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Step inside the confession booth of Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham, two culture writers for The New York Times. They devour TV, movies, art, music and the internet to find the things that move them — to tears, awe and anger. Still Processing is wher...Show More
We Wouldn't Leave Kanye, But Should We?

51:39 | Jun 7th, 2018

Almost one week after Kanye West released his eighth studio album, "Ye," we wonder what to do with artists who displease us. Going back to 2004, we take a closer look at Kanye, the artist, who questioned the role of higher education, called out forme...Show More
We're Here For Your Anger, Jessica Walter

57:57 | May 31st, 2018

When actor Jessica Walter said fellow co-star Jeffrey Tambor verbally harassed her on the set of "Arrested Development," the show’s lead, Jason Bateman, jumped to Tambor’s defense -- and we noticed. This week, we suss out what this interaction -- doc...Show More
We Watch Whiteness

1:01:51 | Apr 26th, 2018

This week we're talking about white culture, and what it is trying to tell us about itself on TV, at the movies and in books. We're noticing that white people are anxious--consciously and unconsciously--about their place in the world, and it's fascin...Show More
We Get Biracial

52:38 | Oct 5th, 2017

For months, the two of us have been trying to figure out a way to have a conversation about the experience of being biracial. This week we just go for it. First, we talk about the cultural and historical suspicion America still has of black-white int...Show More
We Love the Beach, We Hate the Beach

34:21 | Jun 1st, 2017

Last week, the Baywatch franchise returned — this time on the big screen — with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Zac Efron leading a cast of tan, muscled lifeguards. But the film isn’t just a goofy romp; it presents the beach as a place of danger that n...Show More
We're Going Black(er) AKA Dear Woke People

52:29 | May 25th, 2017

In the last 30 years, blackness has migrated from the margins of American popular culture to its center. Right now, a bounty of television, movies, and music engages with the question of how people signal to each other that they’re down with blacknes...Show More

30:58 | Mar 28th

We dissect Jordan Peele’s new psychological thriller, “Us.”

39:32 | Mar 21st

We celebrate Whoopi Goldberg from her days as a boundary-pushing stand-up comedian in the early ’80s to her current role as professional curmudgeon on “The View.” Discussed this week:“Whoopi Goldberg” (Ottessa Moshfegh, Garage magazine: Issue 16, Fe...Show More

30:54 | Mar 14th

Why conscious consumption isn't enough to combat climate change

39:57 | Mar 7th

We wrestle with our love for and discomfort with Michael Jackson.

42:04 | Feb 28th

The Jussie Smollett investigation has captured America’s attention — and ours. We take a look at the support for as well as the doubts about Smollett’s claims, and try to make sense of the charge that Smollett staged his own attack. In an era in whic...Show More

37:44 | Feb 21st

We revisit “Do the Right Thing” almost three decades after it was snubbed at the Oscars.

44:17 | Feb 14th

"Becoming," the best-selling memoir by the former first lady, Michelle Obama, is a study in what happens when the ways we see ourselves don't always line up with the ways that society sees us. In reading about her journey from high-achieving, self-po...Show More

37:14 | Feb 7th

We KonMari Wesley's apartment.

32:50 | Jan 24th

The new Netflix show “Sex Education” feels so refreshing because for the longest time, there has been a dearth of cultural properties that specifically deal with the realities of sex. Sure, there’s sex in film and TV, but in recent history, there has...Show More

36:11 | Jan 17th

What does it mean for Nike to align itself with Colin Kaepernick?

37:56 | Jan 10th

In the age of #SorryNotSorry, we invite you to start off 2019 with an apology.

