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Tenderfoot TV, Black Mountain Media & Cadence 13

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Culpable explores unsettled cases where the people who seem deserving of blame have somehow eluded justice. Whether it is the result of inept investigative work, flaws in the judicial system, or flat out corruption, the truth is that a failure to hol...Show More


01:35 | Jun 1st, 2019

The new true crime series from Black Mountain Media and Tenderfoot TV, coming June 17th. 

52:27 | Jul 15th, 2019

Meridian Police Department rules Christian’s death a suicide after a mere 45 minute investigation. MPD holds everything close to the vest and Rae shares her experience of what working with MPD was rea...Show More
Get the best podcast recommendations in your inbox every week. 😎

04:01 | Jul 21st

Between the years of 1967 and 1972 over 300 commercial airplanes were hijacked worldwide, with over 130 of those happening in the United States alone. This period would become known as "The Golden Age...Show More

01:25 | May 13th

This season, the NRA is in the crosshairs. This past year has rocked the country’s most powerful special interest organization like none other. Internal power struggles have exposed the group’s questi...Show More

04:14 | Mar 31st

Introducing "Somebody" a new podcast available now. When Shapearl Wells's son Courtney is found outside a Chicago police station with a fatal bullet wound, Shapearl immediately distrusts the official ...Show More
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