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Weekly updated interviews with scholars, business executives, and policy makers on policy-related issues and simply our world today! Sponsored by the Julis-Rabinowitz Center for Public Policy and Finance at Princeton University. Hosted by Tiger G...Show More

47:55 | Aug 20th

We recorded this interview with Trade Talks host Chad Bown back in February. That was a time when we were still uncertain whether a deal would be reached on March 1 between China and the U.S. on whether the 10% tariffs would rise to 25% for the $200 ...Show More

58:08 | Aug 11th

What is the history of American healthcare reforms through the past four administrations? Americans seem to value choice and freedom a lot, so does it mean that a single-payer health system would never work because of such a cultural factor? How shou...Show More

1:08:29 | Aug 4th

What makes a design artful? The realm of design expands from fine arts to technological innovations, from concrete objects to abstract ideas, and this question about the artfulness of design thus not only relates to the aesthetics, but also to a wide...Show More

1:03:14 | Jul 28th

Jacques Bughin is a senior partner at McKinsey and a director of the McKinsey Global Institute, the firm’s business and economics research arm, and one of its three global co-leaders. He is also a leader in McKinsey’s Media and Entertainment, Corpora...Show More

1:11:54 | Jul 19th

What causes enduring unemployment? What are the impacts of housing booms and manufacturing decline on employment growth? How can we come up with potential solutions for rising healthcare costs? How should we reconcile normative judgments and empirica...Show More

1:02:49 | Jul 11th

Jeffrey R. Shafer is the former Vice Chairman of Citi's Global Banking and Senior Asia Pacific Officer in New York where he was responsible for key Asia Pacific government and corporate client relationships. From 1993 to 1997, Shafer was Assistant S...Show More

53:57 | Jul 2nd

Americans gave $410 billion in 2017, and the U.S. non-profit sector now totals to 11% of the total workforce and 6% of GDP. Philanthropy is such an important sector that is often overlooked by people, so we want to ask some important questions relate...Show More

56:29 | Jun 17th

How does Germany’s health system operate? What lessons can the U.S. health system learn from it? Should refugees have European health care? Would Europe be able to support its increasingly older population?… In this conversation, Prof. Reinhard Bus...Show More

1:02:42 | Jun 8th

What are some of the structural issues with big stock exchanges like NYSE and Nasdaq? What are some of the ways people could take advantage of them? IEX Group hopes to address those issues as an alternative to those traditional exchanges and as a fin...Show More

56:19 | May 23rd

What role did the SEC play in the past decade shaping up new financial regulations in the aftermath of the crisis? Is the agency capable of reinventing itself for change? What is the future for SEC regulations for the financial markets and institutio...Show More

44:48 | May 17th

Do you ever think about what your Google searches say about you? What can data tell us about issues in our society like racism, depression, child abuse, and our deepest fears and insecurities? Many years after the emergence of the term “big data,” we...Show More

36:06 | May 10th

More so than for other countries, the management of water resources is an important aspect of public policy and politics. Today we’re going to try to identify some of the common themes of the relationship between water, politics, governance in contem...Show More

54:11 | May 5th

Mr. Bill Dudley succeeded Tim Geithner as the New York Fed’s president in 2009 after the financial crisis. He has since then become a forceful advocate for cultural change at large financial institutions and argued for keeping a tight rein on banking...Show More

48:27 | Apr 27th

Bringing up the Superbowl at a Sunday BBQ is cool, but bringing up science is much less “socially acceptable”… Likewise, people read about politics and celebrity gossips, but why not the science section in newspapers and magazines? Is it just because...Show More

45:24 | Apr 21st

Where does the future lie for Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria? Should President Trump pull U.S. troops out of Afghanistan or not? What should policy makers think about when considering whether to intervene in another country’s affairs and exporting demo...Show More

43:49 | Apr 13th

It’s been ten years since the 2008 financial crisis, and scholars and policy makers are still reflecting on its causes and effects. The world has gone through a series of tightening regulations and de-risking; the transparency and interdependence of ...Show More

34:37 | Apr 6th

In our last episode, Dr. Celeste Wallander discussed Putin’s Revisionist vision, Russia’s micro-aggression in Eastern Europe, the effect of American sanctions, and the possibility of a nuclear escalation among many other topics… In this episode, we c...Show More

37:57 | Mar 30th

US-Russia Relations After the Mueller Report: Revisionism, Salami Tactics, and Nuclear Escalation On March 24th, special counsel Robert Mueller released his report that the Trump campaign did not collude with Russia during the 2016 election. Russia ...Show More

37:27 | Mar 23rd

“Cautiously optimistic” — that’s the punchline Deutsche Bank Chief Economist Torsten Slok gave for the world economic outlook. Why is there so much angst for a potential recession? How should we react to all the different opinions and reach our own t...Show More

46:16 | Mar 18th

What's the next step for North Korea's denuclearization after President Trump and Kim Jong Un failed to reach a deal in Vietnam? Would the U.N. Security Council be a viable approach for finding solutions? How does the Security Council work and how do...Show More

24:43 | Mar 10th

From the Treasury Department to Citi, from W.H. to Mastercard, Amb. Michael Froman has truly had such a diverse range of work experiences across the public and private sectors. In this episode, we continue our conversation with Amb. Froman and focus ...Show More

36:55 | Feb 24th

Mar. 1 was the deadline for U.S.-China trade negotiations, making it so timely for us to discuss trade issues and policies. It's an honor for Policy Punchline to present our interview with Amb. Michael Froman, who will explain how trade negotiations ...Show More

28:35 | Feb 22nd

Prof. Glen Weyl from Princeton University discusses ideas in his new book "Radical Markets: Uprooting Capitalism and Democracy for a Just Society." The book was just listed in “The Economist’s books of the year” among many other praises. In this inte...Show More

47:33 | Feb 14th

Prof. Matthias Thiemann discusses post-financial-crisis regulations in Europe and the U.S. He will introduce the shadow banking industry, explain the danger of “regulatory competition,” and provide some clarity for the future of the European Union. ...Show More

35:58 | Feb 7th

As the U.S. and China engage in a trade war, what’s future for the business interactions between the two countries? How have the financial industries in the two countries responded to the changes that took place in the past few months? In this epis...Show More

48:32 | Jan 31st

Dr. Bill Janeway presents his book "Doing Capitalism in the Innovation Economy: Markets, Speculation, and the State." He touches on topics such as venture capital investment, tech bubbles, government regulation, cryptocurrency & blockchain, and the f...Show More

38:37 | Jan 24th

Dr. Christopher Marks discusses the current investment outlook and political environment in Africa, as well as his experience supporting economic development in Africa as a public finance specialist and investment banker. Dr. Marks is Managing Dire...Show More

36:19 | Jan 19th

Dr. Christopher Marks of Mitsubishi Financial Group discusses how innovations in development finance such as new risk management tools are now “crowding in” private investments into emerging markets like Africa. As the flow of overseas development as...Show More