01:10 | Dec 20th, 2018

Buckle up, babies. Still Processing returns on Thursday, January 10th.
We R-E-S-P-E-C-T Aretha Franklin

52:14 | Aug 30th, 2018

This week we pay our respects to the late, great Aretha Franklin. A legendary singer, writer, arranger, pianist, performer and more, Ms. Franklin channeled both the difficult and beautiful aspects of American culture to make the songs that have score...Show More
We Spy Two BlacKkKlansmen — and One is Omarosa

46:03 | Aug 23rd, 2018

This week, we realize we have two black klansmen on our hands — one on the big screen in the form of Spike Lee's new film "BlacKkKlansman," and one on the small screen in the form of America's most notorious reality show villain turned ex-White House...Show More
We Got Goop'd

37:32 | Aug 16th, 2018

This week, our friend and colleague, Taffy Akner, chats with us about her viral article, "How Goop’s Haters Made Gwyneth Paltrow’s Company Worth $250 Million." We trace some similarities and differences between Gwyneth and fellow mogul, Oprah, and as...Show More
We Give You Our Summer Faves

37:07 | Aug 9th, 2018

This week, we celebrate summer and present to you our 2018 Summer Faves. From tech to treats, tunes to TV, and of course, summer looks, we make some recommendations to help you live your best life in these warmer months.   Special thanks to James Mc...Show More
We Blaxplain Blaxplaining

50:59 | Aug 2nd, 2018

This week, we trace the evolution of black American cinema from blaxploitation in the 1970s to what we’re calling "blaxplaining" in 2018. While blaxploitation sought to showcase black actors in dramatic, action-packed films, today’s blaxplaining cent...Show More
We Heard Lauryn Hill, But Did We Listen?

50:14 | Jul 26th, 2018

It’s the 20th anniversary of the release of Ms. Lauryn Hill’s 5-time Grammy-winning debut solo album, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.” Still very much a part of our contemporary musical landscape — being sampled by everyone from Drake to Cardi B to...Show More
We Can't Burn It All Down (Even Though Sometimes We Want To)

45:58 | Jul 19th, 2018

Jenna's back in New York after spending last week at the Tin House Summer Workshop in Portland, Oregon. An explosive moment at the workshop prompted us to consider what it means for an institution — from a writing workshop to a TV network to a social...Show More
We Choose Our Own Families

56:54 | Jul 12th, 2018

This week, we take a deep dive into "Pose," Ryan Murphy's new show on FX, and unpack the role of queer chosen families in pop culture. We dissect some of our favorite scenes — featuring Blanca Abundance Evangelista (Mj Rodriguez), Elektra Abundance (...Show More
Asian-Americans Talk About Racism, and We Listen - Part 2

34:03 | Jul 5th, 2018

It’s the second installment of our two-part series on anti-Asian racism. Once again, we hand over the mics to our Asian-American colleagues, friends and listeners to hear about their experiences with dating, work and more as they relate to race and i...Show More
Asian-Americans Talk About Racism, and We Listen - Part 1

36:05 | Jun 28th, 2018

This week and next, we’re doing something different. After witnessing an awful instance of anti-Asian racism at a movie theater, we couldn’t stop thinking about how this type of racism is rampant in American culture, both on the screen and off. At fi...Show More
We Louvre The Carters

57:03 | Jun 21st, 2018

Beyonce and Jay-Z. Donald and Melania. Kim and Kanye. Harry and Meghan. We're compelled by the performance of marriage in culture. And with The Carters' new surprise album, "Everything Is Love," we wonder what it means for our beloved Beyonce -- and ...Show More
We Need Bad Women

45:42 | Jun 14th, 2018

After watching the blockbuster hit "Ocean’s 8" and BBC America’s cat-and-mouse drama "Killing Eve," we noticed some similarities in these leading women - they’re all “bad.” They’re indulgent and driven. They care about their work more than your feeli...Show More
We’re Queer - and Apparently So Is Everybody Else

46:05 | May 24th, 2018

With Rita Ora, Janelle Monáe, Kehlani – and even fictional characters like Lando Calrissian – embracing bisexuality, pansexuality, queerness, and more, we wonder: what does it mean to publicly declare your sexual identity as something outside the gay...Show More
We Unpack Black Male Privilege

