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Every week Alice Fraser, chronic thinker, comedian, ex lawyer and cambridge graduate drinks tea and solves the world. With a rotating cast of bright and brilliant guests.

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Tiff Stevenson - RepresentCast

1:24:57 | Sep 12th, 2017

Tiff Stevenson has Alice around to her house in Muswell hill and over tea and coffee, they talk about the battle of Edinburgh, the complexities of representation, and whether you should respect everyone's culture, even when you don't agree with it. ...Show More

Andy Zaltzman - Economic InequityCast

50:21 | Aug 28th, 2017

Alice sits in a cafe with Andy Zaltzman, over green tea and talks leaf-tea obsessions, economic unfairness, carving a niche, not getting boring with Political satire, can you change the world? You can find Andy at @hellobuglers Alice is at @aliter...Show More

Tiff Stevenson - ConsentCast in Space

1:02:16 | Nov 21st, 2018

Tiff Stevenson, best friend of the podcast returns for more intense and interesting chat about what it is to be a person in the world, a woman in the industry and some controversial thoughts.

Ray Badran - AntiOpinionCast

38:44 | Nov 13th, 2018

Ray Badran over Gentle giant tea talks about being the child of immigrants, not wanting to have an opinion on things, and maths.

Kemah Breon Bob - Sex, Race and FeminiCast

35:28 | Nov 3rd, 2018

Kemah Breon Bob, immigrant texan, performer and activist talks not voting, and the difference between what you want to say and what you want people to hear as well as how sometimes talking about your vagina for ten minutes is victory, and sometimes i...Show More

Neal Downward - PolitiCast

44:51 | Oct 26th, 2018

Neal Downward, ex-boss of SBS Comedy, sits in London drinking blue tea talking business, wellness, mortality, moving, Aussie Politics, diversity hiring and staying in your lane. Find neal at

Phil Nichol - Murderous RageCast

51:19 | Oct 18th, 2018

Phil Nichol sits with Alice in his flat in Camden over some mint and liquorice tea, talking anger, acid reflux, public weeping and human connection.

Solo Podcast - Why do fools Fall in Lovecast

28:41 | Sep 28th, 2018

I answer some questions from twitter. Politics in comedy, milk in tea, how to avoid burning down the world.

Beth O'Brien - Medicine and HumilityCast

49:47 | Sep 20th, 2018

Beth O'Brien sits over tea in her flat in Hampstead Heath talking self esteem vs self respect, medical terminology, journalistic ethics, and the problem with autoimmune disorders.

Henry Fraser - TechBro and ObscenityCast

46:23 | Sep 8th, 2018

Dr Henry Fraser, sibling and tech-literally-my-bro, talks over chilli rooibos about the pros and cons of Swearing, self care vs mindless hedonism, precision of language and the product that he is working on to change the way you do agreements. Henr...Show More

John-Luke Roberts AbsurdCast

53:40 | Sep 3rd, 2018

In a field at End of The Road Festival Alice talks to John-Luke Roberts about praise, absurdism, alienating an audience and double acts. John-Luke can be found @jlukeroberts Alice is @aliterative as ever

James Nokise - DollsCast

49:13 | Aug 19th, 2018

James Nokise, friend of the podcast over liquorice tea, on Golliwogs, explaining consent and inherited trauma.

Myq Kaplan - StreetSweepCast

46:10 | Aug 12th, 2018

Myq Kaplan is into the universe. We talk over a detox tea about elephant birthdays, his life choices, mindful approaches to the universe, fire engines and the cleanliness of the street outside. Also a few announcements. Find Myq at ...Show More

Solo Question and AnswerCast

30:31 | Jul 26th, 2018

Sexuality, Spanish legalities, home and travel, immoral jokes. Alice answers listener questions from Twitter.

Tiff Stevenson - Wrong vs Evilcast

1:13:00 | Jul 19th, 2018

Returning guest Tiff Stevenson sits over fresh cold lemon tea and talks with Alice about Richard Dawkins, the difference between being wrong and evil, physical stress manifestations and social media bullying.

George Egg - Food and DeathCast

52:04 | Jul 13th, 2018

I sat with George Egg, the Anarchist Cook/ DIY Chef @georgeegg at Mei Leaf Tea House in Camden, and we talked about Chai in India, being annoyed by the approach of death, loving your family, and what comedy is and isn't.

Laura Davis - Mace in the FaceCast

48:12 | Jul 3rd, 2018

Laura Davis sits in her flat in London over a cool cup of calcium carbonate, and talks with Alice about how much responsibility people should be expected to take for their own safety, whether women should be armed, what's interchangeable about people...Show More

Tiff Stevenson - Safety at NightCast

1:18:53 | Jun 22nd, 2018

Tiff Stevenson sits with Alice over blended ice tea and a pint of water to talk about being careful, good advice and bad advice, good experiences and bad experiences, getting home at night, and being realistic. Alice is @aliterative Tiff is at @ti...Show More

Ash Ranpura - ExerciseCast

51:13 | Jun 12th, 2018

Ash Ranpura, neurologist, neuroscientist and author sits in a cafe with Alice and talks about exercise, good habits and meditation. Alice is @aliterative

Tiff Stevenson - Teeth and ConflictCast

52:07 | Jun 6th, 2018

Tiff Stevenson sits in her house in London over NO TEA and talks to Alice about Teeth, Peace Forums, malicious misinterpretation, victorian manners, social consent and Jordan Peterson. Find Tiff online at @tiffstevenson Alice is @aliterative

Laura Davis - CouchCast

28:16 | May 28th, 2018

Laura Davis sits in the basement of the Phoenix Pub in London, dehydrated, and talks to Alice about travel, shades of the Guilt Economy, Bodies, Couches and Copyright.

Solo Teacast - Q and A

31:02 | May 19th, 2018

Alice answers questions from Tea With Alice listeners, and one from a non-listener.

Craig Quartermaine - The QuarterCast

52:17 | May 11th, 2018

The impact of tea on moods, speaking white, finding out what theatresports is, using dick jokes to talk about Syria, why it's easier being an indigenous comic overseas, enlightenment and colonialism, making use of the land, Anger and Authority, selli...Show More

Matt Hofmann - Faces of ComedyCast

44:51 | May 3rd, 2018

Photographer Matt Hofmann talks to Alice over Oolong and Earl Grey, about Veganism, breweries, hypocrisy, mental health and the Face of Comedy project.

James Nokise - LemongrassCast

48:15 | Apr 25th, 2018

James Nokise over lemongrass tea on why he avoided Australia, Pacific Island history, the ins and outs of trench warfare, the pragmatism of injury, rights and responsibility, construction worker-esses. Find james at @jamesnokise Alice is at @alite...Show More

Michael Fraser - Buddhism and ReligionCast

42:20 | Apr 19th, 2018

This is a slightly unusual pod, with my father Michael Fraser, asking him about his history with Buddhist tradition and meditation, in an age of productivity focused meditation apps. How he went from Judaism to Buddhism, and what meditation is for, f...Show More

Tim Batt - Street PreacherCast

50:09 | Apr 11th, 2018

Tim Batt, New Zealand comedy star, outrage merchant, talks with Alice in the Chinese Museum about courage and vulnerability on stage, shouting at street preachers, the use of 'boys' by young men. Blackface, golliwogs, American politics, local politic...Show More

Dean Mayes - Too Sexy Nursecast

57:05 | Apr 4th, 2018

Dean Mayes, Working class man, romance novelist and night nurse, talks over Gyokuro with Alice in Adelaide about being a man in female dominated industries, and whether he understands anything about anything any more. Dean's website is http://deanf...Show More

Kirsty Webeck - Scandal and ExclusionCast

1:01:39 | Mar 27th, 2018

Kirsty Webeck sits in Adelaide with Alice over an iced green tea old school style where you just pour cold water over a teabag, talking about getting booted out of the moral high-ground, how to deal with social media and whether you can write good co...Show More

Aditi Mittal - Blacking Out OnstageCast

51:18 | Mar 20th, 2018

Aditi Mittal sits with Alice in a cafe in Edinburgh during the Fringe last year, in a blast from the past. They talk Oat Milk, finding your voice, comedy as complicity, what makes things traumatic, implied contracts, dealing with flattery, Marathons,...Show More

John Hastings - Freudian Slip Slop Slapcast

50:52 | Mar 11th, 2018

John Hastings sits with Alice in an outdoors cafe in Adelaide talking about Tyson, Chappelle, Adulthood, Advertising, making good rape jokes, Masculinity and school uniforms.

