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How to Succeed in Business With Marisa Ricciardi

36:45 | May 31st

If you look up “pivot” in the dictionary, Marisa Ricciardi’s picture should be front and center. From an intern at a white-shoe financial services firm to a business development and marketing executive, Ricciardi climbed the ladder one hard-earned st...Show More
The Fifth Trimester With Lauren Brody

45:18 | Jul 12th

How do you handle the demands of the real world while also coping with the tiny human you just birthed? From executive editor at Glamour magazine to author of The Fifth Trimester — all about the birth of the working mom — and mentor for working mothe...Show More
Get Financially Naked With Shannon McLay

48:00 | Jul 5th

After spending years as a financial advisor for Merrill, Shannon McLay grew tired of working solely with the wealthy — the majority of whom didn’t need her help in the first place. Realizing that 78 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paychec...Show More
Dog Sitters Who Feign Death With Jenny Thompson

46:54 | Jun 28th

Imagine leaving your dogs in the care of someone you trust, only to return to find her feigning death just to avoid paying you back your $150. No, really. This actually happened. Shocked at the level to which this dog sitter went to evade her, Jenny ...Show More
From Oprah to Soap-rah With Danielle Vincent

51:15 | Jun 21st

Unhappy with her senior management positions at ABC and The Oprah Network, Danielle Vincent had a “fuck it” moment that couldn’t have come sooner. Leaving the big bucks and job security behind, Vincent went out on a limb and opened her own handmade s...Show More
Date Brazenly With Lily Womble

35:15 | Jun 14th

Tired of going on crappy dates, deleting one dating app after the next in the quest to find ”the one”? Lily Womble, former matchmaker turned dating coach has been there. Despite being a top matchmaker at a large firm in the U.S., Womble was disappoin...Show More
Get Your Sexual Mojo Back With Irene Fehr

38:24 | Jun 7th

Frustrated with her 13-year career in corporate marketing, Irene Fehr longed for something more fulfilling. When she left her sexless marriage feeling there was something wrong with her, Fehr found herself on a journey of self-discovery. Since then, ...Show More
How to Have a Badass Pitch With Precious L. Williams

42:40 | May 24th

Do you want to be a bad bitch with a power pitch? That’s what Precious L. Williams is selling — helping women (and only women!) have the confidence to pitch and build their businesses. Williams pivots include: from attorney to founder and CEO of Curv...Show More
Shaping the Future #GirlBoss With Laura Rebell Gross

45:19 | May 17th

Laura Rebell Gross’s parents instilled female empowerment in her from a young age. Now she is shaping the lives of countless underserved, low-income young women as the Managing Director of Girls’ Education at Student Leadership Network, overseeing fi...Show More
What’s on Your Vagenda? With Tara Langdale-Schmidt

1:02:02 | May 10th

Tara Langdale-Schmidt is no stranger to pain. When sex became impossible for her and her then-fiancé, and doctors were flummoxed, Langdale-Schmidt knew she had to take matters into her own hands. Find out how she created, tested and brought her sexua...Show More
Grammys, Entrepreneurship, and All That Jazz With Lydia Liebman

56:11 | May 3rd

Imagine representing not one, but two consecutive Grammy-nominated (including one Grammy winner) clients before you even hit 30? For Lydia Liebman, that became a reality this year when she saw herself at the Grammys for the second year in a row. Born...Show More
The Scent of Success With D’Shawn Russell

52:30 | Apr 26th

Growing up in Durham, North Carolina, D’Shawn Russell was no stranger to racial tensions and prejudices. Her great-grandmother and grandmother were huge influences on her life, and she still applies their values to her business today. After a 22-year...Show More
Financial Literacy: Breaking Barriers in High Schools With Talitha Oliveri

44:44 | Apr 19th

It’s Financial Literacy Month, and national student loan debt has reached a menacing $1.6 trillion. Yep. Trillion. Talitha Oliveri, businesswoman turned high school teacher, is seeking to combat the debt culture that is so prevalent in the U.S. today...Show More
Invest for College in 5 Minutes Flat, With Ksenia Yudina

42:30 | Apr 12th

Let’s face it. With a $1.6 trillion national student loan debt issue, it’s no wonder parents want to know how to save for their kids’ education. Enter Ksenia Yudina, who has created an app called U-Nest, which simplifies the college savings process. ...Show More
Girls Who STEM, With Sarita Menon, Ph.D.