48:48 | May 17th, 2018

This week, shortly after multi-hyphenate artist Donald Glover blew up the internet with the video for his song "This is America," Wesley and guest host Rembert Browne (New York Magazine, Grantland) explore Glover's career, and how he evolved from a l...Show More
We Talk BeyChella

1:00:39 | Apr 19th, 2018

We were so blown away by Beyoncé’s performance at the Coachella music festival that we decided to scrap our previous plans and dedicate this week’s entire episode to it. We think her performance will go down in the annals of American pop music as one...Show More
We Get It On (With Ourselves)

57:14 | Apr 12th, 2018

As a break from the onslaught of traumatic news, this week we're talking about what makes us feel good about ourselves. Really good. We start by exploring what has been lost with the recent closure of Craiglist's personal ads section: a unique place,...Show More
We Celebrate the REAL MLK Day

45:38 | Apr 5th, 2018

This week, we commemorate the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s death. While MLK’s birthday is celebrated on a national level, we spend time processing why his death holds a significant importance as well. We examine the months leading up ...Show More
We’re Maxed Out, You’re Maxed Out, Everybody Is Maxed Out

56:51 | Mar 29th, 2018

This week we're talking about why we're stressed out, why the country is stressed out, and whether anxiety has become a permanent condition. We consider the role technology has played in driving us to this point, from push alerts — so many push alert...Show More
We Love Aunties

46:43 | Mar 22nd, 2018

This week we pay homage to aunties, in our own lives, in politics, and in pop culture. But first we have to define what an aunty is, so we play a little game called "Aunty or Nah-nty," naming aunty candidates from television shows and movies to refin...Show More
We Don’t Love Everything Made By Black People and That’s OK?

1:01:55 | Mar 15th, 2018

This week, we discuss "A Wrinkle in Time," Ava DuVernay's attempt to take the audience on a magical adventure with Meg Murray as she searches for her father through multiple universes. Our time traveling experience ... wasn’t as magical as we hoped. ...Show More
We Paint the Town Obama

37:50 | Mar 8th, 2018

We went to the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. to look at the recently installed portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama. The paintings--Barack's by Kehinde Wiley, Michelle's by Amy Sherald--prompted both rapture and controversy when the...Show More
We Want To Know What Love Is

48:10 | Mar 1st, 2018

This week, we examine four of the Best Picture Oscar-nominated films—“Call Me By Your Name”, “Get Out”, “Shape of Water”, and “Phantom Thread”—to ask whether we are entering a new phase of romance films. By diverging from conventional norms and stere...Show More
We Take the 15:17 All the Way to Pyeongchang

40:44 | Feb 22nd, 2018

This week we're looking for a thread running through three seemingly disparate moments: the release of Clint Eastwood's new film "The 15:17 to Paris," the Olympics in South Korea, and the tragic death of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High Sch...Show More
We Sink Our Claws Into "Black Panther" with Ta-Nehisi Coates

56:57 | Feb 16th, 2018

It's going to be one of the biggest opening weekends in movie history. But "Black Panther" is about so much more than the box office. This week we're putting Ryan Coogler's new film in the full context it deserves and demands, with a little help from...Show More
We'll See You Tomorrow

01:02 | Feb 15th, 2018

There's no episode of Still Processing today, but Wesley and Jenna are cooking up something special — a whole show on "Black Panther" with special guest Ta-Nehisi Coates. Check your feed Friday morning!
We Don't Know Where We Are

38:10 | Feb 8th, 2018

This week, we take the Oscar-nominated film "Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri" as a starting point for a discussion about a new sense of placelessness in film and TV. Over the last year, we've been seeing stories set in ambiguous spaces--...Show More
We're Still Here For Janet

58:05 | Feb 1st, 2018

This week, in light of Justin Timberlake’s upcoming Super Bowl performance, we revisit his infamous 2004 “wardrobe malfunction” halftime show with Janet Jackson. We dissect the public reaction to “nipplegate,” why Janet (and not Justin) took the fall...Show More
We Have a Right To Be Mad