Elf Lyons - Economics Awards and Alcoholismcast

43:47 | Mar 5th, 2018

Elf Lyons, AA, drinking, Malthusian Economics, the punchline of Veganism, impostor syndrome and queer self policing. Find Elf on twitter at @elf_lyons Alice is at @aliterative as always

Winnie M Li - Rape and NarrativesCast

1:16:02 | Feb 20th, 2018

Winnie M Li, Novelist, Activist and returning Teacast guest talks over some supreme matcha about polarising narratives, how to prevent human predatory instincts becoming bad behaviours, law and vigilantism, and the relationship of workplace sexual ha...Show More

Lucy Howard-Taylor - Morality and CreationCast

37:03 | Feb 12th, 2018

Lucy Howard-Taylor, fundraiser, author and poet sits with Alice in a cafe in London, talking about how to be useful in the world, whether you need to be a very good writer to be a writer at all, and how to deal with having a good life, and a lot of t...Show More

Brendon Burns - Women and Moneycast

55:32 | Feb 5th, 2018

Alice sits in Brendon Burns car, and over some Mother Energy drink for him, and some elderflower tea for her, they talk about women, alpha males, money, how violently 14 year old Perth boys deal with sexual discomfort, and how Brendon is going on a q...Show More

Gillean Denny - Spacecast

42:06 | Jan 31st, 2018

Over a mocha and a matcha in Jesus College Cambridge, Architect, writer and mother, Gillean Denny talks about space, time, walls, creative restriction and the difference between teaching adults and teaching 3 year olds about gothic windows. Alice i...Show More

Tiff Stevenson - ConsentCast Comes Again

1:08:34 | Jan 21st, 2018

Tiff Stevenson talks over a decaf abomination to Alice, about the Aziz Ansari scandal, the competition between social and personal battles, workplace vs individual harassment, personal accountability and journalistic standards. Also, Alice pitches ...Show More

Alice Fraser - Solo Teacast Qs and As

32:33 | Jan 16th, 2018

In this solo podcast, over a suitcase Gyokuro, Alice answers some of your questions and refuses to answer others. Including advice for teenage boys, empathy, comedy, some properly incoherent bullsh-t and NO PUNS. Alice is at @aliterative as ever

Chris Skinner - InheritanceCast

56:30 | Jan 8th, 2018

Chris Skinner, producer of The Bugle Podcast sits with Alice in a tea shop in Soho over not-quite black tea and talks about inheritance, the news, dignity, class fiction and meeting your enemies in a pub. Find Chris at @producerchris on Twitter Al...Show More

Ed Byrne - Rage and Winning

53:14 | Dec 27th, 2017

Over a cup of bean-to-cup coffee, Ed Byrne talks about twitter conflicts, conscience, achievement and admitting you're wrong. Also, the Weinstein and industry allegations from the perspective of a powerful man in comedy. Find Ed at Ali...Show More

Henry Fraser - SwearingCast

48:19 | Dec 13th, 2017

Henry Fraser over fizzy water, green tea and a hastily swallowed quiche in a busy cafe in Drury Lane. Listen to Alice make her long suffering twin and Oxford Alumnus Henry talk to her about nuance, the techniques of mediation, and the complexities of...Show More

Tiff Stevenson - Consent Cast

1:15:59 | Dec 1st, 2017

Black Decaf Tea and a coffee, Tiff Stevenson talks with Alice about good men, consent, the hedonistic level, the time she got in a sauna with all her clothes on, the complexities of libel laws in the age of accusation and how we didn't sign up to be ...Show More

Al Murray - Ritual and MoneyCast

1:05:41 | Nov 24th, 2017

Black tea and Vanta Black pigment - Al Murray talks with Alice in a teahouse in Camden about Beliefs, Alimony, History, Organisation and Anger. Find him on @AlMurray on twitter Alice is at @aliterative as ever.

Steele Saunders - Star Wars WarsCast

1:15:34 | Nov 21st, 2017

Steele Saunders drinks turmeric and ginger tea to fit in with the Tea With Alice brand, talking the class issues of Iced Coffee, Overdoses, how to make meaning in life, Star Wars as a microcosm of society and angry fans. Steele can be found at @Stee...Show More

Laurie Kilmartin - Celibacy and EscapeCast

58:45 | Nov 6th, 2017

Laurie Kilmartin sits with Alice in LA over black tea with creamer, talking about dating while comedian, what you can ask of partners, sharing and American Politics. Laurie Kilmartin can be found at @anylaurie16 Alice is @aliterative as ever

Troy Conrad - Man Rebuiltcast

53:14 | Oct 30th, 2017

Troy Conrad, photographer, performer and Set-List co-originator sits with Alice over a triple bag of herbal lemon tea in Los Angeles to talk about alkalising your body, being thoughtful, remaking your character, growth, change and loss. Troy is at ...Show More

Lisa Sharon Harper - Faith and Charlottesville

1:10:49 | Oct 23rd, 2017

Over Rooibos tea, Alice talks to Lisa Sharon Harper, consultant, church engagement officer and activist about the American Narrative Gap, the conflicts of identity, her experience at Charlottesville, and more. Lisa Sharon Harper can be found at @li...Show More

Graham Elwood - Chamomile VigilanteCast

55:41 | Oct 18th, 2017

Alice talks over chamomile tea to Graham Elwood of Comedy Film Nerds, one of the organisers and originating minds behind the Los Angeles Podcast Festival, and Political Vigilante. They discuss the benefits of loose leaf green, how to deal with shifts...Show More

Paul Gilmartin - MentalCast

59:59 | Oct 8th, 2017

Alice talks to Paul Gilmartin of the Mental Illness Happy Hour Podcast about shame, support groups, the incest spectrum, his experience with doing a podcast about mental illness, and American Politics. Alice is at @aliterative as ever.

Andrew X - Manners Make Mancast

48:24 | Oct 2nd, 2017

Alice talks to her friend Andrew X, engineer, polymath, autodidact and hospitality worker. We chat over the memory of water about manners, whether the pay gap is real, and how to understand traditional marriage advocacy as anything other than homopho...Show More

Justin Hamilton - ConvertibleCast

1:29:14 | Sep 25th, 2017

Justin Hamilton talks to Alice over a long black and an English Breakfast. They discuss the ups and downs of being a man in your forties, the failings of commercial radio, the difficulties of saying what you like and why, and how to do violence again...Show More

Alice Fraser - WallCast

27:55 | Sep 18th, 2017

Thwarted in this week's podcast recording, Alice returns to her trusty friend, talking to the wall. Extreme jetlag and post-adrenaline combine to make for a very rambling teacast, in which death threats, heckling, jumpsuits, Artificial Intelligence a...Show More

Laura Davis - Mothcast

46:35 | Sep 4th, 2017

Laura Davis, friend of the podcast and Alice sit in a London flat over Choc-Mint Rooibos tea, talking Moths, Travel, Existential Crises, the Essential trouble with Comedic News Satire and Edinburgh. You can find Laura at @lauradaviscomic Alice is at...Show More

Lydia Rickards - Getting Oldcast

52:28 | Aug 21st, 2017

Lydia Rickards sits with Alice Fraser in a tea house in Soho in London to talk about ageing, life plans, being boring and why she's drinking hot water with Lemon. You can find Lydia at @lydiarickards Alice is at @aliterative as ever.

