The Other Latif: Episode 1

41:46 | Feb 4th

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The Other Latif Radiolab’s Latif Nasser always believed his name was unique, singular, completely his own. Until one day when he makes a bizarre and shocking discovery. He shares his name with another...Show More


rmmiller364 recommended:Feb 9th

I cannot wait for the next episodes of this

michelle_ebooks recommended:Feb 5th

really intriguing series that is many years in the making! have always been a fan of what latif makes on radiolab and super excited to continue to listen to his series stumbling upon a guy with his same name who ends up detained in guantánamo bay in massive limbo. it’s gut-wrenching but important ...Show More

dee.ngyn recommended:Feb 5th


mmFeb 7th

@dee.ngyn I’m feeling so much FOMO right now on this episode. Must listen.

yveehops recommended:Feb 14th

Loved this episode. Really shed some light onto the situation in Guantanamo Bay and how innocent people could potentially be behind bars under Trump’s government. Or are they innocent? Can’t wait for the next episode.

mm recommended:Feb 17th

This episode is a boom 💥 A look into a prisoner’s struggle to be released from Guantanamo Bay. Three years of research in the making. Twists and turns until the very end. Highly recommend a listen.

flajee recommended:Feb 17th

This episode was explosive! I’m really looking forward to listening to this intriguing series.