47:53 | Jan 25th, 2018

This week, we examine the outrage that is expressing itself in all corners of the culture. In the process, we found unexpected connections between events and ideas that might seem unrelated: Ed Sheeran being left out of all the major Grammy categorie...Show More
We Have a Theory About Oprah

46:49 | Jan 18th, 2018

The wait is finally over - we’re back for Season 3! This week, we look at the movie “Proud Mary” starring Taraji P. Henson as a jumping off point for the cultural moment that black women are having right now in pop culture. We run through a brief his...Show More
We Back! (On Thursday)

01:48 | Jan 16th, 2018

The wait is (almost) over: Jenna and Wesley will be back with a new season of "Still Processing" starting Thursday, Jan. 18th. It’s O.K. to cry, even if you’re wearing glitter.
We Are Tired of Sexual Harassment (and Sequels) | Season Finale

40:35 | Oct 12th, 2017

It’s our season finale! We’ve spent our second season keeping a critical eye on the unreality of America and dissecting the systems of power that uphold the status quo. Last week, a series of news articles reported that Harvey Weinstein, one of the m...Show More
We Take a Knee

34:13 | Sep 28th, 2017

Another day, another rant from Donald Trump. This time, the president took aim at Colin Kaepernick, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback who spent the majority of last season sitting or kneeling during the national anthem to draw attention to p...Show More
We Assess the Outrage over "Bodega" and Mother!

42:00 | Sep 21st, 2017

Last week, a Silicon Valley startup called Bodega instigated an internet meltdown after a Fast Company profile made the company’s intentions clear. “Eventually, centralized shopping locations won’t be necessary, because there will be 100,000 Bodegas ...Show More
We Bow Down to Rihanna and Venus

40:39 | Sep 14th, 2017

Last week, we witnessed two extraordinary events: Venus Williams playing some of the best tennis in the last decade of her career (she lost in the U.S. Open, but with grace and style), and the rollout of Rihanna's new cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty, wh...Show More
We Debate NPR’s Greatest Albums by Women

40:18 | Sep 7th, 2017

Last month, NPR published a list of the 150 greatest albums by women. The list was debated. It was discussed. There were alternative lists of 150 additional albums not on the NPR list. But quibbling with the particulars misses an important concern ab...Show More
We Have a Chappelle Show

56:31 | Aug 31st, 2017

This summer, Dave Chappelle returned to the stage for an ambitious, monthlong residency at Radio City Music Hall in New York. We saw the show independently, on separate nights. What we witnessed inspired us to dedicate an entire episode to the legacy...Show More
We Care For Ourselves and Others in Trump’s America

48:05 | Aug 24th, 2017

The events of the last few weeks have shown us that we are fully living in Trump's America, with a president who is slow to condemn the actions of white supremacists. The realization has been exhausting. This week, we take a step back to think about ...Show More
We Grieve Charlottesville

29:10 | Aug 15th, 2017

What happened in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend was the largest public melee during a presidential administration that includes men with white nationalist ties. Three people were killed, dozens of people were injured and the country was throw...Show More
We Discuss: Who Owns Stories About Blackness?

47:55 | Aug 3rd, 2017

It’s been a summer of outrage over the question of who can tell stories about black history and black pain. We reckon with this question by examining Kathryn Bigelow’s film "Detroit," Dana Schutz's painting “Open Casket” and the recently announced ne...Show More
We’re Freaking Out About O.J. and Girls Trip

39:19 | Jul 27th, 2017

The country was barely on the other side of a period of deep thought about the cultural meaning of O.J. Simpson, and then last week we found out that O.J. will be a free man this October. We explore the vexing empathy that racism toward him inspires ...Show More
We Pick Science Fiction for Mitch McConnell

36:11 | Jul 20th, 2017

2017 feels sort of like the End Times, and we’re leaning into science fiction TV shows and movies to imagine the outcome of our current political and geological climate. If science fiction functions as a cautionary tale, offering lessons in morality ...Show More
We Get Bodied Talking Jay-Z and Beyoncé