Sameena Zehra - CultureCast

47:13 | Aug 6th, 2017

Alice drinks tea at the house of Sameena Zehra, who is a fascinating bundle of ideas, an immigrant, activist, artist, actor and standup, she lives in Brighton and we talked about all sorts, including culture, belief, family and how she lost her relig...Show More

The Return of Solo

34:51 | Jul 31st, 2017

Alice drinks rooibos tea and talks to a tree. Edinburgh, failure, how sex work is like everything, what she secretly says to her guests before the show. Alice is at @aliterative as ever.

Iszi Lawrence - Jiu Jitsu womanhood and fatphobiacast

1:09:18 | Jul 24th, 2017

Iszi Lawrence drinks Diet Coke and Alice drinks Vanilla Rooibos in Yumchaa in Soho. From fighting to gender to fatphobia in one pot of tea. Iszi can be found on twitter @iszi_lawrence Alice is at @aliterative as ever.

Craig Quartermaine and Brendon Burns RaceOffCast

1:09:12 | Jul 16th, 2017

Two-guest podcast this week, with the double trouble team of Brendon Burns and Craig Quartermaine in a tea shop in Camden in London. We talk about Indigenous Australian naming protocols, Brendon opines on who looks like which monkeys and what racism ...Show More

Charlie Duncan Saffrey - PhilosoTeaCast

1:01:54 | Jul 10th, 2017

Charlie Duncan Saffrey talks about the proper time for Earl Grey tea, why Academic Philosophy is dead, what he doesn't like about Stand-up, Comedy, why Alice doesn't drink, his show Stand-up Philosophy. Find Charlie Duncan Saffrey at

Henry Fraser - FightCast

56:57 | Jul 3rd, 2017

Academic and twin brother Henry Fraser sits with Alice in his flat in London drinking lapsang souchong and talks about the economy of attention, deep long held carrot resentment, sharks, terrorism, cycling and hope. Henry's taken himself offline fo...Show More

Kirsty Webeck - DisappointmentCast

1:13:25 | Jun 25th, 2017

State Library, unsweetened iced green tea on a cold day, the evolution of language in silos, being on a pedestal, communicating, and what Kirsty wears to a wedding. Find Kirsty Webeck at @kirstywebeck on all the social media. Alice is at @alitera...Show More

Tea for OneCast

35:56 | Jun 18th, 2017

This week, I sit alone in a room with a cuppa, talking to the void. We discuss modular identities, why "whatabouting" depletes empathy, the night I hung out by a fridge with Alan Cumming and whether we're more than the sum of our parts.

Mitch Alexander - Dangerous IdeasCast

54:26 | Jun 11th, 2017

Mitch Alexander on sex robots, thinking like a nazi and the state of academia. discuss fear, censorship and the danger or virtue of dangerous ideas about virtue. Also, a battle with passing trolleys.

David Maney - Alternative Medicinecast

1:03:08 | Jun 4th, 2017

David Maney is a performer, teacher of Clowning, works with disabled people and is trying to brush up his resume. He talks to Alice over Peppermint tea about Invisible Disabilities, New Age Medicine and Being a Tea.

Laura Davis - Rage and BraCast

46:29 | May 28th, 2017

In Alice's temporary home in Collingwood, Laura Davis drinks Russian Caravan tea and talks about ethical dilemmas, moving house, travel and rage. Laura is online at Alice is at

John Vlismas - RaceCast

41:49 | May 21st, 2017

John Vlismas on race, preachiness, being offensive versus being polite. Crime in South Africa. Facets of rage. How to be a commentator in a foreign land. Refugees from democracy.

Paul Solomon - Return of Sandwich JonesCast

1:05:23 | May 14th, 2017

In a hotel in Perth, Alice talks to childhood friend, Radio jock and chef, Paul Solomon about jealousy, failure, fatness, master-chef and arranged marriages. She drinks a green tea, he drinks a strawberry milkshake. Paul can be found at @thesandwic...Show More

Professor Michael Fraser - DadCast

45:34 | May 7th, 2017

Alice sits with Professor Michael Fraser, who happens to be her dad, and talks about Privacy, the surveillance state, and asks him how he feels about being used as an anti-hero character in her show, Empire before he watches it tonight. Look Michae...Show More

Lisa Skye - Clear Skyescast

55:53 | Apr 30th, 2017

Lisa Skye sits with Alice and talks over fruit tea (Not camomile) about their approach to Fashion, synaesthesia, polyamory, artistic success, forward momentum, heartbreak, why Lisa's got three of the same male partner in different aspect ratios. Fin...Show More

Andrew McClelland - The HumanityCast

39:35 | Apr 22nd, 2017

Andrew McClelland sits in the QV building in Melbourne to be joyous, articulate and ethical. Chalky green tea and an almond milk latte are the underlay for conversation about the universal basic income, his revised attitude to his catholic confirmati...Show More

Jeeves Verma - Jeeves and WistfulCast

1:01:08 | Apr 14th, 2017

Alice and Jeeves sit outside in Melbourne, drinking tea with bits in. The world of Emojis, the reality of the times when people don't laugh, how to change the past in a laboratory. Jeeves Verma is available online if you google his name @jeevesverma...Show More

Tim Batt - Battening Down The HatchesCast

50:57 | Apr 6th, 2017

Co-Star of the Worst Idea of All Time, NZ pod-emperor Tim Batt is sitting with Alice in Grub Food Van in Melbourne, wrangling some toast and talking about politics, getting flies with honey or vinegar, having opinions and white-washing. Tim is avail...Show More

Karen Martin-Stone - Good vs EvilCast

52:48 | Mar 25th, 2017

In Adelaide, Alice sits in a French cafe with a roman name, and talks to Archaeologist, Comedian, Documentarian and all round good human Karen Martin-Stone. They discuss the difficult question of good versus evil, and how you deal with people who hav...Show More

Ross Everett - Self HelpCast

1:08:37 | Mar 16th, 2017

State Library, Bubble Tea, Self Help. How to deal with a dirty Aura, plus chivalry and being a man in the modern world. Ross Everett is available online at @therosseverett Alice is at @aliterative on twitter, or

Dean Mayes - VoicelessCast

51:11 | Mar 12th, 2017

Dean Mayes returns to the teacast to talk about not talking, writing novels, the resources we have, the economics of healthcare and all of the ways your place in the world changes when you're a nurse without a voice. Look up dean's books by googlin...Show More

James Nokise - Return of the ColonisedCast

1:13:49 | Mar 5th, 2017

James Nokise is a bundle of different people all in one. We talk over tea, Genmaicha for me and the disturbingly named 'Coconut Delight' for him, and a vegan brownie, about war, poetry and manliness, who we are, transracialism and the circus of atten...Show More

Gillian English - Rape and Footballcast

1:01:55 | Feb 24th, 2017

In Adelaide, talking about football, rape and aggression with Gillian English, immigrant, ex-AFL player, actor, storyteller and comedian. Gillian can be found online at Alice is at as ever.

Sangeetha Pillai - HumaniTeacast

1:05:23 | Feb 15th, 2017

Refugees, the reasonable man and why the heck we care about anything we care about. Alice sits in Melbourne and talks to Refugee and Constitutional Law Academic Sangeetha Pillai, who she met pretending to be an elf in highschool. Sangeetha can be f...Show More

Suzi Ruffell - Unruffelled Waters

53:14 | Feb 7th, 2017

In Soho Theatre Bar, Alice talks with Suzi Ruffell about the status hierarchies of comedy, working on the road, making sure everyone knows you're fine, and the trouble with talking about troubling things. Suzi is on twitter @suziruffell and you can...Show More

Brydie Lee-Kennedy - UglyCast

1:11:13 | Jan 27th, 2017

Alice sits with Brydie Lee-Kennedy and talks about the power of being ugly, the past, the politics of misbehaviour and cliques. Brydie Lee-Kennedy can be found at @brydielk on twitter and instagram. Alice is at as ever.

