The Brink of Sanity

The Brink of Sanity

The Brink of Sanity show started waaaaaayyyyy back in 2008 with Jay and Bri as the show’s co-hosts and Jay’s dad as the sole listener. The audio was poor as was the content. It was dark times for the podcast. Then in 2009 something magical happene...Show More


1:18:46 | Sep 11th, 2017

Jay, Bri, and the Doc the latest in noisy neighbors, hurricanes, blindfolds, porn in the 90's, pumpkin spice, party stories, and more

1:58:28 | Jun 9th, 2017

Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about Jays Asia trip, how Jay is the least important part of the show, opportunity cost and much more
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1:21:21 | Mar 21st

Marc, Jay, and Bri talk about how they are dealing with the crisis, top 5 things that have come out of this, and more than a few tangents

1:29:06 | Mar 14th

Marc, Jay, and Peter talk about anxiety, parents and technology, some politics, and we obviously talk about the Coronavirus. We try to have some fun but the pandemic is obviously weighing on our minds...Show More

1:27:13 | Mar 6th

Marc, Jay, Bri, and Janssen talk about how work hates Jay, eating light at night, preparing for the end of the world, the bum subway, Janssen and Jay have had similar life paths, listener questions, a...Show More
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