52:25 | Jul 13th, 2017

“4:44” is Jay-Z’s first album since Beyoncé turned their marital trouble into a masterpiece called "Lemonade." On “4:44,” Jay-Z expresses regret for his infidelity and ruminates on the socioeconomic state of black America. The album is knotty and con...Show More
We Seek “Authentic” BBQ

42:46 | Jul 6th, 2017

It’s barbecue season! But let’s be clear: We aren’t talking about throwing burgers and veggies on a grill. We’re talking about the rich culinary tradition of slow-cooking meat over a dirt pit, a cuisine cultivated by enslaved Africans in the American...Show More
We Revive Tupac and Side-Eye Sofia Coppola

40:59 | Jun 29th, 2017

What responsibility does a movie have to the details of history? In Sofia Coppola’s new film, “The Beguiled,” a remake of Don Siegel’s 1971 psychological thriller set in the American South during the Civil War, she omits a key character from the orig...Show More
We Celebrate Gay Pride — The Highs and Lows

47:33 | Jun 22nd, 2017

June is Gay Pride month: four weekends of parades, pageantry, and partying, all over the country. But now, a year after the Pulse nightclub shooting, people are asking whether Pride celebrations are sufficiently black, political and confrontational. ...Show More
We Said, He Said, She Said

36:22 | Jun 15th, 2017

In a live-stream to promote her new album, “Witness,” Katy Perry put on an elaborate performance, giving a series of confessional interviews about her cultural missteps. We analyze all the reasons this was an experiment gone terribly wrong. We then t...Show More
We Watch 'Wonder Woman' and Do a Taxonomy of the Summer Jam

44:26 | Jun 8th, 2017

Summer is here, and so are the superhero movies and hit pop songs that define the season. We discuss the politics of “Wonder Woman,” the first female-fronted and female-directed superhero blockbuster. We also search for the definitive summer jam of 2...Show More
We Watch Trump TV with Emily Nussbaum

38:34 | May 18th, 2017

Donald Trump has changed the way we watch TV, whether it’s the reality show within the White House, or the scripted dramas we can’t help but compare to our political situation. New Yorker television critic Emily Nussbaum joins us to analyze what Trum...Show More
We Will Always Love You, Whitney Houston

51:48 | May 11th, 2017

It has been five years since Whitney Houston died. She was one of the biggest pop stars of her time and a glorious singer — but we don’t properly remember her for that. Instead, she is considered a tragic figure who sacrificed herself to drugs and he...Show More
We Feud About “Feud”

42:14 | May 4th, 2017

The ruthlessness of Silicon Valley companies like Uber is out of control, but why do we expect more from the tech industry than from corporations like McDonalds or Exxon Mobil? We also discuss the bloody rivalry between the big-screen queens Joan Cra...Show More
We Relive the Oscars with Barry Jenkins

47:10 | Apr 27th, 2017

A conversation with the director of "Moonlight" about his cinematic style, his forthcoming adaptation of Colson Whitehead’s "Underground Railroad," his love of science fiction and, yes, that crazy night at the Academy Awards.
We Listen to Kendrick Lamar & Talk to Valerie Jarrett

40:05 | Apr 20th, 2017

We discuss Kendrick Lamar’s new album, “DAMN.,” and listen closely to “XXX,” one of our favorite tracks. Is his latest project a breakup with America, or with an older version of himself? Then we speak to Valerie Jarrett, a former White House adviser...Show More
We Go To S-Town

40:55 | Apr 13th, 2017

We’re back! And we’re picking up right where we left off: thinking about “Get Out.” Jordan Peele’s instant classic is the lens through which we’re seeing everything these days, from the hit podcast “S-Town” to that Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad the interne...Show More
Season Finale with Jordan Peele | Episode 26

42:49 | Mar 2nd, 2017

We’re not over what happened at the Oscars on Sunday. You probably aren’t either. But we’re ready to move onto next year’s Oscars, where we fully expect to see “Get Out,” currently the No. 1 movie in America. We talk to its writer and director, Jorda...Show More
Oscars Preview with A.O. Scott | Episode 25

