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Centenarians in Lockdown

13:20 | Apr 10th, 2020

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Joe Newman is 107 years old. He was 5 during the flu pandemic of 1918. Today, he lives in a senior apartment complex in Sarasota, Florida with his fiancé, Anita Sampson. The complex is on lockdown, so...Show More


jspinelle recommended:Apr 12th, 2020

This conversation is so sweet and a great reminder that no day should be taken for granted, even if it’s one spent cooped up in the house.

danny recommended:Apr 13th, 2020

❤️ So sweet. Apparently there are going to be more of these citizen reporters during quarantine time.

hsfargis recommended:Apr 13th, 2020

This was precious. Hope they do more of these.

phocks recommended:May 12th, 2020

This was really sweet.

mm recommended:May 18th, 2020

“Over 107 years, I’ve faced a lot of problems. Living is a problem!” 😆

I thought this episode was:

😍 Cute
😊 Delightful
💬 A great conversation

mmJun 20th, 2020

@kimwaudio ?

rmmiller364 recommended:May 21st, 2020