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Social Science

Larger Than Life

L.A. Times | L.A. Times Studios

In 1960s Los Angeles, after the catastrophic Watts riots, an outsized character emerged — one who found an unexpected way to unite people across race and class. Odds are you’ve never heard of him. From LA Times Studios, the team behind “Dirty John” a...Show More

28:02 | Jul 9th

L.A. street racing legend Big Willie Robinson uses cars to heal a city torn apart by racial violence. His larger-than-life exploits touch Hollywood, the Southland’s most notorious gangs and even the Los Angeles Times. Learn more about the story, sig...Show More

05:45 | Aug 30th

Joe Exotic is a man who loves his animals and the zoo he created for them. But Joe has a nemesis in the animal world named Carole. And as much as they both love to save animals, Joe and Carole are hell-bent on destroying each other. Listen to seaso...Show More
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36:00 | Aug 6th

Big Willie Robinson’s decision to make himself into a myth ends in tragedy. An effort to understand his legacy leads to a harrowing street race in Compton, and, ultimately, a question: What does it really mean to be larger than life? Learn more abou...Show More

38:18 | Jul 30th

As the drug trade and gang violence of the 1980s engulf South Los Angeles, Big Willie Robinson finds himself without a racetrack and sees his influence waning. But after the city burns again, he seizes a chance to start anew. Learn more about the st...Show More

35:11 | Jul 23rd

A startling revelation about Big Willie Robinson leads to a reappraisal of the street racer and his mission. As members of the Brotherhood of Street Racers try to make sense of his secret, a new truth emerges. Learn more about the story, sign up for...Show More

33:42 | Jul 16th

Big Willie Robinson has a surprising career turn in the entertainment industry, working as an actor, rubbing shoulders with A-listers and appearing in some iconic 1970s films. He even has connections to the “The Fast and the Furious” and “Star Wars” ...Show More

30:48 | Jul 11th

Banned from street racing in L.A. in the early 1970s, Big Willie Robinson becomes fixated with building a racetrack for the Brotherhood of Street Racers. He wants a place where all are welcome — even cops and criminals — but can he pull it off? Lear...Show More

31:05 | Jul 9th

In the five years after the 1965 Watts riots, Big Willie Robinson meets the love of his life, gets the car of his dreams, forges ties with the LAPD and starts the Brotherhood of Street Racers. Learn more about the story, sign up for new episode aler...Show More

03:06 | Jul 1st

This is the true story of a street racer who united Los Angeles — but left behind a tangle of questions. Reported, written and hosted by Daniel Miller from the Los Angeles Times. Premieres July 9.