56:29 | Feb 23rd, 2017

“La La Land” is probably going to win a lot of Oscars on Sunday. Perhaps even for best picture. But it’s O.K. Truly. We are joined by A. O. Scott, a chief film critic for The New York Times, to discuss our predictions and preferences for the Academy ...Show More
Beyoncé to Baldwin and Back Again | Episode 24

34:16 | Feb 16th, 2017

It’s been five days, and we’re still trying to make sense of Beyoncé’s loss at the Grammys. It’s been 50 years, and we’re still learning from James Baldwin. The new Baldwin documentary “I Am Not Your Negro” touched both of us, and this week we interv...Show More
The Women of “Girls” | Episode 23

41:37 | Feb 9th, 2017

HBO’s “Girls” begins its final season this Sunday, and we discuss the show’s legacy before Jenna sits down for a live conversation with Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet and Jemima Kirke. They talk about the show’s early lack of diversity, w...Show More
‘You Only Leave Home When Home Won’t Let You Stay’ | Episode 22

59:56 | Feb 2nd, 2017

We speak to three friends: Habab, a Muslim woman born in Sudan who was nearly detained after landing home at Dulles International Airport in Virginia this weekend; Rukmini Callimachi, our colleague who covers terrorism for The Times and immigrated to...Show More
Wesley and Jenna’s Existential Fears | Episode 21

45:05 | Jan 26th, 2017

It’s 50 degrees in New York in January, 2016 was the warmest year ever— and the words “climate change” no longer exist on whitehouse.gov. Time for a call to self-proclaimed climate hawk Eric Holthaus, co-host of the podcast “Our Warm Regards,” to giv...Show More
Show Me the (Read) Receipts! | Episode 20

46:50 | Jan 19th, 2017

We start by debating one of the great questions of our time: should you or should you not use read receipts on your text messages? Jenna feels strongly one way, Wesley the exact opposite. So we call our pal Juliet Litman, managing editor of The Ringe...Show More
Batman vs. Joker | Episode 19

44:52 | Jan 12th, 2017

We take a deep breath after President Obama’s farewell speech and talk about his future as the ultimate black dad. Next we call up our friend and New York Times media columnist Jim Rutenberg to help us make sense of the latest on Donald Trump’s relat...Show More
‘The Perfect Movie for Our Time’ | Episode 18

46:17 | Jan 5th, 2017

We’re kicking off 2017 with a movie speed round to prepare for this weekend’s Golden Globes. We talk through our feelings about “La La Land,” “Fences” and a couple of the other films we saw over the holidays that made us laugh, cry — and sometimes cr...Show More
The Kanye-thon | Episode 17

42:43 | Dec 29th, 2016

This week we devote the entire episode to one question: What is happening with Kanye West?
The Lives They Lived | Episode 16

59:28 | Dec 22nd, 2016

This week, it’s our turn to take a look back on 2016 and share our picks for the most cultural moments that will stick with us. But before we do that, Ilena Silverman, an editor at The New York Times Magazine, joins us to talk about the people rememb...Show More
Best of 2016 with Bill Simmons, Heben Nigatu, Tracy Clayton and Ezra Edelman | Episode 15

1:06:19 | Dec 15th, 2016

This week on the show we're talking to some of our favorite people on Earth about the culture from 2016 — the movies, the music, the moments — that will stick with them. We've got Bill Simmons, CEO of the Ringer; Ezra Edelman, director of "OJ: Made i...Show More
Beyoncé vs. Adele? No Contest | Episode 14

40:29 | Dec 8th, 2016

Good news: Jenna’s back! And in the wake of this week’s Grammy nominations, she’s here to say that no matter how desperate the internet may be for a Beyoncé and Adele rivalry, it’s just not a competition. Next, New York Times tech reporter Mike Isaac...Show More
Obama’s Last Cultural Statement | Episode 13

