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Tea With Alice

Alice Fraser

Every week Alice Fraser, chronic thinker, comedian, ex lawyer and cambridge graduate drinks tea and solves the world. With a rotating cast of bright and brilliant guests.
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1:24:57 | Sep 12th, 2017

Tiff Stevenson has Alice around to her house in Muswell hill and over tea and coffee, they talk about the battle of Edinburgh, the complexities of representation, and whether you should respect everyone's culture, even when you don't agree with it. ...Show More

50:21 | Aug 28th, 2017

Alice sits in a cafe with Andy Zaltzman, over green tea and talks leaf-tea obsessions, economic unfairness, carving a niche, not getting boring with Political satire, can you change the world? You can find Andy at @hellobuglers Alice is at @aliter...Show More
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25:51 | Oct 12th

Today is the anniversary of my mum's death. This is the only podcast I did with her before she died.

56:44 | Oct 7th

Sarah Keyworth talks over a cup of English Breakfast or whatever about fitting in, learning selfhood and reality TV.

38:57 | Sep 30th

James Nokise talks over a rose black tea about the Fantasy that shaped us in our youth, and whether we can go back and enjoy it. Find James at @jamesnokise on twitter. Alice is @aliterative as ever.
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