’re NOT ALONE! Taking a break from REAL TALK to share our stories with you.  LAUGH WITH US at: * Our MASH results! * Find out what BANANAS and KIWIS are! (Not wha...Show More

40:38 | Oct 10th, 2018

RELAX | Recording our first ever ASMR! Are you a foodie?! You don’t want to miss this hilarious episode ALL ABOUT FOOD!  SLURP YOUR WAY to: * The BEST food in Richmond  * Why you DON’T eat SHELLFISH * What ASIAN SNACKS to try next! -...Show More

46:13 | Oct 3rd, 2018

RICH MINDSET | Practicing Gratitude & how we spend our Thanksgiving!  GIVE THANKS WITH US and discover: * Unorthodox Thanksgiving Meal Ideas * How PRACTICING GRATITUDE changes your life * The problem with PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES --- ...Show More

1:03:51 | Sep 26th, 2018

RELAX | Beauty & Skincare is SO important! Search no further, we’ve got you girl! Have YOUR BEST FACE day with our TOP PICKS of 2018.  LISTEN NOW & find out: * What is the BEST Skincare & Makeup ROUTINE * Top 3 BEST Skincare & Cosmetics of...Show More

54:11 | Sep 19th, 2018

REACH GOALS | Intermittent FISTING? Just kidding! We discuss our SUCCESS with FASTING and get the 101 on Intermittent Fasting! FAST WITH US and learn: * Different methods/ways to PRACTICE IF * How IF affects your health/mind/body * Is I...Show More

34:11 | Sep 12th, 2018

RICH MINDSET | How important is organization to you? We talk about BOSS BABE ORGANIZATION & how much is TOO much?!  LISTEN IN for: * How to keep your DAILY TASKS in order * What is UNACCEPTABLE organization behaviour? * DECLUTTER like M...Show More

35:20 | Sep 5th, 2018

REAL TALK | We kick off our first ever episode on WORK CULTURE & WHY we decided to start this podcast.  JOIN US to find out:  * What we learned from our previous jobs leading to our SUCCESS NOW * When and why to LEAVE YOUR JOB * What co...Show More