What happened to the McFlurry?

30:14 | Nov 26th, 2019

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McFlurries aren't what they used to be. Why did McDonald's stop stirring them? Show notes: 2:29 - McFlurry demo (YouTube) 6:40 - Adrianne's McFlurry 8:40 - Why Is the McFlurry Machine Down Again?...Show More


mijustin recommended:Mar 9th

Love how the hosts "follow their curiosity" here!

rmmiller364 recommended:Mar 4th

A lot of the things large companies do can seem like a mystery to outsiders, which is great fodder for lighthearted investigative podcasts like this one. It reminds me of similar Reply All episodes.

mm recommended:Dec 23rd, 2019

I LOVED this episode. I love McFlurries (oops! I mean "McFlurry treats"), but apparently the staff stopped stirring them. Why? These friends investigate why. They do such a great job. I stayed on the edge of my seat the entire episode. Also hilarious look into the patents that McDonald's holds. You'...Show More

mmDec 23rd, 2019

@serena Important food episode about the curious case of the unmixed McFlurries.

epekilisFeb 7th

@mm Thanks for the recommendation. This was very funny, but I will admit that I have never had a McFlurry as I am allergic to peanuts. I just have to sit there watching my husband scarf them back. Interesting discussion about the difficult work conditions. It left me with a very different impres...Show More

mmFeb 7th

@epekilis Let me listen to the other episode can get back to you with thoughts.

epekilisMay 13th

@mm Just finished reading the book β€œOn the Clock: What Low Wage Work Did To Me and How it Drives America Insane: by Emily Guendelsberger. In the final pages of the book she has a mega-colossal episode with a McFlurry machine while working at a McDonalds. (Read the chapter β€œNumber 6”, which is the...Show More

mmMay 14th

@epekilis You had me at the title and McFlurry 😱