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How do you take down a criminal network that’s hidden in the shadows? How do you rescue child abuse victims who could be anywhere in the world? Hunting Warhead follows the journalists and police on a global mission to expose the darkest corners of th...Show More

54:24 | Nov 4th, 2019

Einar Stangvik is a white-hat hacker — an internet security expert with an expertise in cracking the most secure and disturbing parts of the web. He discovers a troubling phenomenon online and joins f...Show More

gml recommended:

I haven’t stopped thinking about Ep 3 since I heard it. This podcast is just good solid reporting/writing & treats a difficult-to-discuss su...Show More

47:51 | Nov 11th, 2019

Jenn was home alone with her children when she received a call from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. They needed to talk to her as soon as possible. It was about her relative, Ben Faulkner.

ddtbagbabe recommended:

This podcast is like a car crash, you feel like you shouldn’t look (in this case listen), but you somehow can’t stop yourself. I’m a mom, I...Show More

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44:35 | Nov 11th, 2019

After the arrest of Canadian Benjamin Faulkner, Taskforce Argos has to learn how to become Warhead on Child’s Play, before its users realize that the site has been compromised. But time is running out...Show More

michelle_ebooks recommended:

the global network of cyber crime circulating through forums on the dark web is a lot, but not surprising. what's incredible is the global n...Show More

44:24 | Nov 4th, 2019

All Gordon wants for his birthday is to travel to Washington, D.C., to visit museums and see the opera. He’s completely unaware that his companion on this trip has very different plans. His friend has...Show More

michelle_ebooks recommended:

the series picks up right at the end of episode 1 and gets really interesting this episode. it feels made for storytelling to have gordon, a...Show More

54:08 | Nov 18th, 2019

At Faulkner’s final sentencing hearing, we finally discover the true extent of his activities on the dark web. We thought we knew everything he had been up to. We were wrong.

ddtbagbabe recommended:

I almost wish I never started this podcast...this piece of garbage just gets worse and more self serving and arrogant every episode. It’s di...Show More

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