Stuart Goldsmith - ComComCast

1:13:43 | Jan 20th, 2017

Alice sits with Stuart Goldsmith in his flat in London, and nerds out about interview process, victimhood, vectors and saying "I don't know". You can find Stuart Goldsmith at:

Jason Stone The Cheryl Cole of Media Journalism

1:07:05 | Jan 16th, 2017

Alice sits over tea in YumChaa talks to Jason Stone of about being the Cheryl Cole of media journalism, the power of words, equality, difference, gender, limiting freedom of speech, the nature of screens leading to a two dimensionali...Show More

Kirsty Newton

53:00 | Jan 11th, 2017

Alice sits in a cafe called Edith's House and talks with London based musician-comedian-collaborator-teacher-performer Kirsty Newton about sleep, insomnia, teaching, rehabilitating the bad reputation of musical comedy, art and death and how to do gri...Show More

Ed Byrne Free SpeechCast

58:57 | Dec 30th, 2016

Ed Byrne talks with Alice about why he doesn't like tea, why he doesn't believe in free speech, and why he has dolphins in his radiator.

Amy Howerska Madness and FailureCast

59:24 | Dec 18th, 2016

Amy Howerska talks to Alice about grudges, failure, the corporate world, undiagnosed mental disorders in the family, permission to tell other people's stories and industry chat, sitting in YumChaa teahouse in Soho. Amy is available at @howerska Al...Show More

Kirsty Webeck the other Culturecast

55:09 | Dec 10th, 2016

Kirsty Webeck joins Alice in her flat in Melbourne to talk having been a long term expat in Taiwan, how to be a good person and where you belong. Look up Alice's full length show on abc iview or ask her for copy via alicerfraser at gmail Look her...Show More

Scott Huntington Prodigal SonCast

1:00:04 | Dec 1st, 2016

Alice sits with Scott Huntington, polymath, DJ, pop music producer, expat and games designer in a foodcourt in Sydney, and they talk about being a good person, and what's useful to say, think and do. Scott can be found with great difficulty, though...Show More

Professor Michael Fraser first ever DadCast

36:43 | Nov 25th, 2016

Professor Michael Fraser sits with me to talk about the AMP foundation Tomorrow Makers award, morality in a post-truth world, artificial intelligence, and the capacity of human beings for good and evil. I also talk to some of the other Tomorrow Maker...Show More

Mitch Alexander The Metal PhilosophyCast

41:59 | Nov 11th, 2016

In the ACMI cafe, Alice talks over Lemongrass and Ginger tea and a Peppermint tea with Philosophy Educator and MetalHead, Mitch Alexander. What's happened to the Left Wing? Moral Reasoning, Social Justice Warriors, whose job is it to educate you, w...Show More

Anya Anastasia Personal ResponsibilityCast

1:00:32 | Nov 5th, 2016

Alice talks to the brilliant Anya Anastasia about personal responsibility, art, identity, roles, work, mental health and marketing, the history of cabaret and playing the piano upside down behind your head. Look up Anya Anastasia at http://anyaanast...Show More

Tom Lang Science Educast

50:36 | Oct 26th, 2016

Sitting in Alice Fraser's flat in Melbourne, drinking green tea and liquorice tea, Tom Lang, Science Educator and comedian talks about Plants, Science Education and branding versus reputation. Look Tom Lang up at @langaround on twitter or find him s...Show More

The Jig is Up Teacast

39:01 | Oct 17th, 2016

The first Four-Way Teacast in the Sofitel at the @lapodfest. Alice talks to the three stars of The 'The Jig is Up' podcast in the lobby of the Sofitel in Los Angeles about Honesty vs Diplomacy and the complexities of Lust, Love in terms of Gender. D...Show More

Troy Conrad ShortBusCast

35:24 | Oct 4th, 2016

Alice sits drinking yellow sparkly Arya turmeric Water with Troy Conrad, while they talk about cross cultural communication and the nature of insult and risk. You can find Troy Conrad by googling Troy Conrad, and Alice is as ever available on twitt...Show More

Matt Kirshen at the LA PodFestCast

39:25 | Sep 27th, 2016

Alice sits poolside at the LA Podcast festival with excellent comedian and cohost of Probably Science, Matt Kirshen. They talk about what you do when there's no way to make tea, the implications of allergies, why terrorism isn't that bad, and how som...Show More

James Nokise Culture Bend Cast

1:04:09 | Sep 5th, 2016

Alice drinking peppermint tea, sits by a canal in Camden with performer, writer, director, standup comedian and educator James Nokise who works his way through the biggest chai-latte in the world as they talk about race, colonialism, masculinity and ...Show More

Lisa Skye Overcast

50:11 | Aug 26th, 2016

Alice sits with Lisa Skye in a hotel lobby in Edinburgh, eating berries and talking about gender, drugs, cultural appropriation and labels. Find Mister Lisa Skye on twitter @thelisaskye Alice is and @aliterative

Larry Dean ControversyCast

43:34 | Aug 15th, 2016

Alice sits in bed with returning friend of the teacast, Larry Dean. We talk about controversy and having an opinion about things. Larry can be found at Alice is as

Alana Zivanovic Jazz Non Standard

46:05 | Aug 10th, 2016

Alice sits in Edinburgh with two cups of green tea, and talks to singer Alana Zivanovic about What Happened in China, and also death. Look up Alana at Alice Fraser is at

Gordon Southern Returnscast

52:14 | Jul 30th, 2016

Sitting in Yumchaa in Soho, Alice talks with international word clown Gordon Southern about sausages, child brides, dude stuff, massacre-equality, surplus men and Hot Stuff. Gordon can be found online Alice is alicecomedyfraser.c...Show More

Henry Fraser Academic NightmareCast

56:10 | Jul 21st, 2016

Twin Talk, sitting in Camden listening to the road go by and discussing intellectual honesty, what exactly IS a PHD, bigotry, criticism, culture and all that good stuff. Henry is an enigma, but might start a blog. Hit alice up on twitter @aliterati...Show More

Barry Ferns AngelCast

29:51 | Jul 18th, 2016

Morality and community comedy, the ethics of pedophiles and a cup of straight hot water. Alice talks to Barry Ferns of Angel Comedy about his kickstarter, and his difficult ideas. Barry can be found

Mitch Alexander Heavy Metal Philosophy

49:53 | Jul 8th, 2016

In Brunswick Library (shh) Alice talks to Mitch Alexander, Philosophy postgraduate, Heavy Metal Vocalist and Stand Up Comedian about dick pics, what "good men" should do in sticky situations, the white knight spiral, and the problems of focus. Mitc...Show More

Larry Dean Black Tea No OpinionsCast

50:41 | Jul 1st, 2016

Alice sits with Larry Dean in Crouch End, talking about people pleasing, having opinions, socialism, offensive words and what it all means. Larry Dean is available online via Alice is up at as ...Show More

Helen Duff Clown LuxuryCast

47:57 | Jun 16th, 2016

Helen and Alice sit outside a cafe in Camden and talk about Luxury, preparedness, orgasms and status. Alice does a lot of interrupting that, on listening back,x is a bit cringey. THIS IS A SELF INDULGENT ONE, GUYS. They debate ideas vs non-ideas and ...Show More

Henry Fraser Twincast redux redux returns

1:02:15 | Jun 11th, 2016

Alice talks twin talk on Being and 'is'ness. Sam Harris, Dan Carlin and Joe Rogen, anger and identity over Camomile Tea in Henry Fraser's Camden flat.

Tiff Stevenson Storm in a TiffCast

1:08:42 | Jun 1st, 2016

Peppermint tea, opportunities and fairness, the At Least One rule, getting consensus on rapists, the power of talking, an argument for dick pics, gratitude and positive thinking. Alice sits in television, radio and live star comedian Tiffany Steven...Show More

Dean Mayes is Lost in a Mayes

44:57 | May 26th, 2016

Facing a gut-wrenching decision, Novelist and Intensive Care Nurse Dean Mayes talks to Alice over Zencastr and a cup of Twinings from his home in Adelaide. Dean can be found at Alice is at as ever

Laura Davis Trivia Rage and Motivation

29:42 | May 22nd, 2016

Trivia, Rage and Motivation are the subjects as Alice sits in her place in Melbourne with Laura Davis. A quick, powerful pod. There's also a little announcement in the intro of the show. Look Laura up on facebook, or Alice on More

Tessa Waters The Waters Always ReturnCast

34:24 | May 10th, 2016

Tessa Waters drinks and spills a glass of water and talks with Alice about rage, leotards, handsy dudes and the grey areas between assertive, flirty, angry, sexy and performance.

