Sunstorm with Alicia Garza & Ai-jen Poo

How to Get Free with Aminatou Sow

25:56 | Mar 3rd

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Friendship is political - Aminatou Sow talks about making friends, thanking our ancestors and enjoying our wins....Show More


fiercefab recommended:Aug 26th

We talk about putting in the work for our careers, our partners, our families, our children — but then there’s this idea that friendship is supposed to be easy or effortless. So when we hit that rough patch with a dear friend, it can feel jarring, hopeless and even shameful. Maybe we give up on ...Show More

I thought this episode was:

💛 Honest
🤓 Insightful
🥰 Intimate

michelle_ebooks recommended:Mar 18th

i'm a biggggg big fan of aminatou & ann's call your girlfriend show and their friendship. and a big fan of ai-jen & alicia. i have kept shine theory (i don't shine if you don't shine, it's all of us or none of us - putting collaboration over competition) at the forefront of all i do! i also really l...Show More

aliceko recommended:Mar 11th

A surprising episode about female friendship, feminism, and an amazing concept called Shine Theory, a premise that “I don’t shine if you don’t shine”. Amazing discussion around the power of friendship, community over competition, why self-care is actually reading, and why feminists need to celebrate...Show More

rosaguac recommended:Mar 4th

shine theory, a term coined by aminatou sow and ann friedman, describes a 'commitment to collaborating with rather than competing against other people—especially other women' we don't really learn how to make friends, what is a chosen family and most importantly, how do we make meaningful and deep...Show More

alicekoMar 7th

@rosaguac I LOVED THIS EPISODE! Thank you for sharing. +1 to "made me reflect on who i choose to surround myself with and what i need to do to cultivate and sustain these relationships". To me, a 'friendship' that is not deep, is not a friendship - that's an acquaintance!

rosaguacMar 8th

@aliceko IM SO GLAD🥺❣️‼️ it’s something that we don’t really think about or I think learn! so it’s not to verbally describe what it means to invest in our relationships and what it means to practice shine theory 🤩🥳