The JV Club with Janet Varney

Janet Varney, Nerdist Industries

Remember what it was like to be an awkward teenager? And remember how some things haven't really changed that much for you since then? Join proud dork Janet Varney as she explores the highs and lows of the bygone years with some of her favorite women...Show More

1:30:14 | Feb 20th

Take a deep dive into underwater civilizations… and into the adventurous life of the very talented actor/comedian/writer Nalini Sharma! Find out if gemstones protect you from harm! Think about what be...Show More

1:04:58 | Feb 13th

Put down that Stephen King book and enjoy to this episode of The JV Club with the awesome Keisha Zollar (Netflix’s “Astronomy Club”), whose history of multiple moves and a challenging health situation...Show More
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1:45:36 | Feb 6th

Maybe a record-breaking length for a single episode? And this conversation with comedian Nori Reed is worth every minute! Join Nori and JV for a deep-dive into subjects from the silly to the heartbrea...Show More

1:19:35 | Jan 30th

Make some room at your lunch table for comedian Helen Hong (Go Fact Yourself) and delight in stories of potato knishes, disappearing rabbits, and someone who actually loves “Cats." Hosted by Janet Va...Show More

1:12:17 | Jan 23rd

The delightful Jamie Loftus (The Bechdel Cast) joins JV to talk real-life SORTING HOUSES (!), band instrument hierarchy, Algebra-Hacky Sack-Juggalos. Also, I had to look up how to spell “hacky sack” b...Show More
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