45:20 | Apr 5th

Tired of the lack of female role models in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) field, Sarita Menon, Ph.D. in cancer biology, decided to take matters into her own hands. With a multitude of amazing women in the sciences, Menon is fea...Show More
The Cost of Being Queer With Cait Howerton

52:13 | Mar 29th

Finance often has a way of controlling our lives, whether we want it to or not. But what if you were already two steps behind before the financial race began? Cait Howerton, financial coach and CFP candidate, turned her “mess” into her “message,” and...Show More
Beating Cancer One Step at a Time With Sally Kalksma

58:55 | Mar 22nd

After losing her husband to cancer around the same time she herself was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer, you might think a woman left to raise three teenagers on her own would crumble. But Sally Kalksma took her anger out o...Show More
Don’t Ask for Permission With Karmel Larson

51:44 | Mar 15th

Only 2 percent of women secure venture capital, but this mother of eight recently raised a cool $1.75 million. What gives? Larson takes a seat at the head of the table when pitching her business, knowing that no one knows it better than her. She is p...Show More
From Sex Trafficking to Entrepreneurship — Crushing Gender Inequality With Pamela Nathenson

47:55 | Mar 8th

What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than with an in-depth look at a woman who is tirelessly working to improve women’s lives globally? Pamela Nathanson and her dedication to helping women and girls across the globe is an inspiratio...Show More
Bake Off Has Nothing on Erin Chase

51:55 | Mar 1st

What started as a personal, fun side blog for math and science teacher Erin Chase skyrocketed to a multifaceted digital brand that garnered 2 million users after it went viral. $5 Dinners, Chase’s brainchild, started in 2008 and stemmed from the over...Show More
Former Miss NY Shatters Stereotype That Beauty and Brains Can’t Coexist - Iman Oubou

56:45 | Feb 22nd

After immigrating to the U.S. from Morocco as a teenager, Iman Oubou had to learn not only a new language, but also a new culture. She quickly adapted and went on to earn degrees in biochemistry and biomedical engineering, as well as to become Miss N...Show More
13 Careers and Counting — How Did Dr. Dallas Do It All?

52:55 | Feb 15th

Running up the hills by her grandparents’ place in Alabama started an illustrious if almost unbelievable career for Renette Dallas, N.D. She’s a naturopath who has earned a Bachelor of Science in civil engineering, competed in bodybuilding competitio...Show More
Teenage Beauty Maven Zandra & Momager Tamara Cunningham on Building a Business

47:00 | Feb 8th

When her dad said “no” to buying her lip balm, 9-year-old Zandra Cunningham said “yes.” She decided to make her own lip balm instead, and eight years later at the age of 17, she was named 2017’s Small Business Award Young Entrepreneur of the Year for...Show More
Olympic Gold Medallist Lauryn Williams Helps Her Clients Cross the Financial Finish Line

48:44 | Feb 1st

In 2014, four-time Olympian Lauryn Williams became the first American woman to win medals in both the summer and the winter Olympics. While she began in track and field, an injury sidelined her, and a chance encounter led to a silver medal in bobsled...Show More
Prison Inmates Learn Personal Finance Thanks to Becky MacDicken

57:45 | Jan 25th

After 16 years working for Congress in Washington as a communications director and lobbyist for small businesses, Becky MacDicken finally realized what she wanted to be when she grew up. A chance job offer based in Pennsylvania led to the discovery o...Show More
Marjorie K. Eastman Shrugged Off Sexism and Rose to U.S. Army Commander

50:24 | Jan 24th

Across all branches of the U.S. military, only 14 percent of active service members are women. Veteran, mother, and entrepreneur, Marjorie K. Eastman is a marvel who wants to change that number. Her book, The Frontline Generation, was the first of it...Show More
Yi-Hsian Godfrey Ditches 9 to 5 to Disrupt Home-Care Recruitment

1:00:53 | Jan 23rd

Former American Express marketing executive Yi-Hsian Godfrey yearned to create a business that would help ease the all too common struggle with work-life balance. Godfrey co-founded Apiari — a play on the word apiary, or beehive — an AI-driven home-c...Show More
Jen Groover Overcame Childhood Trauma to Build a Business Empire

1:00:46 | Jan 22nd

Jen Groover’s been through it all and has the emotional growth to prove it. Rather than letting her troubled childhood with an abusive, alcoholic father defeat her, she used it to shape her view of life, business, and finances. A motivational speaker...Show More
Erica Meltzer Democratizes Standardized Testing

1:03:32 | Jan 14th

Erica Meltzer has taken the of SAT and ACT tutoring sphere by storm. After scoring an improbable 800 on the verbal portion of the SATs, Meltzer realized that she had a unique perspective to share, which she now spreads on an international level. ...Show More
From Foodpreneur to Business Mentor

58:15 | Jan 11th

Every entrepreneur faces a moment when they decide if they’re all in. For Belinda DiGiambattista, it was one weekend when she and her husband agonized over whether to take out a loan out against their home in order to fund a much-needed upgrade to h...Show More
Near-Death Experience Granted Alexa Carlin Her New Life

54:18 | Jan 9th

I met Alexa Carlin last year in Washington, D.C. After hearing about her conference, WEX — short for Women Empower Expo — I wanted to see it for myself. I admit, having attended many conferences in the past, I was dubious about the value I would get ...Show More
Bonus Episode: Jana Lynne Sanchez

42:53 | Jan 9th

Jana Lynne Sanchez Pivots from PR Maven to Political Hopeful Listen to the inspiring story of Jana Lynne Sanchez, a woman who ran a tight race as a Democrat in Texas’ 6th Congressional District and nearly won in a red state. She is now a political...Show More