32:40 | Dec 1st, 2016

Jenna is off road-tripping across Southern Africa, so this week Wesley reunites with Alex Pappademas, his old co-host on Grantland’s podcast “Do You Like Prince Movies?” Wesley explains why he found President Obama’s final Medal of Freedom Ceremony t...Show More
The Brilliance of Kerry James Marshall | Episode 12

30:13 | Nov 24th, 2016

Join our field trip to The Met Breuer, the Metropolitan Museum’s new space in New York dedicated to contemporary art, where we give you an audio tour of the painter Kerry James Marshall’s astonishing retrospective. We also have picks for movies to se...Show More
How to Survive Thanksgiving | Episode 11

30:23 | Nov 17th, 2016

To nourish your souls this week, we’re serving up some serious comfort food live from the kitchen of the New York Times food editor Sam Sifton. Sam literally wrote the book on Thanksgiving, and he walks us through how to make the perfect gravy, his t...Show More
The Reckoning | Episode 10

48:11 | Nov 10th, 2016

Through tears, and with the help of our oracle Margo Jefferson, we begin to process the election of Donald J. Trump.
Dancing in the Moonlight | Episode 9

46:06 | Nov 3rd, 2016

To combat the stresses of an election we want to end and the onset of winter, we’re offering a whole episode dedicated to things that make us feel good. We talk to the Times film critic A.O. Scott about “Moonlight,” a movie everyone agrees is perfect...Show More
Nudity Clause | Episode 8

45:31 | Oct 27th, 2016

This week we’re talking about penises. Specifically, penises on the big screen. There are more and more of them, but the penises deemed safe enough to see tend to be white ones. We talk about the role of black penises and black sexuality in popular c...Show More
Peak Black TV | Episode 7

41:16 | Oct 20th, 2016

This week, we devote an entire episode to our favorite (and not so favorite) shows on TV, touching on “Queen Sugar,” “Westworld,” “Insecure,” “Empire,” and more. We give out superlatives, delve into the brilliance of Donald Glover’s “Atlanta,” and at...Show More
America, What You Doin’ Gurl? | Episode 6

43:37 | Oct 13th, 2016

This week we’ve got some questions. What show could possibly hold your attention for 24 straight hours? (Wesley found it.) Should you still feel obligated to see “Birth of a Nation,” even though Nate Parker is Nate Parker? (You most certainly should ...Show More
A Journey to the 'Blacksonian' | Episode 5

54:44 | Oct 6th, 2016

This week our entire episode comes to you from inside the Smithsonian’s brand-new National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington. We talked to children. We talked to curators. We sat together in the Oprah Winfrey Theater and it...Show More
Maintaining Higher Ground | Episode 4

31:58 | Sep 29th, 2016

This week we catch up with Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair, the husband-and-wife team behind “High Maintenance,” HBO’s new show (which was just renewed for a second season) about a weed dealer in New York. It's billed as a stoner comedy, but the sho...Show More
RuPaul: 'Identity Is a Hoax, People!' | Episode 3

35:13 | Sep 22nd, 2016

While we are discussing the Emmys, which Jenna barely wanted to watch, something amazing happens: a call from somebody who actually has an Emmy! Yup, it’s RuPaul. He talks about both the importance of his Emmy-winning show, “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” and ...Show More
‘You Can’t Code Your Way Out of Racism’ | Episode 2

33:00 | Sep 15th, 2016

This week, Wesley and Jenna meet for breakfast to talk through their conflicting feelings about the new film “When the Bough Breaks,” the No. 2 film in America — she loved it, he not so much. They also decode the inherent racism of the sharing econom...Show More
First Date | Episode 1

32:44 | Sep 8th, 2016

In this inaugural episode, Wesley and Jenna work through their feelings about America's reaction to Colin Kaepernick and Leslie Jones, take a romantic stroll through Central Park, and talk to Tika Sumpter of "Southside With You" about the art of the ...Show More
Introducing Still Processing

01:56 | Sep 6th, 2016

The first episode of Still Processing will drop on Thursday, Sept. 8, and Wesley and Jenna will be back every Thursday after that. Here’s a quick taste of what’s to come.