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1:03:48 | Mar 19th, 2018

If 'The Prestige' hamfistedly taught us anything, it’s that movies are big ol’ magic tricks. Lights shine on a screen, colors dance in front of our eyes, and we feel like we went to space...even thoug...Show More
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Three people way over thinking movies. The girl is especially annoying.

48:49 | Mar 30th

Military history: it’s supposedly just battles between armies. But what about the countries who launched elaborate assaults on other nations’ minds? Or beseiged their own citizens’ sanity? On this epi...Show More
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51:37 | Mar 23rd

History is a lot more than BIG SPEECHES and GRAND ACHIEVEMENTS and THINGS WE ARE ALL PROUD OF. So on this episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt is joined by Billy Wayne Davis (Conan, Adult Swim...Show More

1:00:57 | Mar 16th

How did we remember anything before the Internet? If it wasn’t in a library book, a file cabinet, or a computer database the size of a living room, it wasn’t easy to hang onto a piece of information. ...Show More

55:20 | Mar 9th

There’s something magical about a pilgrimage. It combines a journey, a quest, and a vacation into one experience. So keep trekking to your favorite things, you wonderful people you. Just make sure you...Show More
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