Eddy Dever in Dever Say Devercast

47:28 | May 7th, 2016

This is a backup iphone recording of an episode that my sound card dropped somehow. Alice sits with NZ technology and ideas based human Eddy Dever, talking about not getting boxed in, writing your own job description and what the heck that statue i...Show More

Osher Gunsberg in Gunsberg and RosesCast

58:06 | Apr 30th, 2016

Alice sits in Osher Gunsberg's lovely place in Bondi, and drinks tea. They talk about the polarisation of discourse, how to argue politely and whether we should scrap capitalism and start afresh. Alice weirdly plays devils advocate a lot in this epis...Show More

Alex Edelman - Edelman or boycast

57:11 | Apr 23rd, 2016

Alice sits in the cafe section of a fancy hotel with NY comedian Alex Edelman and he drinks hot chocolate while she drinks tea. They discuss big ideas, American Politics and meme-ification, sloganeering and what's actually cool. Find Alex Edelman o...Show More

Justin Moorhouse the Moorhouse or Lesscast

1:02:12 | Apr 17th, 2016

Alice sits with British comedian and excellent human Justin Moorhouse, talking about the real world, 80's hairstyles, becoming a real man and what Success looks like. Find Justin and his excellent podcast here: Alic...Show More

John Hastings less hastings more speedCast

47:43 | Apr 8th, 2016

Alice has green tea and John Hastings has black tea, as they sit in a Hotel room in Melbourne, talking al dente pasta, schooling, popularity, bullying, and conformity. Look up John Hastings at @thejohnhastings Alice is on twitter at @aliterative.

Wil Anderson of a Preacher Man

1:09:12 | Apr 2nd, 2016

Alice sits with Wil in an apartment in Melbourne over an English Breakfast tea, and talks about podcasting, capitalism, opinions and fourth dates. Find Wil on Google or Television.

Tom Walker Texas Rangercast

40:00 | Mar 16th, 2016

Alice sits in the Rhino Room greenroom at Adelaide Fringe and talks to Tom Walker about male body image, clowning, epithets, WWE wrestling and Haribo Sugar Free Gummy Bear Amazon Review Reading Therapy.

Adam Richard in For Richard or PoorerCast

1:07:56 | Mar 6th, 2016

Names, games and addictions. Filling the hole. Euphemisms and family. Alice sits with Adam Richard in the legendary Rhino Room in Adelaide. Look Adam up online at Alice is at

Brendon BurnsCast - Put some calamine lotion on that burns

41:43 | Feb 24th, 2016

Identity and late night drug fuelled depravity, Traffic Cops, Jimmy Carr, Offense, Vaudeville, Definitions of success. Alice sits with Brendon Burns in his car with some bubble tea and chats about racism, courting controversy and how we need to ackno...Show More

Gordon Southern MemoryCast

35:10 | Feb 16th, 2016

Memory and dementia, Iced Teas, world word clowns, and shouting at the gym. Alice sits in the dressing room of The Rhino Room in Adelaide, and talks with Gordon Southern, british wit and general good time guy about five a side football, hips, dads an...Show More

Sammy J BackstageCast

46:52 | Jan 29th, 2016

Alice Sits backstage in the State Theatre with famous musical comedy man and half of Sammy J and Randy, Sammy J. They talk over Matcha (which Sammy J isn't sure he likes) about Mainstream comedy, setting a mood, narratives, bullying, real jobs, reg...Show More

Laura Davis Trustcast

38:28 | Jan 18th, 2016

Alice sits with Laura Davis talking about the complex issues of trust, from crossing the road to falling in love. Find Laura on twitter @lauradaviscomic Alice is available at

Alex Cubis in Cubis SquaredCast

43:53 | Jan 8th, 2016

Being Objectified, Fish-Villains, Reputation or Money and some sweet background chat from Taka Tea's Helen, Alice sits with Actor, producer, teen-heart-throb and ex-fellow-Law student Alex Cubis to talk about life, money, linear careers and fish nazi...Show More

Tessa Waters Glitter BombshellCast

39:31 | Dec 28th, 2015

Changing the world, changing opinions, the nomadic life, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Alice sits with Tessa Waters over chocolate macadamia nuts and green tea to talk about ambition, travel and the future. Tessa is available at http://www.tessawat...Show More

Laura Davis Money TalksCast

27:39 | Dec 22nd, 2015

Money and the betrayal of the Body. Alice sits with Laura Davis downstairs in Laura's house, talking about poverty and need, bad jobs, the fear of change and doing a good job. Laura can be found @lauradaviscomic or @emojicartoons Alice is at @alite...Show More

Kyran Wheatley Unwrapcast

50:08 | Dec 13th, 2015

Pottery, partnership and unwrapping toys. Alice sits in the new living room of the excellent Kyran Wheatley in Sydney. They talk about lies and liberalism, the fallacy of free will and what happens when you find yourself on the wrong side of an argum...Show More

Sami Shah Ship to Shahcast

1:17:45 | Dec 8th, 2015

Immigration, identity, invisibility, accents, money, laughing in the face of grief and being too good looking for television, Alice sits in her flat in Melbourne, talking to newly Melbournised Sami Shah about his dangerous ideas. She has tea, he has ...Show More

Josh Earlcast Bullying, Boys and Being Accountable

1:10:00 | Nov 26th, 2015

Being publicly shamed, bringing up boys and being held accountable. Alice sits in Melbourne over Matcha, Macadam and Gyokuro, talking with Radio and Television personality, musician, comedian and brunet father of two, Josh Earl, about the ins and out...Show More

Sam Streeter word on the Streetcast

54:05 | Nov 17th, 2015

Alice Fraser sits with Sam Streeter over late night Camomile and Turmeric tea, and discusses the life of the semi-pro audience member, how you get famous for laughing and the power dynamics of watching people get famous for twenty years. Sam can be ...Show More

Guy Montgomery Man Mountain Mystery

1:12:52 | Nov 9th, 2015

Alice sits in her flat in Melbourne with NZ comedian Guy Montgomery and talks in and out of the depths of comedy, Wilosophical queries, the pitfalls of happiness and the risks of ambition. Guy can be found on twitter @guy_mont alice is online at @...Show More

Ivan Aristigueta Sex and Chivalry in the third world

1:15:36 | Nov 4th, 2015

Alice sits with Ivan Aristigueta over an Earl Grey Blend, milk no sugar, and talks about Political Correctness in the third world, Cultural relativism, chivalry and the problem with Cocaine. Ivan can be found on @ivancomedy on Twitter Alice is av...Show More

Ryan Coffey instead of Teacast

49:47 | Oct 27th, 2015

Alice sits in her flat in Fitzroy, Melbourne with Comedian and man, Ryan Coffey in her flat in Fitzroy, in a high wind, and talks about love, priorities and moral choices, Aboriginal communities and the point of art.

