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Who really killed Blockbuster Video?

37:27 | Jun 30th

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Netflix killed our trips to the video store and ushered in the streaming era. But when Netflix started out, it was a fraction of the size of Blockbuster. It should have been crushed, and almost was. W...Show More


danny recommended:Jul 4th

Didn't realize how close the Netflix vs blockbuster battle was.

I thought this episode was:

πŸ’‘ Educational
πŸ•΅οΈβ€ Well-researched

hummingbird95Jul 5th

@danny I can’t wait to listen to this one!

aliceko recommended:Jul 3rd

I couldn't believe the spies.

I thought this episode was:

🀣 Absolutely hilarious
🀯 Unbeliveable

mmJul 3rd

mm recommended:Jul 3rd

Netflix didn’t kill Blockbuster. Blockbuster killed Blockbuster. In fact, Blockbuster almost killed Netflix. This episode blew my mind 🀯🀯🀯 Also the Blockbuster sent cunning spies to the Netflix warehouse. A+ corporate espionage work there 🀣

I thought this episode was:

🀣 Absolutely hilarious
🧐 Intriguing
🀯 Unbeliveable

mmJul 3rd

@bigfoot_skeptic To be a fly on the wall in the meeting when the spying plan was developed 🀣

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