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Christopher Titus Podcast

Christopher Titus


Christopher Titus, Bombshell Rae and Willie "Jello" Johnson discuss the news of the day, politics, the woes of our society, every-day idiots and an occasional hero. Broadcasting from the Combustion Lounge. "The world is a joke, we just prove it"

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1:22:13 | Aug 18th, 2017

The Titus Podcast is recorded LIVE at the Burbank Comedy Festival. The crew brings on comedian and author Greg Behrendt and attempt to avoid the dreaded "Comedian Circle Jerk".  Titus and Greg reminis...Show More

1:23:40 | Jul 31st

John Lewis showed us America, and what it was founded on was worth fighting for and tyrants, dictators, and racists are worth fighting against.  He was a hero of the American Promise! We also talk abo...Show More
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1:39:26 | Jul 24th

Remember when people were scared that a black president with a "suspicious" middle name was gonna impose sharia law? How about that time they just HAD to lock up a certain woman so she couldn't become...Show More

1:33:10 | Jul 17th

In the face of Science and the best virologist in the worlds recommendations, Red State Governors looked into their crystal balls and opened up! And it went SOOOO well.  Cases spiking and the back ped...Show More

1:19:37 | Jul 11th

After EVERYTHING SCIENCE HAS SAID ABOUT COVID19 has come true, not wearing a mask is a now a sign of retardation. We know longer have to ask if you're stupid, we can just see it. Thank you for making ...Show More
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