James Mackay - Hollywood Art Stylin

1:00:11 | Oct 26th, 2015

Alice sits in her flat in Fitzroy, Melbourne with hollywood film and stage actor James Mackay over Black Tea with Almond and Milk, while she drinks Matcha green tea. They discuss whether you're allowed to have an opinion in Hollywood, how acting is ...Show More

Nikko Malyon - Bantercast

41:28 | Oct 24th, 2015

Alice sits in Double Bay over straight Earl Grey and talks with Producer, FBi Radio host and all round good guy, Nikko Malyon about the language of clothes, the purpose of being and the impact of the internet. Nikko can't be found online, but look ...Show More

Jen Carnovale - Extra CreamCast

44:41 | Sep 23rd, 2015

Alice sits in Waterstones in London having tea with comedian and friend of the podcast Jen Carnovale. They talk over black tea with scones, jam and extra cream about gravity, anxiety, depression, octopuses solving mazes, perception, meditation, pas...Show More

Winnie M Li in The Consentcast

33:54 | Sep 3rd, 2015

Alice Fraser sits in a cafe in Edinburgh with writer, producer and activist Winnie M Li, to talk about rape, violence and consent over carrot cake and cups of tea. Winnie M Li can be found at Alice is available on twitte...Show More

Ivor Dembina - Old Jewish Jokes

59:01 | Aug 14th, 2015

Alice sits in Edinburgh in the kitchen of her flat at 1 in the morning and talks to flatmate and load-bearing-pillar of the comedy community Ivor Dembina, about Palestine and Israel, fear, the wonders of the Internet, the importance of watching your ...Show More

John Hastings not speedscast

54:03 | Aug 7th, 2015

Alice Fraser sits in the National Library of Scotland Cafe with John Hastings, drinking green tea and eating biscuits. They discuss how eyes work, contract law, the value of lawyers, ambient noise, pornography and why Alice doesn't like sandwiches. ...Show More

Greg Dickens Was blind, but now can see cast

54:36 | Aug 1st, 2015

Alice (new zoom mic!) sits with her old friend Greg Dickens in a house near Cambridge, and talks about his job as an inventor, eating disorders, monkeys (and apes), suddenly going blind in deepest darkest africa, public nudity, existential fear, math...Show More

Penny Durham for your Thoughts

1:05:13 | Jul 22nd, 2015

Alice drinks Rooibos in the About Life Cafe in Darlinghurst with Penny Durham, who is drinking Chai. They talk about reviewing comedy, the problems of words, causation and correlation and the lowest common denominator. Penny's writing can be found ...Show More

Toby Truslove - All you need is

1:11:41 | Jul 12th, 2015

Alice sits in her echoey living room in Fitzroy, chatting with Toby Truslove about plots, devices, comedy, performance and life. Toby can be found on a screen somewhere, or avoiding social media. Alice is available via or at...Show More

sex, art, work and suicide, with reet who used to be gia james

1:15:49 | Jun 30th, 2015

Alice sits in her little place in Melbourne over Italian Almond Black Tea and sesame mochi with Reet (@Suburbang0th). They talk about suicide, anger, grief, beauty and art. Warnings: graphic discussions of suicide, language. email alice on alicer...Show More

Lawrence Leung - Leung full of Aircast

1:15:58 | Jun 18th, 2015

Alice sits with Lawrence Leung in Grub Food Van and Kitchen, over a Jasmine Pearl tea talking ghosts, magic, film-making, random acts of kindness, comedians vs actors, form vs function and fighting the fear. Lawrence can be found at http://lawrence...Show More

Lawrence Mooney - Waxing Mooncast

54:40 | Jun 13th, 2015

Alice sits in a loud cafe with Lawrence Mooney, having rooibos and black tea (with milk) in Adelaide. They discuss Slavery, Siblings, Time, Workplace incentives, Beauty, Truth and Sexual Politics. Lawrence Mooney can be found online at @lawrencemoon...Show More

Units of ComedyCast - Andy Matthews

57:55 | Jun 5th, 2015

Alice Fraser sits in the Victorian State Library with Andy Matthews who is full of hot chocolate. They talk about comedy, poetry, engineering, time travel and being zoo exhibits. Find Andy on twitter at @stupidoldandy find alice at alicerfraser@gma...Show More

Rebel HeartCast - Georgie Carroll

59:58 | May 30th, 2015

Alice Fraser sits in the house of her cousin the Space Archeologist in Adelaide and talks to Georgie Carroll, maverick, nurse, mother and comedian about anarchy, violence, sex, comedy and recycling. Hit Alice up on her patreon, or at alice r fraser...Show More

Weight loss, Death and Black CoffeeCast - Dilruk Jayasingha

43:20 | May 27th, 2015

Alice sits in a Malaysian Cafe with Melbourne Comedian Dilruk Jayasingha. They talk about weight loss, family and the spectre of death. Also some shop talk about comedy. Dilruk is followable on twitter @DilrukJ Alice is available at @aliterative

Alice on Alicecast talking Comedy as Therapy

13:50 | May 23rd, 2015

Alice Fraser sits in the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne City and talks to herself about moving to Melbourne, Comedy as Therapy, Expressing fury through Blog Posts, the point of doing art about Death and the future of the Teacast. look her u...Show More

Goldstein Shower - Mike Goldstein

48:24 | May 11th, 2015

Alice Fraser sits downstairs in a store room at the Mercure Hotel in Melbourne during MICF and talks to Mike Goldstein about serial monogamy, fighting, love-drugs, difficult hecklers, marriage counselling, divorce law. Mike is available on twitter @...Show More

Licking Glory with Penny Greenhalgh

31:56 | Apr 28th, 2015

Alice and Penny Greenhalgh sit in a couple of different places, get chased around the Mercure hotel and talk about Meat, Squid Ice Cream, Mice watching TV, Graceful Awkwardness, Violent Crass Comedy, the man who keeps asking us to move. Follow Penn...Show More

Gareth Reynolds - Gary Me Home

58:04 | Apr 23rd, 2015

Alice talks to Gareth “Gary” Reynolds about tea, crazy fans, eating dogs, short term thinking, phone etiquette, Little Kevin and bad gigs. With dad-finding-teacups-and-going-shopping-cameo from Dave Anthony Gareth can be found at @reynoldsgareth

Myq-sing it up - Myq Kaplan

52:32 | Apr 7th, 2015

Alice sits upstairs in the Victoria Hotel in Melbourne with Myq Kaplan to talk about Veganism, Non-Monogamy, the Ten Commandments, Queer Identity for the Straight Guy, Constitutional Literalism

Tasting Hastings - John Hastings

54:26 | Apr 3rd, 2015

Alice sits in the top of the Producers bar in Adelaide, talking to Best of The Edinburgh Fest act and all round good guy John Hastings. They talk about sleeping your way to the top, contract law, complicated grief, reading reviews, fame-orgies and ma...Show More

Fingers in the Fosdyke - James Fosdyke

56:45 | Mar 18th, 2015

Alice sits upstairs at the Producers Bar in Adelaide and talks to James Fosdyke, influential podcast-artist and general good guy. They talk quality control, comic books, podcasts, Wil Anderson's patronage, fan service and self loathing, depression an...Show More

Untangled Webb - Lindsay Webb

49:19 | Mar 5th, 2015

Alice sits in the Rhino Room in Adelaide and talks to legendary touring comedian Lindsay Webb about Public Transport, Capitalism, Jobs, High Culture, Low Culture and Agriculture. Lindsay is accessible online at Alice is...Show More

JockShock Teacast - Paul Solomon

1:12:00 | Mar 2nd, 2015

Alice sits in the basement of one of her oldest friends, fellow buddhist and ex-breakfast-radio jock Paul 'Paulie P' Solomon, talking about all sorts of awful things, word facts, Radio politics, getting angry, childhood, travel, brotherhood and conse...Show More

Stripping for Jesus Jarrod McKenna

1:23:52 | Feb 22nd, 2015

Stripping for Jesus, sex advice from a man of Christ. Legal tips for the Peaceful Activist (with state differences), and the thing we weren't going to talk about. Alice sits in Perth, and has Jasmine Green tea with Jarrod McKenna, activist and peace ...Show More

Ultraviolent JohnCast

1:11:29 | Feb 14th, 2015

Alice Fraser sits in the London flat of Australian cult comedian, gaming celebrity and bottle blond John Robertson. They drink tea and discuss hyper-caffeination, the difference between ultraviolence and domestic violence, the modern Australian Novel...Show More

Tiff in a Teacup - Tiffany Stevenson

1:12:00 | Feb 8th, 2015

Alice sits in Camden with Tiff Stevenson and tea, talking about Drag, Gender, Crime, Bullying and being recognised in the street. Tiff's website is here: Alice is here:

Herocast Podcast - Helen Zaltzman

39:57 | Jan 31st, 2015

Alice sits in the UK, land of Tea and does a podcast in the Scandinavian kitchen with Helen Zaltzman who is incredibly cool. Listen helen is @helenzaltzman on twitter Alice is @aliterative Bryce Halliday is excellent @mrbrycehalliday email her ...Show More

Pat the Rodcast - Patrick Brown and Roderick Makim

1:00:36 | Jan 10th, 2015

Alice sits and drinks warm water with Roderick Makim (Journalist) and Patrick Brown, (Lawyer, Autodidact and Middle East non-expert ex-ex-pat). They talk about Charlie Hebdo, Generalising from Extremism, and whether you should follow the news at all....Show More

Secrets and Liescast - Happy New Year

31:35 | Jan 1st, 2015

Alice drinks green tea alone and answers intimate listener questions about her, you, and the abstract realities of life. alicerfraser at for more questions if you want to ask them More

Henry ReturnsCast - Twin Trilogy

42:07 | Dec 27th, 2014

Alice talks with her twin for this special xmas episode. They discuss radio conventions, fish that are all teeth, Agony Aunting, Epic Adventure, Patronage, Tech Rhetoric, News Comedy, Alice Changes/Makes up her mind about Changing people's minds. s...Show More

MountainCast - Gary Eck and Laura Davis

55:50 | Dec 18th, 2014

Alice sits in her living room and talks to comedian, director, writer all rounder Australian champion Gary Eck about the business of podcasting, sponsorship and lies. Laura Davis drops in to say hallo, and eat some chocolate, and it all goes downhill...Show More

Repressed Furycast - Mark Humphries and Laura Davis

1:13:22 | Dec 9th, 2014

Alice sits with Mark Humphries and Laura Davis to talk about anger, passive aggression, what happens after your dream job disappears, and shortbread.

Burn Baby Burn - Brendon Burns Part Two

31:53 | Nov 27th, 2014

2 of 2 - Brendon Burns sits with Alice, and has an energy drink, while they talk and talk about fingerguns, powerplays, Gatekeepers, UFC, Classism, Sexism, Racism and trolls. Part two will be released immediately subsequent Brendon is available at...Show More

Light my Firecast - Brendon Burns Part One

1:12:52 | Nov 27th, 2014

1 of 2 - Brendon Burns sits with Alice, and has an energy drink, while they talk and talk about fingerguns, powerplays, Gatekeepers, UFC, Classism, Sexism, Racism and trolls. Part two will be released immediately subsequent Brendon is available at...Show More

Sexcast Teacast Brains and Booty with Gia James

41:06 | Nov 20th, 2014

Alice talks with Gia James, writer, sex worker, feminist and all round internet winner. They have gyokuro and dried peas, and talk about AA, PUAs, SJWs, Utopian Ideals, Really Properly Failing, Domestic abuse, gender neutral blobs, masochism and how ...Show More

Alluring Scent-Cast - Tegan Higginbotham in a Quiet Room

37:41 | Nov 13th, 2014

Alice Fraser has tea with Celebrity cutie Tegan Higginbotham. They talk Morality, faith, annoyingness, Facelifts and the sexiest smelling young comedian around. Tegan can be found on twitter @teganmh email alice on or look u...Show More

Special Episode Re-Release of Lucy Fraser Episode

21:45 | Oct 31st, 2014

This episode is the full audio of the conversation that I had with my mum Lucy Fraser for episode 33. I was asked to release it without my original introduction. There are a few extra seconds of audio, and a poem at the end.

Tom Ballard Pod-Tom or The Ball-cast

34:45 | Oct 30th, 2014

Alice sits in Tom Ballard's nice house and talks over tea and unnecessarily vegan biscuits about Grief, belief, how blowjobs are stardust, why Alice wants to ban feelings, how everyone's bad at maths, International Pretend There's No Afterlife Day, t...Show More

Second Apologycast

05:48 | Oct 24th, 2014

Another week of apologies and recommendations. NEXT WEEK, two episode output! Eddie Sharp! Michael Connell!

No Podcast This Week

12:42 | Oct 16th, 2014

A brief announcement and some music. The podcast with Lucy Fraser "The Right Of ReplyCast" is episode 33.

Nanobot Apocalypsecast - Seaton Kay Smith

32:09 | Oct 10th, 2014

Alice has tea with Seaton Kay Smith, talking about jogging, Nanobot apocalypses and The Singularity. Listen to Lost Pilots on Alice is available via her website

ReCast Teacast - Twin Time

40:15 | Oct 3rd, 2014

Alice has breakfast and tea with her twin, (now with new, audible intro) and they talk about kinda bacon, Jesus' twitter following, unsupported claims, 'Do you even know what brunch is?', the problem with Journalists, bullying and pens with your name...Show More

Doublevisioncast - Tegan Higginbotham

30:51 | Sep 18th, 2014

Alice talks about someone who made her angry and then has tea with Melbourne comedian and future big star, Tegan Higginbotham about the difficult things in a cafe in Melbourne that also happened to be a shipping container. Melbourne is so cool. Teg...Show More

Teach a Man to Fishcast - Jim Fishwick

43:37 | Sep 12th, 2014

Alice talks to Jim Fishwick over tea about the terrible mistake she made on stage that night, hipsterism, what artform their comedy would be if it weren't comedy and what the future holds for everything

Country Towncast - Victoria Healy and Josh Dore

1:03:29 | Sep 4th, 2014

Victoria Healy and Josh Dore come down from Melbourne to have Tea With Alice. They talk about talking about sex, killing old people, and how Bondi Beach is very much like a country town. Vic is at Josh is on twitter at @josh...Show More

Giant Squid and Anarchy PowerCast - Damien Power

53:21 | Aug 29th, 2014

Alice has tea and talks to wild comedian, father, thinker and queenslander, Damien Power. They ramble through politics, social structures, post-apocalyptic train journeys and how ducks think about death. is the website to fi...Show More

Mugglecast - Daniel Muggleton

28:03 | Aug 21st, 2014

Alice talks a bit of good and a bit of bad to Daniel Muggleton, one half of the mug and kettle open mic empire. Bryce Halliday is there at the beginning and chipping in along the way. Alice bullies Daniel and finally gets to the truth. Daniel Muggl...Show More

Pop-Deathcast - Jen Carnovale

55:28 | Aug 15th, 2014

Alice talks to Jen Carnovale in Badde Manors in Glebe about popular grief, comedy collaboration, cool kids and being 'the mean one' Thanks to Bryce Halliday for sound editing, alice is at @aliterative http://alicecomedyfras...Show More

Right of ReplyCast - Lucy Fraser

25:43 | Aug 8th, 2014

Alice has tea with the mother of dragons (if by dragons you mean Alice, and you do). They talk about poetry, music, M.S and Cancer, and how Lucy Fraser feels about being used in Alice's material.

Airless CarCast - Claire Hooper and Women of Letters

55:48 | Jul 30th, 2014

Alice sits in a car with Claire Hooper in the carpark of Splendour in The Grass. As they slowly run out of oxygen, they talk about anxiety, what's the point of the news, the ethical downsides of being right about anything, Alice's million dollar idea...Show More

CapperCast Teacast - Nick Capper

47:13 | Jul 24th, 2014

In a cavernous cafe in Melbourne, Alice sits down with Nick Capper and talks about the value of value, whether we should be careful or not careful with what we say and a lot of other things. This chat happened chronologically BEFORE last week's cha...Show More

OffenseCast Teacast - Toby Halligan

34:20 | Jul 18th, 2014

Alice talks in a fancy boulangerie slash teahouse in Melbourne with Toby Halligan during his lunchbreak. Toby is a writer for The Project, creater and facilitator of political comedy all over Australia and just a generally interesting and cool guy. T...Show More

In An Invisible BoxCast - Trygve Wakenshaw

47:52 | Jul 10th, 2014

Alice sits in her favourite Tea Shop and talks to Fred Winner and Barry Award Nominee Trygve Wakenshaw about being an apprentice vegan, what it's like being like nobody else, Status, Prizes, Astrology and Death. Trygve can be found at http://trygve...Show More

CakeCast Teacast - Laura Davis

40:12 | Jul 3rd, 2014

Alice talks with comedian and writer Laura Davis about the Morality of Cake, different kinds of strength, child abuse, why peer pressure works, and why good people let bad things happen to them.

Aspirational Punchingcast - Adam Yardley Returns

50:27 | Jun 27th, 2014

Alice talks in Glebe's WellCo cafe with Adam Yardley. They eat eggs on toast and drink chalky green tea and talk about reading playboy for the articles, Alice's recent almost viral article, walking into traffic, islamophobia and provocateurism.

Stay At Home DadCast - Adam Yardley

42:39 | Jun 19th, 2014

Alice talks with friend and comedy writer Adam Yardley over some awesome sencha about manliness, being a stay at home dad, time travel and performance enhancing drugs for corporate women.

The Luce-Cast - Lucy Howard Taylor

26:37 | Jun 12th, 2014

Alice Fraser talks to Lucy Howard Taylor and some incidental rainbow lorrikeets over a quick lunch in the Rocks. Lucy is a writer, poet and arts administrator in the Sydney Theatre Company and they chat about Rap, the fraught nature of having opinion...Show More

Nothing Susscast - Tami Sussman

1:06:00 | Jun 5th, 2014

Alice Fraser talks to weirdly similar and yet excitingly different middle-name-sharing Tami Sussman performance poet, wedding celebrant and standup comedian. They have probably jasmine green tea and chat about The Salmon Lady, what's wrong with peopl...Show More

A Musical Ramblecast - Tom Wrigglesworth

41:17 | May 29th, 2014

Alice talks to British Comedian, Radio Personality and all round excellent eccentric, Tom Wrigglesworth. The ramble through music, a jew called Adolf, pain-pissing contests and redlining on anxiety. Producer Bryce Halliday

Returning Brycecast

31:00 | May 22nd, 2014

Alice sits with Bryce Halliday and has a conversation in a bed of snakes on a waterfall with someone snowboarding behind them. Apologies for the background snowscape. They talk impro and vocation, travel and possibility.

The Rodcast - Mr Makim Scoops the Ukraine

44:23 | May 15th, 2014

Alice talks over tea and a rusty nail with Roderick Makim, journalist, country boy and international thrillseeker in a nice coat about his roots, being a Western Spy, and the disappointments of chicken Kiev.

Chip Flavourcast - With Rob Hunter

43:38 | May 8th, 2014

Alice gets to know Rob Hunter over tea and conversations about chip flavours, first jobs, and where we're really from.

Right in The FaithCast - Andrew Judd

36:48 | May 4th, 2014

Alice talks to the Reverend Andrew Judd about faith, failure and his man-crush on Jarrod McKenna. Henry Fraser shows up to ask some cheeky questions. This was recorded on a phone in a lift well, so credit goes to Bryce Halliday for Production skills.

Bonuscast - Alice in the Looking Glass

14:40 | Apr 30th, 2014

Alice has tea with herself, and talks about some things she hasn't been talking about. @aliterative

Short and Sweetcast Teacast with Jeremy Brull

44:05 | Apr 24th, 2014

Alice has Tea and Talks with Director, Writer, Producer and $70,000 winner, Jeremy Brull about art, film, live performance and body hair length. She is running on about thirty days of not-enough sleep, so some threads might trail off into the ether. ...Show More

The Gropecast Teacast

54:28 | Apr 18th, 2014

Alice has tea with Sarah Jones, talking about the life of a ventriloquist, and our favourite kinds of hecklers and then Laura Davis joins the tea and we talk about late night cardigans, groping, gifts, and body language. More

BasementCast Teacast - Bryce Halliday

39:08 | Apr 10th, 2014

Alice Fraser teas and talks with Bryce Halliday deep underground. They chat about comedy festival, whether women should be stay-at-home-mums and why Alice ate all the snacks.

Godcast Teacast with Jarrod McKenna

48:15 | Apr 3rd, 2014

Alice and Jarrod McKenna talk about Christlikeness, Faith, Narnia, Comedy, Zizek, Ursula LeGuin, Wil Anderson and the Refugee Crisis.

Overcast Teacast - Melbourne Dreaming

49:59 | Mar 27th, 2014

Sean and Alice talk about Bigotry and Festival Marketing. Warning - heavier on comedy discussion than usual. (note: Slightly quiet volume wise. So listen somewhere chilled out.) 1min - The Danger of Energy Drinks 3mins - Panic Naps and Chronic Stre...Show More

Tea's A Crowd or a Fourcast Teacast

38:29 | Mar 20th, 2014

Alice has tea and talks in a remarkably civilised fourway throwdown about violence and criminality. Chapter titles if you want to skip ahead or back are as follows: 4.50 minutes in – Punching for no reason. 9.05 mins – Gendered dreams [do babies dre...Show More


1:13:53 | Mar 13th, 2014

Sean and Alice take tea and talk no regrets, secular churches, the idea of friends with benefits, left handed people, relationship evolution, theme parks and some other stuff. Sean's back and the original teacast two slide a sweet sounding show smo...Show More

Trapped in an Industrial Fancast

38:56 | Mar 5th, 2014

Despite the ominous 'womm wommm' noise, this tea was delightful and lighthearted. Sean and Alice have tea and talk about how having a broken headlight is like being cheated on, how Sean secretly doesn't want to sleep with every girl he dates. We disc...Show More

Tea with Greg Fleetcast

45:49 | Feb 27th, 2014

Alice and Greg Fleet have tea in a bookshop cafe. They talk flirting, punching Hitler, sympathy for pedophiles, anger management and how to destroy a friendship. Look out for Greg Fleet at a comedy festival near you. Tickets available online. http...Show More

A Modest Teacast

33:20 | Feb 20th, 2014

Sean and Alice talk over tea about how love is an addiction, bad investments, getting out while you're on top, and then play out an upsetting rant on a (non) alternative to the refugee crisis. If you like the podcast, rate and review it on itunes, o...Show More

Love Me Tindercast

44:06 | Feb 13th, 2014

Sean and Alice have tea and talk about compliments, modern love, disco-ball surgery and the worst kind of profiling. Alice loves the idea of marriage, but wants to propose an alternative for people that are less certain about the 'as long as we bot...Show More

Twincast Teacast

34:11 | Feb 7th, 2014

Alice talks to her twin brother in a cafe in Oxford about criticism, self-doubt and the self indulgence of kickstarter. Sean's offline again this week, so sound quality is Alice-style, and we're rocking a slightly late release. see Henry's music a...Show More

Half-cast teacast

26:24 | Jan 30th, 2014

All alone in England, Alice pulls a conversation out of the archives for the first Guest Teacast. With Scott Huntington, talking about men's rights activists, and deja-poo. Find Scott's music online at Alice is online...Show More

Teacast all the way to the Bank

16:20 | Jan 23rd, 2014

Sean and Alice talk about how corporations aren't people too, how it's not good to get too close to your money, and how to avoid a spiral of liking that ends in marriage. (slightly shorter than usual, as Alice is in England and cut out a thing and ...Show More

Teacast Art Imitating Lifecast

20:36 | Jan 15th, 2014

Sean tells a joke that you will never hear, Alice rants about whether art is or is not a luxury and the urge to create or play video games. They reflect on corporate life.

Teacast predator vs alienation

20:25 | Jan 10th, 2014

Strap yourselves in. Alice educates Sean about dubious consent, they talk about smoke and mirrors, the jazz hands part of sex and what happens when a bird flies into the window.

Post Christmas Teacast

20:46 | Jan 1st, 2014

Alice has tea with Sean. They talk about pride, love and loss, and school. Alice rants about goodwill to all mankind, and Sean talks about breakups with a friend.